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The calm I feel as I accepted the challenge

Look how strange it is when people accepted the challenge as others change within.  Face their fears. Fall flat on their face.   Groan. Pick up again. Get back up. Catch site again of their vision.  Open their eyes reach out and grab hold of that vision.  Once again make one action after the other and move forward.  Again and again!

That said did you know that having a bank account for one thing only account frightens people? Then knowing the calm I feel right now would scare most people!  When did the are challenges of having financial independence become so scary?

Imagine what it would feel like to not feel afraid of taking those steps to being independently free from stress, strains and worries from daily survival?  The following is what happened to me on the day of accepting not to be scared, frightened. Just then to get

Ohtobeabletohavesdonesomethingsooner The calm I feel as I accepted the challenge
A stray kitten resting on my shoulder during the night.

on with what needs to happen while allowing the Universal Laws to enter my life.  To let these laws do their thing. There is a job to do.That needs this energy.

The calm I feel started the day I decided to figure out what to do and how to connect the new bank account up account up.

Once you have the notification that the two small amounts have been placed into your account via the bank. All you do now is reopen the bank account account. Check against the bank account that needs confirming. Hit account prove [ or confirm account] then in the two boxes place the amounts. Hit the appropriate button and that green goes ahead ribbon becomes seen. The text upon the ribbon states “Ready To Use.

I am not sure if you realize how wonderful this feels to me. To have seen the process all the way through. Have had a hiccup. Made an inquiry back to the authority [ in this case the bank institution. Opened the email reply. Followed the steps and achieved what is to many people a simple task. Previously a few years ago I was stuck for weeks in a Ground Hog

SLMlifeintheclouds The calm I feel as I accepted the challenge
Traveling to the  Sydney Momentum day 2014 was one trip by plane. I felt that I had never left the clouds then.

day cycle.

As an aside today, a major decision has been made.

Yes totally off the topic of bank accounts. Wholey a part of this account. That decision has taken twenty -five years to put the pieces together. A truck impact into my vehicle had left me living in the clouds. Last year, a third person suggested I do something about it. Tomorrow over another matter was initially similar though I see this third party, person.

The calm I feel about everything I have felt three other times in twenty-five years. I seem strange that this calm is also what I feel now as well having sorted out the banking stuff. This calm is a quiet calm. There are no other things interfering. There are many possibilities happening. Things are allowed to go forward now. My decision is made and that will allow things to go forward.

Relating this to a new bank account.

Opening this new account was the tool that has been used to make me notice something. A forward motion with life. Could be the allowance of the Universal energies. There is definitely something happening. Of major significance the first time I felt this feeling was coming out of the bank knowing that I could afford to purchase one of the  levels. The highest one. However, that is another story in itself.

From one friend to another a message is shared.

This afternoon another friend suggested that I look into a click advertising thing. I groaned with preconceived ideas flooding through. Then the magic words appeared. Ding

Unleshtherestraints The calm I feel as I accepted the challenge
Hiding your potential is a waste. Unleash what is in there.. your Digital Entrepreneur. Let those at the Digital Experts Academy guide actions through the online traffic jams.

advertising account.” Suddenly I was all ears. I could use that tool to advertise the affiliate things on. Free of charge. Now that I can afford to do. The payments would come via this account. Time to sort out the bank details stuff stuff then. And this I have done right now. A problem being solved with these few words.

The second thing was for a smallish sum I can have an independant bank account machine. An EFTPOS machine that connects to the bank account. A one-time payment rather than the monthly payments other commercial vendors change for. Yes because of where I am on the markets things would require a WiFi and a laptop. Or a mobile connection. Now there is a point. The flow chart is currently 1)Join the advertising thing. 2) Earn the cash to purchase the bank wi-fitransaction thing. 3) And a mobile WiFi connection – with a workable amount of credit. 4) Next a mobile. 5) Then I can use all of these to further the videos and other things I need to have to keep advertising [ yip that I understand]. 6) More importantly send automated texts, as well as emails, to the beneficences of the campaigns that are being currently re-structured and re-organised. They say solve a problem, and people will buy then rationalize the purchase afterward.  All this, and the new bank account was well and truly justified.

People are instantly aware of a friendly message arriving

Seeing people get frustrated with the ting of an incoming signal. Yet the recipients still check it out. So sending a text and an email is a double whammy as far as I am concerned. People then have a choice. The email is a double reminder in case they forgot as they were busy when the text message was initially received.

Now you see why having a new bank account, a simple online account actually means quite a lot to Affiliate Marketers. And possibly triple that amount of I love this new bank account feelings to myself for those reasons.  All this and more still would not explain the calm I feel and a new corner is turned over within my life’s journey

And the funny thing is when looking at all it took… the hurdles that were mentally put in my own way of moving forward …. that I put in my own way were amazing.  Plus in four years I’ve only used that account three times. Then closed it down. But the transitions that went into making, carrying through and finally revising the whole stream of action were well worth every thing learned as the journey that is being travelled is bringing so much more joy within the community and business marketing where people, real people, are accepting everyday new ways of getting through their challenges.

SusaLewissusanlewismaretingdotcom The calm I feel as I accepted the challenge
Susan Lewis


 Have a terrifically uplifting day


I’m Looking For Solutions!

The idea of a List Building Report 

 One Simple customer service tip is the reason for a List Building Report.  Many people know that anyone building anything needs to be able to contact people. Yet few follow through with creating, then keeping in contact with their contacts. It’s not necessary to read each article on customer satisfaction on the entire World Wide Web to understand why the follow through actions are mentioned within many articles assisting you through to either keeping in contact with committees, parents, participants, organisations or businesses.

look4soultionsheresusanlewismarketingdotnet I'm Looking For Solutions!
Look for Gold Nugget solutions within the List Building Report are

Which ever way operating with the list building efforts of one will duplicate should you want to build towards Living a Laptop Lifestyle. Like you I too was looking for solutions.

Look for solutions RIGHT here

When I first was enquiring about the Six Figure Mentors sure there was a need for reading  and understanding this report.  To read more how the contents have impacted my life “Hit Here”.

Strangely enough the whole idea seemed so foreign to me that it often gets placed on the shelf several times before it is seen once again and actually read right through.  The opportunities that have been overlooked or just plain ignored are not lost.  Instead someone else finds them, smiles quietly. Then thank’s you for the lead, and future lifetime customer, sales they have just gained.

Read the complete List Building Report.

Some people don’t ask “What do businesses need the lists for?”  Other people use to buy lists and wonder why the return on investments were low. Throw their hands in the air and ignore the whole list building thing.  Yet other people quietly read, then reread the List Building Report over and over again.  These same people asked questions from their mentors. Went back and implemented what was said.  Altered things at times to suit their specifics clientele and others coming through the targeted audience they were reaching out into. Effectively they found the Golden Nuggets within that report so they were able to respond immediately.

listbuilding-for-profits I'm Looking For Solutions!

Special Report with the Fasted way to grow yourself the list you need to start YOUR digital life I have found.Many people would easily agree that implementing plain instructions would be easy of the need to find the Golden Nuggets was strong enough. Then really use them right?

That was like myself. rereading the report getting past the yeah I’ve read that stage took time.  Simply written the List Building report is for everyone.  The proviso being that you are interested in what you are reading.  Enough to keep you busy from the moment you pick up the report to a few weeks busy from the moment you pick up the report to a few weeks past the time you last you last read what  is inRed-overlooped-arrow-pointing-upwards-to-the-left-e1474440939752-200x200 I'm Looking For Solutions!

there. The link for your copy of the List building for profit is

right Here.

 Have a terrifically uplifting day
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