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Having Stumbled Into Google I Started To Blog

In the beginning of time where was WordPress101?

Years ago – having stumbled into Google I started to blog. Primarily about the local youth organization that I was training to be a leader within.  The newsletter, activity forms and updates of paperwork to go home to nearly 40 members was tedious.  Having stumble in it took ages.  Especially as I have dyslexia, the fear of making a typing mistake was incredible.

Access to online tools helps ease the situation. How things have changed.

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By Now you Would Know To Hold Onto your Dream

“Action is knowing that By Now you Would Know To Hold Onto your Dream” 

A person  could tell you that in the picture above the dog was just waiting patiently for someone to come home. But both you, and I, know there are two sides to every story.

Just the same as when there is a decision to be made there are the pro’s, and the cons, of can do actions. there

In This Case Know Yourself…

Has the dog found that ‘perfectly suited’ to the opportunity paper. Just as the dog is holding onto being able to welcome his master   you to, by now, would know to hold onto your dream as well.  One of the things to cross off a buscket list written is 2014 was to attend the Inagural Momentum Day in Sydney. Now it is to attend every Momentum day in Australia and new Zealand.  And, like the dog on the doorstep holding the paper for his master…  is the waiting worth the quick pat on the head as the person arriving just rushes past?  No But it sure is worth a terrific hug and hello. Which is what a person seems to get from the start of the Australian Momentum days.

Has the dog already got the sense that “One size fits all as most get rich quickly” systems are.

By Checking Out The Difference

What you are being invited to come and joining Stuart and Jay. They are not involved in any get rich scheme. Nor are any of the Affiliates or the members of this private community.


The co-founders of the Six Figure Mentors, as well as the Digital Experts Academy, are exactly as you see them. Very hands on and extremely creative people who have spent much time helping other succeed. Throughout the world, many cultures, belief systems and [pullquote] I’m learning to trust the journey. Even if I do not understand it! Anon [/pullquote]many generations.

The evergreen system with which Jay and Stuart introduce you too takes a little time to understand. Give yourself that time.

Just Listen To Others

Will people dare ask you in that same monolog tone.. “Bored as usual?” Be surprised as you become absorbed in finding your own dream.

In taking the chance to make a change.

susanlewiswiththestars-200x200 By Now you Would Know To Hold Onto your Dream
Welcome . Having fun in what you are doing is a priceless asset

Thank you for taking the time to come here.  Also for wanting to know more and choosing to be a loyal email subscriber. I appreciate hearing from you. Let me know if you ever have any questions.

If you stand still long enough what will happen?

trial-650x310 By Now you Would Know To Hold Onto your Dream


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From Scratch With Training

From Scratch With Training – People doubt themselves! From Scratch With Training Just Give In, Give Up and back track.   Stop! Now Watch Others Pass You  By!

Did you know that many people doubt themselves, even from scratch with Training? The worst situation to be in is to just give in, give up and stop?

Did you know that when you stop anything other people pass you buy?

Imagine if there was a secret ingredient there that would stick to your subconscious like glue while propelling your through to achieving your goals and dreams!

With The Six Figure Mentors training

This is what I have found

>>>>Take that step.<<<<

Go with your dream.

Be your all you can, and are, to be.

Even with Six Figure Mentors training things change. 

With the internet and networks now being over thirty years old technology has had to change.  Then the broadband uses of this technology would catch up.  People would use the apps and tool creatively thinking of new methods to achieve outcomes.  Similar to the human race living here on earth.  Wondering what life forms are out there in deep space.

Yet there is a bigger challenge. That of how  the mindset of people entering the from scratch with training BootCamp would be readied for the digital lifestyle steps as they reached through to the internet and networks are now over thirty years other side.

After thirty years the internet there were many things learned.  Then life changed once again with this from scratch with training now becoming available.

Just having access to the tools, training, resources and community to help you fast track your dream towards it’s success is an amazing feeling in itself. On the flip side you may be a person who wants to do things in a fashion that is considered slow and steady to others.  Does it really matter though?

The range of apps and tools that are available.

You make the decisions as this journey is your own.The BootCamp helps you find your map, the packing checklist, and allows you to find your “Y” factor.  All the same  be able to build a compliant online and profitable business became possible as the online giants started to stop fighting with the broadbands and get their act finally together.

Before compliance measures were even entering many business minds the co-founders of The Six Figure Mentors training products were training their members on how to utilize the apps and tools that are making this platform really rock the education, training and upskilling platforms to pieces.

To change – A voyage of discovery has begun.

Human’s may go forth and discover the outermost planets and stars of theses galaxies. The depths of the ocean may be travelled.  The highest point of the air we all breath may be explored.  And the best apps and tools developed to meet the changing needs of the internet and its networks.

Yet, with a low self-esteem and a passive mindset that has trouble stepping out of the box it’s allowed itself to be locked behind, how are you going to be successful? Alternatively, you too could be one of the ones both effective, and efficient, at starting from scratch without a mindset change, community support and encouragement!

How?  Step up.

Engage with the from scratch with Training Complimentary video series.
From time to time, you may wish to contact me through these links to my Social Pages. Feel free to drop me a line or any other constructive comments regarding any of my posts or pages content. Any, and all messages or constructive comments are always gratefully accepted.

SusaLewissusanlewismaretingdotcom-200x166 From Scratch With Training



trial-650x310 From Scratch With Training
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Here You Are getting ready To Merge Back Into The WorkForce

Did you know that people are actually fearful of going back into the workforce?  Did you realise that there are so many things to fix up, to exercise the mind before you enter that workforce?  Did you know that things may have been easier when we were younger?  And now we are older what is there for us?

Imagine Actually being prepared for what is coming up.  That every challenge is a lesson learned.  These lessons build up as our life’s lessons.

#Here you are getting ready to merge back into the workforce.

sox-looking-out-for-you-no-2j Here You Are getting ready  To Merge Back Into The WorkForce
Sox is Looking out for you too

Over the years, the children grew up. During that time, there were voluntary positions to fill. To the point where there were things to do, people to organise and funds to raise. Sooner or later the children wanted different things to what you got for celebrations. “An iPad would be good” cames back the call.

There is this problem now. These have all been updated and you’re left with them and the pets as the children say good-bye and move on with their own lives.

# Time to learn how to fix it yourself!

Congratulations . However, whatever do you do now? Who is going to fix that which you have not yet broken? The car wheels need changing; the washing machine is not overloaded. The meals prepared… well there are always extras now.

It’s time to upskill, reskill and go out there to find actively that full-time income. You know its not that easy now, right? So online you go looking for small ways of becoming that

Patricia-from-PopCorn4U Here You Are getting ready  To Merge Back Into The WorkForce
Creatively create trust factor circle. Familiarity of identifiable ‘things that are you’ like colours and staff association

success you have quietly wanted. There are a few forums that you can go into. Meet people that way at least while you are still looking for work. ~ At the centre of your being you have the answer; you know who you are, and you see what you want. ~ Loa Tzu

Well in for a penny, in for a pound. If you’re in the position of wanting to find someone to

talk to, more than a casual hello and how ‘s the weather over there…why not a dating service? You may, or may not, come out wiser. However, you are older now.

#Things are getting desperate.

Employers want already explicitly trained people who are also young and of a no holds barred carefree attitude .. who will think as they do. Just not out of the square! While at the same time up to date and internet savvy. Formal education is not supportive through the budget as that’s a loan you can very carefully just financially support. Where can you go that will show you how to make a biography for the online resume? Actually what do you include in the biography?

You may or may not realise it, but there is help out there. Something cost effective with time as well as the possibly of a quicker return on investment. Something intense and yet when you put the work ethic into it is over and done with. You can then move into finding something else to go and do. More learning, more travel, more frustration added.

SBLBootcampaq Here You Are getting ready  To Merge Back Into The WorkForce
BootCamp Messaging you your invitation.

Come on through the boot camp. Meet Stuart and Jay, your hosts. Listen to what they are showing you. Should you then decided to go further into the education, skills and training module designed to increase your social value to yourself, your community and also to any employer. Even if it is yourself… Now that’s an idea.

These education modules range from certificate course to the micro-education module updates. You might ant to reconsider exactly how exciting education of yourself can be. And you will probably get a surprise when you realise that Return on Your Investment [ROI] for your a) Social Worth, b) Personal Satisfaction and c)Self Development actually is to you. Hay! You may even say [fire the boss] that you have not even had yet and just be free enough to go forward under your own steam.

You need to keep going or the dreams comes as just wishful thinking otherwise, back time after time.  Change your mindset.

Unleshtherestraints Here You Are getting ready  To Merge Back Into The WorkForce
Hiding your potential is a waste. Unleash what is in there.. your Digital Entrepreneur. Let those at the Digital Experts Academy guide actions through the online traffic jams.

# Whats the alternative… back to the drawing board.

Or you could sit around on the computer playing with ‘friends’ who are virtually standing in the door was of your life. Blocking you from coming out and others you have not met yet coming through and saying hello.

I will leave the decision up to you because only you can decide what will work best in your situation. You know what reality you want to accept when the choice comes down to working for the boss you don’t yet have. Or living the Digital lifestyle. Now you’re used to making all your decisions it’s easy to make that decision right here, right now. Right?

Okay. I’ll be on the other side waiting to say “Hello and welcome to this community”. If you want to know anymore, and I can help you out with any queries why not hop into the Feedback Place. Or go for it and contact me for the boot camp seven-day video series.



P.S. Thought I would leave you with this that I just stumbled across “I wish my bank account filled as fast as the laundry basket”.


SusaLewissusanlewismaretingdotcom-200x166 Here You Are getting ready  To Merge Back Into The WorkForce
Susan Lewis

trial-650x310 Here You Are getting ready  To Merge Back Into The WorkForce

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Be prepared When You Go Into The Experts Academy


Opening  the email that lead me to the Six Figure Mentors answered something wondered about.  That of  what size a small packages would be that could house great things.

Great things come in small packages.  Check this takeaway link
GREAT THINGS COME IN SMALL PACKGES by just copy and pasting it into the search bar. Or click on it. The lack of understanding took a while to find that the answer was there.   Now with the gratitude for the truism backs this small saying this post is sharing that with other people.

A key is small.

So to is that hand motion of which turns the key and opens the lock. An invitation to use the key to the door will always beat a forced entry.

Both the invitation and the key are two small things. Maybe with one in each hand for a balanced approach you are about to discover whether you really want to exploit your ‘own’ potential for your own self. Or whether you are comfortable helping your boss to feed his profit margin. Forget, or put to one side, the forever wondering if you should reach out to the financial backers and literally beg for a loan for the home you have been living within for years.

To action and follow through or not?

There is one thing for certain inaction gets you nowhere fast. A little-packaged action and giving up changes you any way you go. There is that restlessness within either way you go. I know as I have been there.
There are three choices.
a) You swim with the flow and be just the same as the other 99.99% of the population
b) You take this action.
c) You stay in the small fishbowl limiting your potential with no privacy and at the mercy of someone else to clean that and feed you. Mind you if you get too hungry the bowl will get very clean. Thats what an employer knows. Keep the staff hungry for mire and the work gets done for the slave wage remuneration is accepted every pay cycle.

Mostly in my journey through the business systems and practices within my life I literally arrived and was left out there wondering where I had misplaced the invitation that told me where the key was placed. Or worse that the invitation was filled with jargon or a language I could not interpret. What I knew was there was a freedom somewhere that I was searching for. Hence why you have the invitation. The key is that link. Your actions are your own and will coincide with your dream.

Be prepared When You Go Into The Digital Experts Academy

In this new, digital economy the jobs that were there, the skills and training we went into the workforce and acquired have literally become extinct. Technology and out own life’s paths brought the things we fear most in our lives. CHANGE. We all change in our lives. That is why we keep photo albums. Thing is when was the last time you printed out a photo for that family album?

With this in mind, go have a look at what is behind the link here. Look through the fish bowl and see what is there as you listen with Stuart.

Why? For Everyone Always Revises [FEAR] what change factors have unknown endings.
And Yeah Grat Things Do come in Small Packages.   Will you ever know what your change factors are??

You will meet Stuart and Jay. They are as they tell you throughout the next seven days worth of videos.

If I can assist you with your inquiries or other related things then please contact me through

trial-650x310 Be prepared When You Go Into The Experts Academy
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Creating your own Online Reference library with visuals

Did you know that creating your own online reference library through just writing a post is not enough to bring visitors to your site? Did you know that having too much on the computer chokes up the computer? Did you know that having so many files on the navigation bar under Favourites or Bookmark slows down the load time of your computer?

Imagine how using Cloud-based filing systems free up storage space, increase the computer load time, have the potential to increase interactive visitors to the web page.

Of course, having a Pinterest account frees your computer storage up, stores visuals in a external to the physical system, while encouraging the viewers to your ‘filing system’ to open the page and post, share and promote the things posted to your board.  Why? Simply by sharing these through placing pictures of videos on the blog you can eliminate the storage of them from your computer.

March 2010 a photo sharing site hit the streets on the internet.

Fresh clean and literally empty this little baby entered the world.  Life among the internet

users was never going to be the same again.  Five years earlier Facebook had entered the

2createanewpath Creating your own Online Reference library with visuals
I’d been looking on the internet for answers. Wondering how to go about Creating your own Online Reference library

scene.  Between these two Twitter had arrived.

Many dismissed what was happening with “But it’s so difficult to find something that works”.  Actually many were desperately trying to rid their sites of any black hat tricks and techniques.  Into that confusion came Pinterest.

The general public loved the timing.  Those using the Black hats did not appreciate the timing did not.

Those who had the time explored the site.  Personally, I loved the colour, vibrancy, and changes to view the world through other people’s eyes.

Creating a ready-made free library where people could share a few photos, pin on each others boards was a boon.  These are a few of the Pinterest Boards to share with you.

High Functioning Autism / Aspergers Syndrome

Finding a Way to do it

Work From Home Options

A couple of immediate, often overlooked, factors.

Added to this, many links stored in the computer were explored.  Pictures uploaded and into the different boards they went.  All over there are 50 Plus Billion pictures alone on the

big-tick Creating your own Online Reference library with visuals
Sometimes the biggest piece of acceptance out is simply the nod that stated “Yes. You’re correct” and will you work with me as well!

Pinterest sites. And no, not all of them are mine!

Meanwhile, the favourites and Bookmarks on the nav bar were reduced.  As an aside when turning on the computer, with the internet connected the computer, the bots were saved time.  With less things on the navigation bar being crawled the internet loaded faster.  Much faster.

And for the business these occurred.

Another benefit is the pictures clicked on in Pinterest still had threads connected to the posts.  Needless to say, the bot’s went and explored them as well.   Which, of course, assisted new people in finding what was placed on the net.

Oh course as a micro-business or small business owner this benefited future sales. Add to this a change of writing style being expected both by the reader and by the compliance ‘guidelines’.

People wanted to know more than this is a “holder’, the prices is and get it through that link.  Instead people wanted to know how to make the holder. Where and what to do with it.  As well as your experiences with creating it, hunting for material and even the expressions on the faces of people who obtained one.

What a change Creating your own Online Reference library  now is

All told the arrival of Pinterest certainly caused a major shift in presentation, of how things were now going to be done online.  You may, or may not have need for a basic summary  on Creating your own Online Reference library now as, while old patterns are hard to break, the introduction of Pinterest could still that pathway to success free with possibilities for you.

trial-650x310 Creating your own Online Reference library with visuals
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Look For Answers To Your Internet Struggles

Did you know there are thousands of skilled workers who make goods by hand? FDid you know that when people get frustrated with looking for answers to your internet struggles they may feel they need to walk away and leave you solving the jigsaw puzzle by yourself? Did you know that being ‘disassociated with where your dream taking you’ is a common dilemma of many households  the world over?

Imagine having access to a means of knowing what you need to know and knowing you know it when you need it. And using it!!

When you have read these following three things, then check out the invitation at the bottom of the page.  You may wonder what it is that you have opened as you watch through the video series set to you.  Just check out the inbox, grab the popcorn, sit back and … based on my internet struggles experiences – this is what you need to know.

The three things to look for answers to your internet struggles.

Three things… the first was I had not realized I had not had a dream. It was a wish.

Waiting-for-you Look For Answers To Your Internet Struggles
While your looking for answers to your internet struggles has the longing got to you e subliminal conscience yet? Are you going to lie around in the sun?

 That there is a big difference between the two.  That dream has a knowledge of completion.  You already know that is what you will have.

The second was that to finish my dream plan. Contacting the back office staff, other members of the community, researching the why’s within my own being, and lastly even asking other relatives all helped.  Yet that final push to get this module finished had co be mine. That also was just a little BIG step in the right direction.

Find the solutions .. I Was!

Third thing: You never know who, how, what, when and why you are in that place at that time. Nor do you understand the power of influence your words have on someone else.

Associated to these was the fact that I had to be prepared to challenge myself and then to change.  I will not lie here cause it was not easy morphing into what was the beginning of realizing the real potential within myself.  Admittedly the wheel is turning slowly.  And yet this is the most satisfying journey to the discovery that I have

Itstimetowhattellme Look For Answers To Your Internet Struggles
When the student is ready the teacher is found. It’s time for you to look here for answers to your internet struggles

ever been upon. On a deep level, you probably already know how useful it is when there is someone else there leading you through the processes that you learn from. Especially when it comes to upskilling older workers. Of which I am.  Like me, while  looking for answers to your internet struggles, this is one of the workforce dilemma’s our changing returning workforce and time management people have a constant struggle with.

look4soultionsheresusanlewismarketingdotnet Look For Answers To Your Internet Struggles
Look for solutions RIGHT here

trial-650x310 Look For Answers To Your Internet Struggles
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Embrace the ‘one’ childhood dream again

Did you know what happens when you forget to embrace the one childhood dream from your childhood? Did You know that so many people learn why it is hard for others to be solving the jigsaw puzzle of the internet use?  Did you know that sooner or later people everywhere are wondering how to get equipped into the technology of the world today?

Imagine if you really could go back and embrace the one childhood dream from your childhood.  The one that shone above everything else until you felt you had to learn to blend in with other people!

Many people forget the one childhood dream that determined their early path. Letting disillusionments emptying their energy level while dragging them down from actioning their

KaziraOrphansGraceKyomugisha Embrace the 'one' childhood dream again
Grace Kyomigisha from Kazira Orphanage. A place where “Everyone Is A Star”. Everyone has a dream. All work together in achieving these dreams

dream before it gets covered in dust. Self worth shrinks and life goes around in never ending cycles.

Simply utilizing the internet equipment, having an internet connection and Upskilling.  Yeah. This part of my dreams objectives and strategies are moving forward. After the last fifty years of being within my other life I know this lifestyle  is all happening.

Break the hold.

Yes, your dream can include travel while increasing your you social worth. I found an answer to achieving all three. Read on as this post will describe how these three are combining in my life. Reaching out across the continents, through the web, and changing the lives of children, adults and communities.

Chase your dream and catch it with all your ‘self’ behind everything you are doing. Life has shown me “Why wait and get passively comfortable anyway”! So why should you wait?

 Equipped, this is all possible.

From anywhere within the world. Living a Laptop Lifestyle is only part of my Dream. A major part yes. One part that balances the other, enabling others to reach out and touch the stars in their lives too.

One that will be inevitably be accelerating the other parts into being. Oh boy, I feel like a kid being promised pocket money and has to wait as the last coins come out of someone’s

SLMlifeintheclouds Embrace the 'one' childhood dream again
Ole Patternes are hard to brake but when you have dreams you realise that everybody is a star.

pocket. All anticipation and reckless desire… right in front of the big window in life that has each person life’s dream just sitting there.

And to think I put aside my childhood dream of traveling all over the world.  Having seen on the old black and white Television an air hostess I wanted to be one too.  The dream has changed and so too is the world.  The internet shows so many things in 2D.

Now where to go first….

However to see, be, smell, touch, feel the sun on your back, the earth under your feet.  Hear the people of the villages sing, join in the dances of their cultures, eat the food and hold close a person who needs a hug returned.  That is something of my life’s dream.

Feel the dust, swat the flies, play with the people. Be absorbed within and into the culture.

Accept the invitations already presented. Assist to the fullest, when and where able too.

Celebrate lifeJOINTODAYdea-200x200 Embrace the 'one' childhood dream again

This is the hunger that makes the reality of this dream actionable. Do-able. Achievable.

There are always celebrations of life happening. Come on. You really should find your dream within.

Action it ‘s start here

Enjoy your life’s journey. Embrace the ‘one’ childhood dream again and get in touch with a pathway that you  probably already know may stem from the child you once were.


SusaLewissusanlewismaretingdotcom-200x166 Embrace the 'one' childhood dream again
Yes! I too wondered why I was where I was. The Bootcamp helped me to embrace the ‘one’ childhood dream again in a slightly altered capacity.


trial-650x310 Embrace the 'one' childhood dream again
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People make busy schedules. Which type are you?

Did you know that schedules are made and kept by people make busy schedules? Did you know that a busy persons diary and daily schedule are filled up jam packed with timetabled activities? Did you know that after the holidays it’s back to grind  to save for the next scheduled break activities round.

Lifes-a-rollar-coaster-ride People make busy schedules. Which type are you?
When Life is a Roller coast why wonder there the off stop is? Hold on tight and enjoy the experience.

Imagine if there was a way of creating a lifetime of events that included time for working, having family holiday time where the only hard wired schedules were family celebrations, including schooling for the children. Where integrated learning came from having access to the internet, plus a laptop.

Guess you have not yet heard that of all the companies out there  is one private one where you are trained in the creative, co-joined considerations of upskilling, training and internet education.  You have the ability to pack a bag and attend extended timeouts, along with attending Momentum Day’s, workshops, conference, and event, or a retreat.  All with fitting in your time out activities, pre or post the activity.  The reason is simple.  You are there, along with the laptop and internet connection.

These days are filled with your timetable, the meet and greets, the family like atmosphere and all for a fraction of the true costs.

sox-looking-out-for-you-no-2j People make busy schedules. Which type are you?
Sox is Looking out for you too

Why is this so? 

Joining the community of like minded peoples is just the tip of the iceberg.  People who are active, working towards their dream. The education is not only what goes where.  It starts with a video series.  You choose if you will go forward through boot camp.

Do the actions, use the apps and tools, as well as the steps needed and, true to their word, the co-founders even contact you as an application through onto your list comes alive. There you have your funding.

Those forerunners in touch with their dream-

As part of their normal day to day “well what are you waiting for, action this and get going” the community members enjoy catching up. Then there is the multitude of others. people with their own dream. Traveling along their life’s journey.

Does it matter which end of the scheduled fence any of us are on?

The point to be made is the gap between the two comes from

Itstimetowhattellme People make busy schedules. Which type are you?
When the student is ready the teacher is found. DEA Platinum kicked started my “I” find..

within yourself. Shortening the distance between the two perspectives, it’s just a matter of how desperate is the dream!

The depth of that desperation is within the action to measure the activities taken. Each one of us has the choice to choose the choice we make. Enabling the reactions to have a continuance as well as predetermined follow throughs.

What are you waiting for.. this is your invitation

Join now

Busy people need to set their alarm clocks though.  Just to timetable in rest as they  arrive back home ready for the next time away, all get that rest time filled by people who make busy schedules as well.


trial-650x310 People make busy schedules. Which type are you?
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Early on creativity

The time is ripe to help you maximize early on creativity.  In this post Susan Lewis checks you through the “What is YOUR driving force?” question. We all need a little reminding of this to keep blazing forward when things get tough. When you have lost your “Self and for some reason cannot find you’re X, Y or X” reread this post. Early on creativity comes through. Creativity is all about ownership.  That ownership drive is enough to give an motivational booster to get aligned

Early on creativity starts with ownership

The creative process of finding out what the dream was took time, energy, sorting and sifting out.  Then so many questions as pieces of a puzzle began to come through. Oh the embarrassment as the time to do this was passing by.  The underlying knowledge of being the last one through the figurative gate… was palpable.

That is what it felt like as the time to hand in the Dream plan for the next 3 years was to be. My dream and its plan.  The instructions I had were as detailed as I could make it.creativitys-about-ownership-400x316 Early on creativity  And the business consultant got detailed.  A huge series of Google Spreadsheets.  In the process of creating this  dream  there was plenty of creative energy occurring.  Sometimes I think I invented another language as well.

Part of which had these things from the bucket list ……………. within the first three years.  What I wanted to achieve would not fit into a 36-month plan. Instead having heard the comment about a ten-year plan that made more sense.  This way the creative side of me could really have some fun.  Not get stressed out or over-anxious

SixFigureMentorsman Early on creativity Introducing the Six Figure Mentors

if, while learning to use the tools needed to make the graphics  initially took a little time extra.  You see partially because of a truck imploding into the vehicle I was driving and causing brain trauma the middle term memory was altered.  Seems that I still had a short term one. And a long term one.  Just that part between had a sinkhole along with the subsequent traffic delays.

Yet all this was only the smallest part of a new journey within life.  The stepping stones of gathering new skill sets was indeed a foray into what was to be an impressive collections of  an X factors.

Even with all the fun , this early on creativity simply was a very visual way of showing me what was important to me. Also what uniques gifts these had been turned into. The fine tuning really began when i began a course to work out what were my X Y and Z’s.    The creative inquisitive, with it’s uniqueness, was a part of me that survived a truck impact.  As time went ion to recognise and build up a life with so much joyfulness that it still sneaks in, taps on the shoulder and  surprises me is one huge “bliss moment per day. Often through the day.

Impregnated early on creativity comes forward  at the oddest if times.


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