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Communication is where some women want to have fun and just communicate

Did you know that written communication is where some women want to have fun?

Did you know that for many people the written word is sheer torture?  Did you know that Dyslexics are highly creative people with a silent handicap?

Imagine what would happen if you wrote something and knew you had the power of communication at your fingertips? Think about how easy things could then become. Whole new worlds would open up.  Previously ignored or hidden words or wisdom.

Yes! The ‘word’ is a beautiful place. Full of beauty. Rich, vibrant textures. Absorbable colours from multi converging rainbows. Shimmering energy and glossy finishes. The music may harmonize within our inner being.

And yet for some, just a minority, who have these gifts already born to them have for struggle and fit into the much wider community. While they are doing that there is something so integral left aside.

communicate-a Communication is where some women want to have fun and just communicate
Communication is where some women want to have fun and just communicate. One text at a time.

You see they have to block one thing out in order to adopt a cultural norm.

No, I am not talking about colour, race, creed or class. You can be rich in textures of life, the energy of everything and yet so poor in this one little thing.

That of grammar and spelling. Try writing a sentence and having a few mistakes. Yes, With the word,  widely accepted is the theory of “get the fist and last letters correct with a few others thrown in, and you can get by. People will read the word as they believe it to be and not notice.

To communicate by written is easy now we have


dyslexia-is-a-different-language Communication is where some women want to have fun and just communicate
‘Dys’ equals different and ‘Lexia’ equals language. Therefore each Dyslexic basically sees and speaks another language

Excuse me! Maybe that is right in the normal world. Not right in a dyslexics situation.

Especially when writing reports, stories and assignments for the education or work authorities. Using the usual computer applications causes misery through a frustration level many just do not realise exists. You were always struggling to finish something. It’s bad enough that the test length is so darn long. Then having to weed out what is not significantly relevant. Okay, that goes above and beyond when an autistic person is in sensory overload.

However, spelling and grammar checks on top of this just ‘wack’ in another “I cannot do this apparition!

What started before school now is another hurdle to overcome.

I-dont-suffer-from-dyslexia-books-form Communication is where some women want to have fun and just communicate
Definitely a silently invisible disability the right use of apps and tools may assist with.

So guess who does not hand in homework. Ever wonder why the same kids types ended up the back!  Is that one simple possible reason now clear? What about why the same kids ended up in the front and to the side a little? And no they would not share what was hastily scribbled down. The handwriting covered over the mistakes. A pattern set in for the rest of our lives.  Think about how in past times the dominant left-handers hit their writing hands.  They were physically hurt or ridiculed.

 Written communication is where some women really are lost.

Let’s break that pattern. All that is needed is one application that works for you. Tools of the trade of communication that are simple to use. That is once the ‘fright period’ has ‘been’ overcome  using that new system. Another new system

Here is one for you. When I first joined an educational and upskilling program, there were many things I just did not understand. Not that the system was hard. My Autistic overload

the-biggest-problem-with-dyslexia-is-self-perception Communication is where some women want to have fun and just communicate
Constantly being in the perception deficit is a way of life you struggle to climb through and out of

switch kept tripping in and turning everything off.  So back to relearning it all over again would I go!  Frustrating to me maybe yet I was used to it.

One of the support people shared with me this link that is within this post.

The most beautiful word in the language is the word “Sincerely”.

The one I close ninety-nine percent of my letters with. Why? Because with the grammar and spelling side of things taken care of the next step was picking one new word every time I had accomplished the learning of the previous word. By rout. One time after another until that word was learned. Until this application no longer showed up that particular word as needing to be corrected.

Yes, it’s the upside down the life of being one on the Autism Spectrum. Deal with the security issues first and other things are and will slowly be fixed. Sort out these basics things and a whole new world of written word communication is where some woman will have a lot more fun

SusaLewissusanlewismaretingdotcom Communication is where some women want to have fun and just communicate
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