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Tools to know about tracking while learning marketing key concepts

Did you know that tracking is  the lifeblood of marketing? Did you know that there are confusion generating packages that dive bomb the finances?  Did you know that it is so frustrating finding  one part that does not fit with another part that happens to be in another program altogether?

Imagine using something simple enough for the beginner to get a hold of, use, and be able to know that their campaigns will give accurate, readable data.

Busy learning marketing concepts is where I was not long ago.

Of all the things I needed to know about tracking, learning to have a simple plan for measuring what was happening and who was clicking on what has been a real challenge.

Cliffswithin-lifesjourneyphone Tools to know about tracking while learning marketing key concepts
Jumping for joy. Acknowledging the cliffs within lifes journey

Yet it was so simple.  Basically, you need to know about market ing key concepts.  Then find applications and tools that with a bit of training and practice were simple to use and are user-friendly. As part of the marketing strategy what was needed was something that would track posts as well as what was done with the advertising of the posts.

With Tools to know about tracking is now remarkable 

You can see what is coming through. Compare the results to what you are expecting. Then work out the Return on your investment. Yes, even when you are doing the ‘time
and effort’ method with blogging. Note that many platforms such as Vblogging, pod blogs will direct the traffic back to the blog site.

Someone once said “When In doubt, track everything”.

Stuart Ross states that with “My Advertising Link Generator” are able almost to track everything. Every post, every add, every banner that you place.”  And that is what I started to do. You track everything.  If possible even your shadow.

My Advertising Link Generator was used to track everything that was involved advertising

With a really tight budget how was I going to achieve this?

All your social media postings that you choose to place within the My Link Generator tool and tracking system.

Acknowledge that Facebook and Google, Bing and other broadbands have their own tracking systems. Its up to the user where and when they would like to utilize this tools
capabilities. In that what is being linked to is a selected direct landing page.

However, you may want to follow the process on just one platform or through the messages on the Autoresponder. Again it may well be a secondary posts link. In this case
the Six Figure Mentors system. It is up to you.

 When you shop you choose between one can or the two specials?

This is where the tool of Simple Trakk’s split testing becomes effective is in the setting up

mysusanlewismarketingthesixfigurementorsjournal Tools to know about tracking while learning marketing key concepts
A journey within a folder full of newly made memories.


to show a comparison between two different posts or advertisements. In one case, you can change the color of one button on the second of the posts. The first one though is the control, and as controls are used for comparison measures, the control does not change.

Back to MyLinkGenerator

Start with the looking for leads process for the Six Figure Mentors or the Digital Business Lounge. You select your Autoresponder account list. Select a lead page and a thank you page. This is where the link will send the prospective reader. Because that is what you are tracking. Terrific. Cause now the tools to know about tracking were now being used.

The long links or the tidyURL came up after the tracking code is made.

TidyURL is what is recommended to use. However, there are many other places that you can utilize the link shortening processes of. Just Google them. Just remember to
change the nonfriendly script to a script that may entice the reader into action. Usually a call to action straight to the point and not over twenty characters in length without using
capitals and fancy characters.

Your readers push the link, and the lead capture page comes up. Their best email goes in. The button is pushed. A chosen by you thank-you page comes onto their screen.

Back on the My Lead Page

What you see then is their email address on the MyLeads pages This is in the back office. There is the page you were advertising with along with the tracking link. This

tracking-your-hot-links-bookstack Tools to know about tracking while learning marketing key concepts
Tracking your hot URLgen erated links with TidyURL is a MUST as part of the Pathways to Success parcel. This is Help On Tracking assistance information
tracking also happens when you have Buttons and banners that have your marketing affiliate code within being hit on the sidebar of your website.

When a person becomes an applicant then under My sales the Advertising Link is also

shown. This is really a great experience. Nearly a fifteen year old dream come true in itself.  All it needed was action.

Now you are able to start split testing the hits that are being channeled to one page, then the other, in a repeating fashion. The success of what you have been doing is compared and now you know what and when things are best working. Just remember that you need to note down the date of when why you changed something. Why? What goes in the internet never comes off. It is there for longer than many people’s lifetimes. In ten years time will you remember what that tracking code referred too. The computer and internet will.

Makes me wonder why of all the tools to know about tracking, I had to wait till the end of 2014 before I could find them all under one roof.  To use all these tools has been a fun process.


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Susan Lewis


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