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What is it about writing skills that makes you be good in writing english

Did you know that by the time an Autistic child gets through lower grades many will have believed that they were failures at Writing?  Did you know that a word processor only picks up about one-tenth of the Grammar mistakes?  Did you become aware of how much time is wasted trying to locate the ‘write’ and correct settings in the computers that are not comparable with the internet?

What if there was a better way to write! Something that was a comprehensive, grammar editing tool?  Once downloaded this tool is available online and off for as long as you keep on with the yearly payments?

Less confusion about writing skills and straight to the point.

Much outward unnoticed respect was given. At least, what you have spent time in writing has not been thrown in the too hard to understand what is written pile along with all the other applicants.

You made use of the best free grammatical mistake checker on the net. Through the use of using correct grammar and spelling, your application stood a chance to have risen further up the acceptance chain.

Much to people’s amazement they wonder why common mistakes in English grammar cost them interviews. The simple fact is that when you use the grammar checker, you proof read things again. Meanwhile, you have used the four rules that apply to blog posts, general writing and even messages being sent. These are to:

nosweataboutit What is it about writing skills that makes you be good in writing english
Absolutely No Sweat About It. Will Not Forget It.

1)  be accurate

2)  be straight forward
3)  have kept it brief and
4) think about how it reads.

Not only have you seen that these have been affected. That the grammar was only the first proof reading and the last step. In the middle, you have even managed to have a friend or two proof-read things there. The best age to have proof read what is written is a child about nine years old.

Now the Fisher-Kincaid reading level comes in handy with all.

When you use one of the applications.  Writers may have the challenge of simplifying their written words.  Keep doing this action and you will find your posts being read, understood and absorbed by the wider area of general readers.   As the posts are being read the reader’s attention is now being

KaziraOrphansGraceKyomugisha What is it about writing skills that makes you be good in writing english
Grace Kyomigisha from Kazira Orphanage. A place where “Everyone Is A Star”. Everyone has a dream. All work together in achieving these dreams

focused on that post.  Instead of scrolling, though, clicking off and moving on, the reader is spending engaging time right there.  On your blog post.  One immediate result is the analytics show a greater read time and, therefore, a less bounce rate reflected in the overall analytical breakdown.  All great for you and the Search Engines as you are organically growing your way through the other posts on those subjects.

Commonly known that the average ability of people to read what is written is a nine-year-old reading ability. That is unless your target niche is the professional or niche reading and understanding level specification. Even then the simpler the reading level, the better. Grammarly settings can reflect whatever level of reading you want to set your proofreading too. That this ability is there as well makes a lot of sense the age of Grammarly, and the various users of this English Grammar checking software are considered.

Heck Grammarly has a database of over 8 billion websites to check through just for the plagiarism aspect when checking your written items.

What about writing skills tools for those on the Autism Spectrum?

On a personal capacity, you will see why I started to use a grammar checker  as you read this post. The benefit is seen right here. And to think of all those years I never wanted to write anything as I could not read my own spelling. Reading mine made it easy to read, translate and understand Doctors handwriting. Even when I was on the other side of the office benches sitting there doing my Ward Clerking job in the early 1980’s.

Thankfully the general public were then able to have access to the internet.  That of course meant, there were many more dyslexics [like myself] online as people rushed to write the screeds of text.  Well, Now my answer simple when I think about writing skills:

SusaLewissusanlewismaretingdotcom What is it about writing skills that makes you be good in writing english
Susan Lewis




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