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Want A Basic Summary About Searching The Net For Freedom

Did you know that there are many people searching the net for freedom from ‘the norm’? Did you know that there are many confusing interconnecting pathways traveled? Did you know that even if the apps and tools are known and used very few people are able to explain these to others?

Imagine if there was someone who has been through what may be similar experiences to you. That someone who is not scared to write their understanding into the information. To share  the realities through a story format. One who may bridge the ageism gap? And  is already making progress within this foreign, frightening world while searching the net for their own freedom?

Hello. My name is Susan. I’ve been searching the net for freedom

Besides being Autistic all my life, I have survived a vehicle accident, yet amazingly walked Autism-is-like-a-bus-accident Want A Basic Summary About Searching The Net For Freedomaway with ‘only’ brain trauma, survived four children growing up upon the Autism Spectrum as well as a husband.

These are some of the things I have done within my life.  Are you able to identify with one or two?

I ‘ve had a health care profession. Worked a variety of ‘Just Over Broke’ jobs such as cleaning toilets,  shop work, receptions work, relief work.Various micro businesses that drained the energy. Inadequately paid below average subsistence wages,  such as driving taxis, Multi-Level-Marketing, traveled with shows and carnivals, fairs and markets, small business and still assist with a micro-business today.

Years of voluntary work, youth work, grown gardens and even swam two and a half kilometers a day. Ridden push bikes for 20 km and totally enjoyed the town walking and bush hiking, taken photographs, written blogs and so many things that I wondered what to do with all this information.

So began my own looking into what the internet would involve.

In the beginning all I wanted to do was communicate with parents of the children I voluntarily guided within an organization.  The parents, nor the organisation were ready for

Cliffswithin-lifesjourneyphone Want A Basic Summary About Searching The Net For Freedom
Jumping for joy. Acknowledging the cliffs within life’s journey

what had been seen in when I first looked at a computer  and swallowed hard. That was in 1996 and I needed to input many facts and figures needed as a Quarter Master.

Way before, I had the internet connected at home in 2002. Thirteen years later devastating fires ripped through the communities.  After that came floods.  All the youth had grown into adults.  Besides taking over the reins, they were very apt withing the social of social media.

What was to be their future freedom was ensured.  The networks were established and so forward into the net searching for freedom they have gone

What you are reading is a part of “my searching the net for freedom” story.

I too searched the internet looking for a system that would free many people like myself. Now having found this pathway to freedom this link is the Susan Lewis Marketing concept.

This site is just one place, one person and a lifetime story. Where I share with you one possible journey that has interconnecting pathways traveled.  May my experiences, knowledge, trials, frustrations, “whippee” moments of enlightenment be there and assist you with your  searching the net for freedom