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Unless the photo is from a very reliable online source why present it

Did you know that finding pictures from a very reliable online source may avoid having one pixel tampered with? Do you know that sharing that cute little picture in the post or page you upload may just have damaged your computer? Did you know that these infected few pixels are placed there through all sorts of nefarious

BigIsNotAlwaysbetterStand Unless the photo is from a very reliable online source why present it
Similar to Quality over Quantity. Content may be King. So too is a small selection tailored to the needs of your readers

means ready to strike at any time?

Imagine just to have one place where you can go to avoid these possibilities. Where ‘your reputation’ will remain complete. The pictures are there, and all the owners ask is for you to have the courtesy of acknowledging the photographers. Best yet is where these are complementary usage.

Ever need some photo’s so you zipp into the net and pick a few.

Terrific to place within the apps and tools that you use for all those school projects, science experiments.  There are  over 4,116 pictures and videos on file here.

One of the terrific things about the site is that there is a color coordinator attached to the photos. Just choose the color tone of the picture. The photos put forward not come within those tones. With the blues and oranges of the Susan Lewis Marketing site, this little colour gradient selector has really helped with the graphics being pleasing to the eye instead of a strange conglomeration of out of sync warm or cool tone mixes. Darks, lights, pastels or electric colors thrown in to suit.

Second step is part of the first.

While your off choosing, that of the initial chosen high definition photos  within that color within that color range, you more than likely are filling the album up with your choices. This is simple and quick to achieve as the holding capacity is not very large. Just either remove those not in the chosen few or download those selected ones.

headsofwheatcsiro Unless the photo is from a very reliable online source why present it
Heads of Wheat courtesy of CSIRO

Keeping in mind the post you are writing about, or the project’s objective, now go back to the album and further weed down the selection.

Once there is that three photos focused collection, download into a prepared folder on the computer.Remove from the album on the site.

Nearly a professional finish completed

And now you are ready to place the photos into a professional looking finish, just like these

pictures here. Will you make them into e-books, gifs, cards, promotional slip-ins into a PDF? Just a few suggestions of which the skills are pretty basic with these tools. The complexity of operation falls into a couple of hit this button here. Upload now, press this and do you want text with that? Finalize. And the download to the computer occurs.

And there you have ‘it’ -CSIRO – a very reliable online source.

Science Images from the CSIRO of Australia and the great looking effects of the  very

divercatchingarockcrabcsiro Unless the photo is from a very reliable online source why present it
In the warm waters around Australia “something’s lunch” comes cruising buy.

reliable online GraphixCreator.

  No damage to the computer. You’re not sharing bugs and bits.  Better yet. The only thing that may be tampered with is the outstanding professional presentation of your hard work may lead to other things happening. You never actually know where your journey will go.

Plus these have come from a very reliable little known online source. Complete with professional names within their field of expertise.

Keep on with creating all those Graphix you want to have with another that’s a very reliable online source. Find out how right here.  The have even better fun sharing these with your colleges, clients, friends and family members.

Cheers for now.

SusaLewissusanlewismaretingdotcom-200x166 Unless the photo is from a very reliable online source why present it
Susan Lewis uses the Digital Business Lounges GraphixCreator App for a professional finish to Susan Lewis Marketings pictures





Experience A Greater Amount Of “Happy” within Your Life Expectancy

Did you know that those who experience a greater amount of “Happy” within their life, create and move in circles of influence, where there is less sadness and stress to shorten their life expectancy? Did you know that many of the countries around the world have to experience a greater amount of assistance needed by the over fifties?  Did you know that many of the pre- Baby Boomers are still looking for work?

Imagine what would happen if:

People could enjoy being free and know there were more like them that experience a greater amount of “Happy” within.  Enough to give their time, experiences and the skills and knowledge, in a way that their self-esteem and their bank balance grew together as a

Patricia-from-PopCorn4U Experience A Greater Amount Of "Happy" within Your  Life Expectancy
For this near Octavian gaining work is what she holds a value. That would bring A Greater Amount Of Happy within her Life.

Reflection of their social worth.  No matter what their age.

Knowing, and then actioning, the ‘Close the Loops’ cycle is important. Like many in their mid-fifties, there are many things to do. Along with many things yet not done. After Norway, Australia is the next best country to live in according to DotIn.

What is there to look forward too

One of the saddest things I keep hearing is people near my age group longing to go on a pension.  They believe then they will have the time to travel.  See this beautiful country. Go abroad … within the confines of the Australian Government’s overseas travel allotment for aged or disability pensioners.

With average Australian life expectancy being seventy-nine years and nine months ‘young’ what are people going to be doing with their vibrancy, time, energy and mental health? Since children have moved all around the continent, the family unit has changed dramatically. Looking after the grandchildren as their middle ages children need a place to help raise the young in aged youth now becomes a travelling timetabled nightmare.

There is one big thing that is radically different with the younger set. According to the Australian Census [Feburay  2011 cenus], The average Australian is a 37-year-old mother living in the suburbs, educated and yet working as sales assistances. Plus….there are more woman than men!  Some may say that that in itself could cause more than half the population to experience a greater amount of ‘Happy” within their situation.  Until  the practical side of things are noticed. And cracks begin to appear without balance within society once again.

You might start to think that others too could share as these are worked within another part of life’s journey. All possible with belief and follow through actions.  Just taste and feel the freedom within the space around you.  Where many people will have you believe this is the end part of the life… why not just take one big step back and move aside.  Within that attitude,  the room is crowded.

The fear of the unknown lower as familiarity steps in.

No, not boredom.  familiarity.  One place after another to explore.  Rather than race next

Elixia-Blues-touring-vrehicle-jpeg Experience A Greater Amount Of "Happy" within Your  Life Expectancy
A friend wants to travel Australia and sing on the circuits. This would go a long way to her Greater Amount Of Happy within her achievable goals.

door and ask for a cup sugar just to catch up on the gossip why not be needing to escape the rat race into the accepted old age!  Age is an old furfie anyway.  Never before have there been so many people within the upper echelons of the Australian population.  The travel around Australia as a grey-nomad is not a strange idea.  All you have to do is spend the life’s savings on a new 4×4 and a decent caravan and away you go.

There is a probable loophole this scenario, though.  As the bank balance gets affected, the stress levels go up. The health goes down with the travelling slowing to zilch.

Why then are people choosing not to be different?  

Is it complacency.   Is this what the wars were about. The Vietnam war? The Hippie error.  Have the top less than one percent who manipulate, and then take advantage of the spoils, who own the world finally won? Or have the human race just got complacent?

I do not think so.  Would that be why the Six Figure Mentors Community is a Private Community.  Should you wish to have a good look within, consider this your personal invitation.  With due diligence

>Action this Invitation ! <

I will not guarantee you will experience a greater amount of “Happy” within this private community.  However, I  know that there are so many people from all over the world within the Six Figure Mentor Community who have become friends online.  Some are visiting where I live soon.  Others are looking forward to ‘Crossing the pond” next year and spending time here.   This type of travel arrangement is reciprocal. And that to me leans to a positive experience. A greater amount of “Happy” within my own life.


SusaLewissusanlewismaretingdotcom-200x166 Experience A Greater Amount Of "Happy" within Your  Life Expectancy
Since my choice is to Experience A Greater Amount Of Happy within my Life Expectancy I know what I want. So I kmow what my aims are.






Verification to be moving forward with a lot more confidence

Did you know that before Pinterest hit the scenes the internet was basically a logical thinking place – largely male dominated?  Did you know that huge numbers of females found they quickly had offers of a work at home nature where they naturally had the social sharing skills required that males had lesser capabilities of?  Did you know that even today females are still targeted for these low income, labour intense situations?

Imagine if there was another wave of discovered inventiveness about to sweep the globe?  Would there be enough people with the skills, talents and get up and action drive within them to take advantage of this new wave coming?

Would you be moving forward with a lot more confidence too?

Learning from the right people, moving forward with a lot more confidence, less fear and a

BigIsNotAlwaysbetterStand Verification to be moving forward with a lot more confidence
Similar to Quality over Quantity. Content may be King. However the Queen rules the show through and Contact and Communication.

tonne of ‘quiet’ support? Most people, working their way through the steps of affiliate marketing, could only dream of this a challenge. A bliss.  A headache and oh so very worthwhile.  Every step a learning curve. At the outset, knowing that the job is visualized … processed, completed and done.

A new wave had hit the internet.

Look at Pinterest.  Aimed at visual learning.   In what appeared to be male dominant

thinking world, the long denied ‘understanding’ of the internet challenges, suddenly  females, were flooding onto that platform. Visuals were the thing females instinctively understood. Today the end result is what is seen.  The cake with the smile, the bridal dress with the shoes, the hall and its decorations.  Okay, maybe the husband-to-be would be a little vague, or just wishful thinking at times!

The end result was visualised.  From that step all the stepping stones would be worked out. Then the work would then start from the bottom.  Cupboard searched for ingredients, shopping lists made.  Kitchen tidied and cake making begins.

Not realising just how deep this ability was Pinterest caused a major Tsunami in the online world. Offline would soon reap the benefits. Marketing had now forever changed. And there were side effects.

Was it all worth it for the multi-faceted users?

Pinterest, as an online reference library is worth its weight in gold.  Soon major events with present swapping  as an inclusion ended up with the recipients creating a wish list.

School projects were researched as it was easy to “see” something that interested rather than garnish the information via test titles.

Years worth of works and pictures to scroll through.  Pictures between school projects, classrooms around the world were linking together.  Understanding of cultures, emergencies, celebrations, puzzles, answers and wonders of life were renews every moment on screen.

And a new type of Marketing emerged complete with ….

Digital-Learning-a Verification to be moving forward with a lot more confidence

Would micro-learning of regular self-paced skills updates cause you to be moving forward with a lot more confidence?

Business hired Pinterest knowledgeable females just to post and comment. Slowly marketers realised the affiliate marketing potentials.  Five years later there still is a wide gulf between online micro-learning self-paced and off-line marketing, home based reading that combines some more school-based class time.

Now if you were the someone with one type of expertise who just happened to know someone else to team up with the other expertise… things really started to happen.

People were looking to others for leadership

Often times the difference would be so small between those who did the work and those who were effectively managers instead of leaders. Yet, had major impacts financially as people realised the power of systems and the advantages those in first had.

That stated it has taken many people, much time to garnish these little hints, actions, processes and upskilling  time. Should you have been in the situation of not having the money  for upfront course fees then if you could last the distance your job was to drive the traffic through someone else’s funnel.    Yes, you may have won one thing.

However, the traffic had to fill out an email address.  Therefore, the other business gained followers on their e-mailing list with which the back office was emailing new offers.  Guess who made the financial gain.  The people who had all the tools.  And the technicians who understood how to create, make and realign the programs involved.

susanlewiswiththestars-200x200 Verification to be moving forward with a lot more confidence
Welcome . Having fun in what you are doing is a priceless assett

In those early days of big glossy boards with lots of visuals being created those who received the groups verification were enabled to be moving forward with a lot more confidence





Apps and tools to assist “a stepping stone you create”.

Two ideas a concept make.

 Two concepts and a stepping stone you create.

Formulate and join a few stepping stones in line.

That forward step you now just have to take.

One step, two steps.

Three steps more.  

Right across the lake to the shore.  

Now it’s time to wash, repeat and do this once more.

What is written here are three parts of a whole 

With one dream, many an achievable goal.

In a way that lessens the toll.

written by Susan Lewis.


To err is human.

I started off blogging 20 years ago. Then slowly added Social Media into the mix from 2007. The date now is August 2015.

How things have changed. Machinery, technology, people’s attitudes to the world, in general, their life expectations and even the makeup of the family unit.

Breaking news last month was a computerized machine had gone haywire. The consequence being a human had died.

Going backwards, so as to move forwards

Schedule the plans to suit the time management. Gather the skills, apps and tools needed

look4soultionsheresusanlewismarketingdotnet Apps and tools to assist "a stepping stone you create".
Look for solutions RIGHT here

to affiliate market any product, in any place. Couple these with having created the pathway to you own dream. The strategies and objectives are like stepping stones leading you through your digital journey.

Now why the comment about “to err is human”. A common mistake when learning something is that what is under your nose you will overlook. This simple thing is what held me back. Plus the tendency to make something harder than it actually is. There is lies my own challenge of the OCD part of the Autism spectrum.

As of last night, so many things have finally fallen into place. Basic tools of an affiliate marketer are the ability to utilize the platform you are on. For me, it is the content of blogging. For others advertising. And still others social media.

Like many people on the Autism Spectrum, there is no use pushing us to change. To let the skills get updated, added then to the desire of increasing levels of skills levels things will actually begin to move forward. Again at their own speed.

One neurotypical thought pattern.

Recently heard at a coffee shop was was a manager state that “oh we always employ IT technicians with Autism. They work like the dog, get it just right, spend hours doing this, then go away and have their mini-meltdown. Come back to work the next day and start all

TheMeltDownAngelsBook Apps and tools to assist "a stepping stone you create".
Someone should write a book titled “The Meltdown Angels Book” complete with clipped wings. Because that is what it feels like within a meltdown.. Trapped.

over again.

We love that as….” Yeah right!

From experience, it’s actually the other way around. One could write a book about them. Meltdowns are like a dream time recuperation time.  The storm before the calm. The calm is the balance factor.  The pivot of what comes next.  The highly creative time.  A time where musicians write their songs, Writers write their best pieces.  Painters  paint what is within.  So many creatives falling back onto skills they knew before the meltdown.

The frustration come in when there is chopping and changing from one online program into another.   The use this tool under that URL.  And the other tools for the next step on these platforms.  I love the fact that when I write something using one set of digital marketing apps and tools they are all there.  Found under just one roof.  The roof is called The Digital Business Lounge.

Like Lego blocks, this piece is connected to that piece.  And all these pieces a scene is set. The campaign is made.  Now just to action what has been created.  Knowing that the tracking is in place.


Actually as a point of note: Did you know that "the first Google Computer at 
Stanford was Housed in custom-made enclosures constructed from Lego Bricks"? Check
resource link below

Upkeeping and keeping current

This is where ongoing education and training comes into play. Where the combination of the additional course work and levels may just fill in the gaps. It has been up to me to find the spaces within my own skills, the sinkholes of the education levels and place myself within the awesome training things being provided initially through a BootCamp.

That stated, as an Autistic finding what causes your own meltdowns is your responsibility. A word of warning: when you go into the Bootcamp – it is the BootCamp that you concentrate on. Your focus is stepping out into the world beyond where these apps and tools are there for your use.


Santaandsurfboardoutoflego Apps and tools to assist "a stepping stone you create".
Sydney 2014 Lego Santa. Photo taken at Midnight Sydney Central

Through that then these other things will slowly become clearer. Do not rush the pushing of yourself to get through. Okay, the opposite is true as well. Just gliding along will not get you anywhere as well. In fact, coasting along as an Autistic will get you into overwhelming just the same as pushing yourself to do something so unfamiliar it will freak you out.

Now if you are ready to accept the challenge of challenging yourself to take the step forward this is the invitation for you.




The Digital Business Lounge is a vital business arm.

I would go as far as to say the powerhouse that is often overlooked by many within the Six Figure Mentors.

Itstimetowhattellme Apps and tools to assist "a stepping stone you create".
When the student is ready the teacher is found. DEA Platinum kicked started my “I” find..

Learning to use each of these tools gave me a visual guidance system.  I could see where I was and how I got there made sense A one stepping stone at a time effect that efficiently and effectively removed so many of the hassles.

With the Marketing, This was something tangible that I could and have honestly shared with you.

You know that as right now as you are still here.  Reading this post.  Possibly wondering why you should push this link

The simple answer is the link will take you into the Digital Business Lounges visitors area.  Check out the Apps and Tools there.   Better yet place your best email there and be kept up to date.  Thereby removing any pressure that you may think is here.

The internet has changed from the wild, wild west experience many people have experienced  since its release to the public in 1985. Fourteen years ago when I first started until last year I searched for a way to truthfully show people a way to stay current, to upskill while having on the job training, and the use of marketing tools.  This is what I found.

susanlewiswiththestars-200x200 Apps and tools to assist "a stepping stone you create".
Welcome . Having fun in what you are doing is a priceless assett

Like in the roughly written poem above just “Two ideas a concept make.  Two concepts and a stepping stone you create.”   Find out how right here.

Cheers for now.



Back to the top   Apps and tools to assist “a stepping stone you create”.



Moving Forward With A Pinterest Verification

As an affiliate marketer, having the Pinterest account verified sure makes hours of input well worth it.

big-tick Moving Forward With A Pinterest Verification
Being Pinterest Verified is a TICK in the right direction!

Love the Verification of the @cve4mejournal Pinterest Account.

Wippee!!!! the Pinterest site is now associated within this site. Even better than seeing the proof of verification was the recognition of a lack of fear.

Moving forward as another one of the goal setting strategies were now being ticked off my long list of things to achieve.   Besides I  LOVED seeing a red checked ticked off confirming that this Susan Lewis Marketing website is verified.


After placing a few social contact sites on the bottom of a post the realisation was that the Pinterest one was taking people to the site yes. The webpage URL needed changing. So into the change area went I.

Oh boy!

Now that process involved verification. Googling the question just meant I came up with technical know how and that left me confused.

So much data is out there on the web these days. A fair percentage is jargon filed and could

Bright-idea-on-handheld Moving Forward With A Pinterest Verification
Bright Ideas soar high.

be so far out of date the translations between what is needed to know and the confusion caused leaves me wondering where to get the information. Yes, the HTML may be the language of computers. However, the knowing the html as language has a potential is only now just starting to sink in.

A week ago I was finding out [via YouTube] what the parts of the webpage were. There was the Header area and then body area. The #body was #content and the content was divided into #nav and #main. So that would have eliminated a huge area to search through. Thing is it was even easier than this when the time came.

This is what happened

and why I was so grateful to the a YouTube video that just showed you what to do.  The presenter spoke clearly and slowly. 

Next step was to copy and paste the Meta Tag that was supplied by Pinterest. The instructions involved going into the WordPress site and finding the head [ or the equivalent]. This step meant that I had to edit something or other. Simply find the head and place the meta code somewhere there. Somewhere between the beginning and the end of the header Seemed simple enough. Just where was the head located? Would I place it somewhere that would totally muck up the WordPress site again?

One sigh and a deep breath later. The thought was… Susan with your High Functioning Autism you are a visual learner. With a touch of  Obsessive  Compulsive Disorder[ aka  OCD] just for good measure  the  web side of things …. well they either have to be ‘right’ or I will leave them alone. Which I must admit has left a lot of unfinished business on-line.  Thing is, the web is not much different to home. When something is to be done… do it right.

Advances in the search process!

So onto YouTube search engine and check things out simply. The course work that I had been doing nine months ago had shown me about the buyers cycle. The questions you ask the search engines reflecting where you are on the buyers cycle. The first question was a bit loose and all sorts of answers came up. Thought about it again and this “How to add Pinterest verification code to a WordPress header” then tried again with ” add Pinterest verification code to a WordPress header”. Rather than asking a general question the one asked became more specific.Much closer to actually finding the answer I was searching for.

Up came the following URL How to verify your Blog with a Meta tag from Pinterest for Business and step by step [ and a few times pushing the stop/go button ] did the verification of the Blog with a Meta tag from Pinterest for Business get sorted out.

Reading the description for the video I realised that what Mel stated was true.

  • “If you are using a Blog you may have found that it hasn’t got either a Pinterest Site Verification field nor a Website Verification Services header in the tools area so the Meta Tag has to be added to your Themes header. php file. or in your Themes settings where it allows you to add scripts in the header”.

The fact is that I was not in the wrong… there just was not the thing I was looking for.

The only thing was that the video was created in 2013. WordPress has updated the themes. Therefore, one or two placements were a little off kilter. These were  sorted out.

From that moment  –> forward things went!

Verified within 5 minutes from start to finish while the video was playing. Yessss this felt good.

The site has now been verified … and I actually recognise what the html meta tag is – to look at anyway.

Yes! progress has been made on those two fronts… Now you may be asking yourself why I amn sharing this with you.  Before I started through the BootCamp I had had the Pinterest account for over three years.  Had not known much about Verification… other than it usually involved money!  Therefore having purchased a domain name and hosting it the identity verification had already been made.  I just had not clicked until I filled in the site name associated.  Believe me, that is a terrific feeling.  One that is shareable to those that want to find out what to do.


susanlewiswiththestars-200x200 Moving Forward With A Pinterest Verification
Welcome . Having fun in what you are doing is a priceless assett

P.S.  Yes when I look back I started with the Six Figure Mentors I had been functioning on survival automation mode for years. Not having to think meant no new challenges either.  I’m rather enjoying these challenges.  Just one challenge at a time and there is a very low overwhelm occurrence.  Comparatively very few meltdowns.




Make This Mentors Program Work For You

Make This Mentors Program Work For You – Feel free enough to Make This Mentors Program Work For You. Free be bold. To achieve. It’s awesome.  More than know…. BELIEVE this mentoring program works for you.

The secret is to believe, really believe, your actions make this mentors program work for you! Revealed in this post Susan Lewis goes from letting you see one stubborn fear of change that Susan let have hold of her mindset.  Thus making it a comfortable ‘comfort zone’ to vege out in and just procrastinate.

Relate this to “A foundation of a refurbish building  looked okay so was overlooked. That foundation mindset needed replacing. Susan has now experienced just how liberating stepping into am actively new ready built zone.  Looking back our minds know it’s time to change.  At that point the open mind has already built the new foundation.  One made up of all the new changes that life has already resolved.  Mindset changes work on the foundations your life is set on.  Life’s foundations change.  Change in one alters the recipe for others.

Cooks who alter the foundation ingredients know the outcome to be an experiment. New cooks may pull wild card creations.  Will people eat the cake? Everything is new. Wonderfully laying creative foundational knowledge for later in life. Outcomes: Trepidation of the finished cake. Heartfelt comments about the kitchen mess.  The comments taken onboard hurting.  Where as experienced cooks believe that cake has been eaten.  Enjoyed.  Talked about.  Outcomes: Homeward bound. A clean kitchen. Satisfied customers.

Life experiences are all a matter of mindset.  Go ahead. Read the rest of this post with the belief you are ready to make this mentors program work for you!

Feeling free of the hold that other people have over you is something to be bold about achieving.  An awesome feeling that once achieved people know their procrastination methods have gone. Just plan gone.  Replaced instead by a knowing feeling or reality. That’s when you know it’s time NOW to find a mentoring program.  Then make this mentors program work for you.

Wondering how  to “Make This education, training and Mentoring Program Work For You too?” So was I.

Itstimetowhattellme Make This Mentors Program Work For You
When the student is ready the teacher is found. DEA Platinum kicked started my “I” find..

Though to begin with any mentoring program takes belief. By knowing that developing new empowering patterns takes time, is challenging and people change.

What is needed to make this mentors program work for you?

Just by knowing everything required to know about what exactly does the program involve mucks up the universal energy coming into your life.

Disbelievers think that a positive response is acceptable for others… not their friends.  Muster the energy  to get over this description of  ‘Load of Polly Waffle’.  What is needed is a sense of fun, adventure and just sheer guts to jump out of a comfort zone and into the as yet ‘your’ unknown.

What is needed is a sense of fun, adventure and just sheer guts to jump out of a comfort zone and into the as yet ‘your’ unknown. Plug into an existing system and really connect with people on a different level.

Stay tuned. Read a little further along and some explanations are there.  Take the

initiative to make your own decisions on what microlearning updates you need to use within your social media skills. Make  this mentors program work for you as from the elite level transforming specific skills begin in earnest.  Different skills on different educational, training and mentoring levels for different levels of people’s interest and need.

Now to do this could involve great lengthy explanations as you talk back and forth.

Worth checking out  when you  get to visit

>Get Actionable Steps<

Trust that the resources  going into your email box will show you a different way of thinking.  One people do not hear often.  It’s not hard.

Place your best email address within the boxes.

Remember that to see any emails coming back to you to check and make as a contact  the email that confirms the “double opt-in” click. Go through the other folders just to check that the filing bots have not misdirected these emails along with other important information.

What happens next is a series of resources will be sent to you. First off resources such as a report, videos welcome and thank you emails will be sent out to you.

look4soultionsheresusanlewismarketingdotnet Make This Mentors Program Work For You
Look for solutions RIGHT here

The videos are hosted by Jay and Stuart, the co-founders themselves. These two look for solutions yet have a really great sense of adventure. They have already been there and  done so much. Like Jay has ridden an elephant in a game of hockey. Just be prepared to let them show you a different side of life.  One most people have not even attempted to dream of.

The videos explain about marketing in general.

Using their own business as an example of Affiliate Marketing makes  sense.  Would you do the same.  I certainly hope so.

Two things may happen now. A resounding YES. Or a not ready yet. Remember to use your

Bootcaponphone Make This Mentors Program Work For You
Knowledge is like finding a a few gold nuggets. Knowing what to do with that knowledge though is akin to finding the motherload of gold!

right to action your choice.

A ‘yes’ takes you through to a set of crash course of modules.  Having learned so much from this myself sharing the modules resource is a no brainer.

A “no” means two things.  You will be on the subscription list until you elect not to be and manually unsubscribe.  Thank you for that action.  Actually, it is a positive action for all concerned.

Next Step is to let this  Mentors Program Work For You

The second part of the “Not yet action” is the emails sent to you.  Would you

  • Spend the time to read the information.
  • Click through on what looks interesting
  • Share these through the social media outlets you are connected with, please.

Whatever your choice the choice to choose is chosen.  Simply because you have made it.

At least you now know a little bit more of what is install for you. To Make This  Mentoring Program Work For You you need to action these steps, then wash, rinse and repeat actions that are shown to you.

The mentoring program is just a small part of what is behind the invitation. The community helps support your choice not to walk in someone else’s shadow.  And the circle of influence  within your life subtly changes.  Your belief in what you may now achieve with your own conscious creation choices helps create in you the inner belief of a new person.
Just in case you missed it the link to find out what DEA is about

The > For Access Press <.



susanlewiswiththestars-200x200 Make This Mentors Program Work For You
Welcome . Having fun in what you are doing is a priceless assett

Read about Susan Lewis here


Read from the top : Make This Mentors Program Work For You.

DEAtrainingapowerfulwirlwindeffect-59x100 Make This Mentors Program Work For You

From Scratch With Upskill Training Start Your Online Business

After fifteen years on the Internet, there were many things learned.  Then life changed and starting from scratch happened again.  Now having access to the tools, training, resources and community to help you fast track your success and build a profitable business from scratch became possible.

 Thankfully life changed again.

260x120_4 From Scratch With Upskill Training Start Your Online Business

With the Six Figure Mentors Bootcamp training, becoming an affiliate while reaching out for a financial and geographical freedom has been a steady up hill and down dale road to journey upon.  Sometimes wondering if the map was the right one, and the compass was working there have been so many changes.

Sometimes I rally begin to wonder what challenge is just hiding around the corner. Then I remember “Energy Flows where the attention Goes” That was from Jay Kubassek, a co-founder of The Six Figure Mentors and a leading light of this private invitation only community.


 Today was one of ‘those’ days.

It was not as bad as  I thought it would be at one frightful stage.  Yes, the computer had a meltdown with the voice and sounds being played.

Yes!  Today was all planned out, and that plan did not go according to plan!The-moon-b From Scratch With Upskill Training Start Your Online Business

Knowing that the 90-day challenge is meant to be a video per day all I can say is: So sorry folks that video was one from a few days ago that was not released yet.

This morning when everything crashed here I was just listening to someone’s video where they had had a ‘hat trick’. And just after they spoke about the difference between ‘belief ‘mode and a ‘know’ mode I knew what it was like to suddenly have no sound coming in.

As a continuance, the next few hours brought forward a friend who assisted in the time of need. The lesson of the day. Crash and think all things are possible …cause they are. Know it is time to take a deep breath. Remember your dream. Face that goal and know, just know, that is what you are going to have. Feel it as it is as real as you feel.

Dream a dream, know it’s going to happen cause you actioned it.

Last year at friends I spoke about one subset of an overall dream that got them thinking. They altered the way they spent, thought and lived. This year the money they saved has gone into replacing things. However, their dream is once again on track.That was the man who came and fixed my computer.

SLMlifeintheclouds From Scratch With Upskill Training Start Your Online Business
That’s when I realized that for me my creativity could be taken with me. Taking photos, talking to people then using the GraphixCreator to create images. One thing less on the bucket list to do.

Another person looked at what they had brought a PopCorn machine, and all sort of extras.  This I help out with.  The basic popcorn is healthy to eat. Lots of fibre, no sugar. There was something missing though.  What people needed was healthy food.   What people wanted was a treat.

What I wanted was my friend to realise he needed to get going with life.  However what I needed was to talk and engage with other people.  To touch base every weekend.  What I am saying here is that we both realised there was something the other person needed  and then set about organising the possibility for them to feel comfortable with the timing.  It worked.

Taking the laptop I can write the blog  posts on the journey. Create the Graphix while within the trailer as well.  Yeah and catch up on the recording of the stock within as well.

As for the customers…

Now the sweets that get added to the packets are an optional extra.  Yes, there are general ones. There are also gluten-free ones, Diabetic, Sours, sweets, straps, licorice, chocolates, hard ones, soft ones, marshmallows and all sorts.

The thing is to get creative and enliven the public’s imagination.  Time is spent on the day creating marshmallow flowers, toadstools and gardens, sea scenes. Animal scenes.  Random jungle animals or whatever the sweat of the day theme is.  To tell the truth boredom was setting in and I wanted to get creative one day.  Packaged as “Smile Packs”.

Interested in reading about how to share a smile? Then dare to be different  and  Smile as you Click Here

Now what is happening

From here, with a little bit of bartering has come a jumping castle.  Little steps for some  and ginormous jumps for others.  Either way each person celebrates their own way through mindset challenges.

Meanwhile, you’re reading this post.  And that I am loving.  Thank you

susanlewiswiththestars-200x200 From Scratch With Upskill Training Start Your Online Business
Welcome . Having fun in what you are doing is a priceless asset


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Create Something Extraordinary With Six Figure Mentors

Training, education, knowledge, and skills place are 4 keys to the  community behind all the connectivity actions with the Digital Business Lounge users[DBL] , the Digital Experts Academy [DEA]  and the Six Figure Mentors [SFM].


To be told to “Create something extraordinary with the 6 Figure Mentors 90 day challenge is the same as “God” saying “Go forth and Multiply”.  Yet when I think about how the combination of the  the diversity of people now within the DBL, DEA and the SFM  just boggles the mind as to what may be coming forward within these 90 days [ till the 29th December 2014]

Rational is in the meanings of the words.  Check the words out for yourself.
Create: A verb: Develop in mind or physically
Something: Noun and pronoun: an unspecified thing.
Extraordinary: Adjective: Strange and wonderful

Now here is an open question : does this video [when I find it that is] fit the meaning of the instructions?

In the beginning the social value and self-worth come from with you. They are part of you. Your own acceptance that you have skills, knowledge and maybe part of the answers from which others can learn from. It is at this point the methods that you then utilize and create a ” push / pull’ effect, driving the traffic towards what you are saying the increase in the self worth and social value is exponential. Now to harness theses and other factors is your choice. It involves setting the basics enabling you to appear to make effortless decisions on the run, to appear that you know what you are doing – flawlessly.

The choice is simple…

A) do what I did and that was alone and by myself. Never getting the understanding to receive all the answer. Always having to spend hours just doing one thing [ research what was meant]

B) join with me as part of an online holacrastic [flatline] management team where we all gain what we set out to do through the support of helping each other. After all the community that is behind these names is creating something extraordinary.  People who have previously misunderstood the whole vision  for a myriad of reasons can now purchase part of this wonderful opportunity.  I am telling you this as many larger business have not past the invitation scrutiny the back office places on the applicants invited.







Susan Lewis Marketing Logo Created

Susan Lewis Marketing Logo Created – Introducing Susan Lewis Marketing Logo  Created In House.

Beautifully created for a first time user was one Susan Lewis Marketing Logo. Every business needs a logo.  Best yet is when that solo entrepreneur is learning the ropes and gets busy experimenting with the integrated tool sets available.

Voila One Logo Created took time, patience and a few “Oh no! Not again” moments.

But then again someone once told Susan Lewis that the internet was only for intelligent people and therefore it would not last long amongst the common users.  Okay, that got rid of the those that only fitted into the boring High I Q tested range.

Just to follow on from that thought time my question today would be what about those of the rest of the population who have a large amount of common everyday how to and where from knowledge. Those people who may or may not be academic.  The shy ones or the people who really just want to be left alone within their own world… baking cakes, singing to their family, cuddling and looking after the children as they grow.

The ones who have maybe a half an hour in the morning and a few hours after everyone is all asleep?  They sit there with their mobile or landline handset and communicate with friends. Share quotes and wonder if they too could make a small collection.  Things that they calmly place in a Christmas card or view under a share button… without way to much time expense involved.  Or something that will save time management space within a hectic timetable.

And therein lies this little gem.

The logo brought to you by Susan Lewis Marketing. Logo Created With GraphixCreator

cropped-Screenshot_13-200x200 Susan Lewis Marketing Logo Created

A basic and simple logo where there are no hard and fast lines to walk down.  Hence the slight ‘bleeding’ of some of the colors.  Predominantly the reds and the purples.  A creative has look into how to accept a mistake that actually turning into something you start to see represents what it is you are doing online.

susanlewiswiththestars-e1478479631293-200x200 Susan Lewis Marketing Logo Created
Welcome . Having fun in what you are doing is a priceless asset

My Statement is that “helping people who are LOST to discover a digital lifestyle – instead of looking for a JOB.”  And sometimes the only way of expressing may be through visuals.  You see and express through the eyes as they are the pathway through to your heart.

Yet there are many families whose combined creative talents are lost in the unemployment ques. Ask yourself what would it take to gather all these born with gifts together and create a video blog. Someone with a lean to graphix, another person with a thing for saying just the right thing to get the message across. Someone else with makeup and clothing sense. A couple of cameras on the mobiles. The basis of many talents coming together to video everyday life with a twist and a squeeze of humor.

Also remembering a car big enough to fit everyone. Oh and someone to make the sandwiches. And a video editor. Many of these skills are just everyday ones that in themselves are ‘nothing much’ But pulled together these skills for the base work of vblogs. The nucleus of the family based business community network is there right in front of everyone’s eyes. Get known in the community you are in. Ask people to view and make comments on this weeks best Vblog.

Expand out from there. Party invitations, behaviour think tanks, The cooks rules are…. getting ready for 1st day at school all things that for a couple of dollars people love to treasure. Your tie is worth their money. The simple reason is… how many times do people do something and half way through have to wipe a nose, chase the cat away, hold the child…. and the camera is forgotten about til after.

Digital is all around us.  Ask someone for a pen and paper and watch the blank looks.  There in their presence is a digital appliance. GraphixCreator is a simple step process ready and waiting for the creative juices to be stirred.

Enjoy the use of your creative time. Below is a doorway through to the family based business resources that come in the form of marketing videos. Really handy when explaining a simple business plan up front to a group of friends and family members with skills and talents just waiting to be utilised and expanded.

tapforresources-200x101 Susan Lewis Marketing Logo Created
Tap for resources

Tap the phone. Add the emails. Enjoy the adventure.

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Free Creative Time With Graphix Creator

Challenged with finding the free creative time with GraphixCreator?

As you may have read most of my ‘free’ creative time was spent seeing if the GraphixCreator would connect with the YourTubePlayer.  Two things are having trouble.  Firstly something went haywire with the magnifications and secondly once that was sorted out could I encourage the video to play after fiddling with things.  Well, today I am having another go with what was already had.  Think I came up with a possible solution to one and then will work on the other.  Here goes.
One computer picture.

Smile-As-You-Reach-For-The-Moon-400x80 Free Creative Time With Graphix Creator

Next the moon and the stars.

MMMM forgot to play the ‘thing’…. will come back to this later.  Live and learn and keep doing both….. or the frustration of not working within the restrictions and limitations could sink you.  The thing is looking how far things could merge that I never even knew about.  Even the fact that having figured out what part of the HTML was needing to be altered then doing just that is a major leap forward for myself.  Once I just started, I began to realise that one thing blocking me going up the slippery slope was a fear of the computer.  In my head, I still see the very first computer in a home.  Black screen and green line font blinking at me down a friend’s hallway.  That was in 1993.   A few weeks after another friend took me to a Pentecostal church.  One man got up and waved a piece of Bankcard sized cardboard around yelling ” Purgatory”… the way the there is this.  Many he is right.  There were just so something that was forgotten to be spoken about.  Forty-years later her I am overcoming in tiny increments that fear.More so with High Functioning Autistics apparently – the mind grabs hold of stray sentences like a life line and hangs into the with dear life.  Dislodging the life buoy from the hands once safety is reached is a tedious progress as the HFA needs to be one hundred and ninety-nine percent over sure the “IT”  – whatever that trigger point was- will not affect them the same way.

Free the creative flow
Spent the night working something out as I slept apparently. Now lets see what happens to the outcome when I slide in a sub-step.

Okay, I feel better than great. Now is nor quit the time to complete the other two. Taking this dog for a walk will wait a while  [ its still dark out there.

What a terrific day before me. …………..There are a few videos that I want to update so while I wait for assistance the maintenance of the post and the plastering my incremental achievements all over the web instead.

Those hours yesterday. The pondering for weeks with what ifs and maybe if I do that’s has just paid off in other ways.

P.S.  Just wondering.  Yesterday I was writing a post on data overloads within the internet. This post included the word and base description of an interface,  Which the YourTubePlayer requires to be enabling the YouTube hosted video to show through….. that is to work with.

I am now wondering if a picture from the GraphixCreator – and any other system as I used another today] is considered data?  I am thinking that since a video is made of so many ‘pictures in rapid session flicking past” then a picture is not seen through… Thus the two will not work successfully at this present moment in time.  Wallpapers, though -are they a different form of a picture.  Not sure how or why.

susanlewiswiththestars-200x200 Free Creative Time With Graphix Creator
Welcome . Having fun in what you are doing is a priceless assett

Think I will send a request into the Feedback section of the Digital Business Lounge and request wallpapers or such to be added as well.

Will keep you informed .  Especially as you start to follow as I am…