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Why to be an emotional bankrupt is dividing the people into three societies?

Did you know that those who have been in a few financial crises in their lives may now be an emotional bankrupt when facing another challenge? Did you know that there the mindset change dividing the people of the world is not a national identification bit an action-oriented one? Did you know that there are people who have little survival mechanisms in place should another Global Financial Crisis occur?

Imagine how surprised you would be if I could tell you that there was another way of building a daily life foundation!

There are three kinds of people categories today.

Those that have seen it all before and retire into the corner just to flow with the tide and

Whenyoubelieveyouwillsucceedin Why to be an emotional bankrupt is dividing the people into three societies?
It starts with a belief in yourself. Then a knowing that was jumping over the hurdles has already happened. Now action these and go past your known comfort zones.

survive.  These are the people that get to a stage where they look forward to the next rolled out stage of their lives. You may have heard them say something like… wow in five years time when I turn sixty-five I can get my old age pension and…”  The thing about this statement is the reverence within their voice.  As though should they make it that long this is a gift of life survival to that point.

The second type of person is that of the ‘job’ classification.  Those with jobs and those whose job have become looking for a job.

The third falls under a category that may, or may not, include the above categories. People with a dream.  Their dream. A focus and a chosen pathway with which to follow on. People out there leveraging the marketplace.  Utilizing their skills, talents and gifts.  Education in life or training levels.  People who want to fulfill the need or persons who are needing to satisfy a want. And wanting to satisfy a need.

Maybe you need to see the fine line of an emotionally bankrupt?

The equilibrium balance of this need versus want situation explained, when Patricia

whenyouallowemotionallybankruptencytooccur Why to be an emotional bankrupt is dividing the people into three societies?
Action Protection Steps with the emotionally bankrupt

Collins once told me that “The wants and needs ‘balance’ between the neurotypicals and the Autism Spectrums has to do with the sensory level of opening up to new possibilities, learning, and achievement with many on the Autism Spectrum. ”

As an example People [especially Autistic’s] make themselves comfortable within their circumstances. Indeed, they go out to their J.O.B. situations [ Just Over Broke], bring home the money to pay the bills and mortgage or the rent.  Spend the children off to school and spent time watching t.v or fixing the car, grocery shopping and cleaning the house. And they drift off into a state of ‘She’ll be right Mate.’  Accepting the confining allotments within their own life, until they know no different.

Agree with me -Autistics are no different from others when the wake-up calls occur the comfort rug has been pulled out from under their feet – what the heck do they do now?  So much confusion and dread. As the Global Finacial Crisis began to take effect in October 2008, many lives came crashing down. The rise of the emotionally bankrupt continues.

Balance The Scales


In this big nation
This action comes from just one more frustration.

The economy is up the spout,
And time has just about run out.

Life is a set of checks and balances,
Cause we all, cannot all, live in palaces.

Just like day follows night
We are brought up ‘knowing’ what is right.

Along with these are our responsibilities
Now it’s to check with your sensitivities.

Even when the pickings are slim were allowed to select our choice
After all, we each have shattered, scattered whispering voice.

Fearless we face the consequences

Why worry, as we tightrope along pulsating electric fences.

Through our live’s we’re feed information,
Partaking in our community formation.

Made secure, blindfolded with our ignorance!
While those who make the mess, look upon us suckers, with tolerance.

In you, we believe. Foundations laid. Perceptions build – with trust.
Hey look – they’re making it good out of this boom or bust.

Spend time, seek the truth
Tensions building, Shit hitting the roof!

We believe that looking after your family is commitment.
When, actually, the tide is turning, and your legs are, stuck in cement.

Sorry. Now what did you say about obligation
Towards that unborn generation

From what is left of this,

our great, big, nation!

Written by Susan Connor.

October 2008

And yet, if you have read to this point you would be one….

DBLBootCampsq Why to be an emotional bankrupt is dividing the people into three societies?Of the few who want to be actively building those life foundations on a daily basis.  When auctioned are rewarded the benefits out-weigh the time placed with.  You know when you choose happiness that takes action.

I invite you to come on through and look at the community I found that I took the steps forward and had allowed to help me through these various choices as well.

No, it ‘s not an instant gratification thing.  You’ve got to have guts to move ahead. Away from people who mentally bankrupt others.

SusaLewissusanlewismaretingdotcom Why to be an emotional bankrupt is dividing the people into three societies?
Susan Lewis enjoys being Platinum member of the Six Figure Mentors



Beta testing of TweetLead now in the hands of everyone – you included

Yes, this is excitement plus as this little TweetLead tool is definitely growing bigger in users.   This morning the link looked interesting, so it was shared it on with a few friends.  TweetLand is new. With Google search, it was noted that there are  83,700 results for Google search [ Sept 29th, 2015] at 21:00

Those links that were sent out,  one immediately has connected to Tweetland.  Notification is in the email back via an email and the time back was five minutes after the first one went out.  Talk about instant results.

To be able to contribute to the development of TweetLead while its still in the Beta testing

Whereadreamandaburingdesirecollidea Beta testing of TweetLead now in the hands of everyone - you included
Creative LeadGeneration through Twitter. Brilliant idea. See the difference. Try the difference. It’s your choice.

Mode is going to be fun.

Have you ever heard of lead generation?

LeadGeneration is what TweetLeadis. A new Link generating product.  You get sent a link.  You gain free access through this link. At that point, your emails address is placed on hold.  Once the person who sent you that link has just five opt-ins they are now granted access to free training and a life time membership.  Like many foundation memberships, your time commitment is payment plus.  Here is how TweetLeads basically works.


An email is sent to you with your personal and Unique link. This you share with family and friends. And more friends as well.

Now you have those five emails confirming your access to TweetLeads.

There is more happening as well

The leads you have are going through to your autoresponder.  You know that tweets with pictures have three to four times more clicks than just test clicks.   However, your text words are extended [ bigger]

That’s right.  A terrific little resource tool where the forms are so simplified that engagements with follow-up offers have been seen to spike up to 200%.

Follow through on the hashtag of #tweetlead and see what the conversation is all about

The email address is connected to your autoresponder.  So Aweber is used. [ Mailchimp, GetResponse, Ontraport, ConstantContact are others used as well] and send each.  Now simply publish on Twitter.

Works on every account and device.  Yes,  On all devices No matter whether you’re on a

nosweataboutit Beta testing of TweetLead now in the hands of everyone - you included
Direct correlation between tools and actions when it comes to building your list!

Desktop, mobile or tablet.

With all the compliance bits on the broadbands, Twitter allows TweetLand to use its system as a TweetLeads is an official feature from Twitter Ads.  As Twitter is currently working in conjunction with Google that’s a big uplift right there for anyone generating leads through organically targeted traffic.  Still, a great idea to be as specific much as possible.

Overall what is it about TweetLeads

Firstly let’s recap: the simplicity of having an automatic Download here button is a terrific idea.  Now the call to Action is right there.  Someone hits the button, and their email address will be collected without ever leaving Twitter.  If you after targeted lead generation for a specific marketing list then this tool is not for you!

Get started in 60 seconds and help out with the Beta testing.  The offer on Beta is why they are giving away lifetime access to anyone who wants it while they are in beta mode.

Hit this link

Check TweetLead out for yourself. Love to hear back from you as well



Interested in reading about how to share a smile? Then dare to be different  and  Smile as you Click Here

SusaLewissusanlewismaretingdotcom Beta testing of TweetLead now in the hands of everyone - you included

Minimal People, Maximum time Fall Into Micro-Business Category

Did you know that different countries have different requirements to be meet that distinguish what business fall into micro-business category [1]?  Did you know that small and medium-sized enterprises are referred to as SME’s.[2]  Did you know that without these micro-businesses many small businesses would collapse at the seams and not survive as they are riding on the backs of micro-business peoples frequently underpaid efforts?

Imagine if you were able to combine all the skills, talents, knowledge together.  Include the work and home time.  Plus work toward a lifestyle that up have the skills and desire to

scale up or down.  As per your own or families requirements. Note that it will not be an

Lifes-a-rollar-coaster-ride Minimal People, Maximum time  Fall Into Micro-Business Category
Having a micro-business is the like life is a Roller Coaster! Hold on tight and enjoy the experience.

easy ride to do so.  However, the depth of those end results may largely personify the things and energy you have put into the end result. Even if these results are not on the level you had desired the education and hands-on skill sets obtained have built a new basis

of knowledge to call upon at a future date.

In Australia, the micro-business fall into two areas.

Associated to a small business may consist of one owner. The small business itself may also be a Mico-business  that uses several satellite independent  Mico-business contractors.

That was how the subleasing of the Taxi business I was subleasing the car off from worked. Although the micro-business had my own Tax file number and BAS requirements as I only ‘leased’ from one small business, then I was subject to that business conditions, management styles and favoritism of drivers.  Looking back on those twelve years of my life the result was that I had a micro business that was worse than a J.O.B.  that brought me to the J.O.B. situation. Usually, just over broke was a daily happening

The other feeling of continually always in the near B.R.O.K.E. situation was a not a really great stress situation either Over time working through this BROKE situation there were many times where it worked out for sixteen hours may be I banked directly only a minimal amount.  Other times I would travel to Melbourne Airport three times there and back.  Needless to say those shifts were very tiring.  So If the shift continued the other driver was able to have all the driving while I literally slept the day away.

There are other home based micro-businesses. 

Craft creation, growing produce, making foods and preserves and so many other things are

cowwarrcountrykitchenowners Minimal People, Maximum time  Fall Into Micro-Business Category
A couple who relocated and formed the Cowwarr Country Kitchen produce. Worth their weight in Gold Dust too.

micro-businesses.  Even service industries such as party and games activities and times.

Where some micro-businesses are static others travel around.  Moving out of the home for weekend sales at markets or festivals.  Still others follow circuits such as the blues circuits or the Agricultural and Pastral shows on a calendar year.

With enough time, management, commitment and just integrative push into the internet the Return On Investment sure outweighs the real life forms of micro-business enterprises that I have experienced over the last thirty years.

You will have been aware that many business fall into micro-business category.

Keep on with that smile for a long while


SusaLewissusanlewismaretingdotcom Minimal People, Maximum time  Fall Into Micro-Business Category
As a person who enjoys knowing the journey is here and now as I’m taking this micro business to it fullest extent.


 Have a terrific day


1  Australian Bureau of Statistics

2 Entrepreneurship snd small business – Micheal Shaper and Thierry Volery.

Acceptance into the circle of influence of the micro-business

With micro-business what is personal time commitment?

Strive for Acceptance into the circle of influence of the micro-business you are interacting with and all to soon many Autistic people find concentration gradually shifts focus. Family things may get overridden.  Social and community voluntary things tend to become less of an importance than they were meant to be.  Often  according to the management of the small business people the others are only a cog in the wheel of the owner management making a profit.  The profit needed to pay for the equipment and their sickness  insurance.

There are no holidays with pay.  In fact,  this is my story which many people who work win a workplace where bullying is ‘swept under the carpet”  for fear that “if not to someone else  then it will be me” attitudes.

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A Real life experience of a satellite micro-business person

Seek a real life experience of a satellite micro-business person

Shattering the expectation that as a satellite micro-business people are free.  Reality shows that unless you are there, on the ball, taking corrective and anticipatory action you are in a JOB situation.  Stretch the imagination for a moment. When you focus on where you aim to be, does the ‘Just Over Broke’ feeling feel as though it has tagged along as well?

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E-Learning Benefits For Micro-Business people reskilling

E-Learning Benefits For Micro-Business people reskilling

Actively leverage the fact that 1980 was the tail end of the Hippie revolution.  Reconsider why reading self-improvement books was a process for self-improvement. passionatly explore why this knowledge is among the best kept mindset change secrets flowing into the minds of micro-business people!  Measure the financial difference between them and you.

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Affiliate Marketing as a Micro-Business [ aka micro-enterprise]

Did you know that there are many different forms of Affiliate Marketing micro-business systems out there? Did you know that some are easy to enter while other provide a challenge for one and all?   That no matter what affiliate marketing strategy you choose to develop each has training and methodologies that must meet the various broadbands stringent compliance requirements?

Imagine a list of selected, tried learned from affiliate marketing as a micro-business indexed posts.  The list below is some of the ones that ‘are personally tried’ over the years.  Some I am still involved in some capacity.  Other circumstances or personal choices have meant letting them go.  However, the posts written are from my own experiences. Please do further reading and with due diligence form your own opinion.

Different people, times and affiliate marketing concepts chosen

Around the world, people are wanting different ways of adding to their home income.

Red-overlooped-arrow-pointing-downwards-from-the-right-200x200 Affiliate Marketing as a Micro-Business [ aka micro-enterprise]
The Affiliate Marketing as a Micro-Business [ aka micro-enterprise] short- listed list you are looking for is below. Scroll down to the bottom
 Some start out with using a nominal free to enter choice.  These usually mean high hours and small in comparison reward.  However what you are doing is ‘building your list’ that is an “important for all’ online marketing and real-life marketing.

When you link these together, and the experiences you are gaining, the skills and talents that are being developed, this basically becomes an experience within itself.  Frustrating yes.  Beneficiary yes in the long run.

Some are high-end ticket sales where the cookies are for the life of your membership.  Yes, there are higher membership fees in place.  What else would you expect?

That stated this is a short Affiliate Marketing as a Micro-Business

[ aka micro-enterprise] list that I am either interested in, have been in or am still currently involved with.  Use your own discretion and due diligence as to what might, or might be right for your circumstances currently.  As suggested utilise the results of one or a few to scale up your focus.  That way there are allowances for advertising and other expenses along the way should you choose to travel that pathway.

 Yes, this is a short-listed list on purpose. Spread yourself too thinly and autistic overwhelm may occur.  Remember to take time out, enjoy the sun, the air and the people you have around you.

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