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Knowing you already know the answer how …what next?

In the middle of the night knowing you already know the answer, that the answer lies at the edge of your consciousness is not fun.  In fact this situation very annoying.

How then to deal with knowing you already know?

Susanlewis10 Knowing you already know the answer how ...what next?In this quick read post Susan Lewis  makes it clear how to remove much of the “frustration” out to the searches cycle.  The fact that for many people the book of emoticons, symbols and codes has yet to be created so that nothing within will ever change.  Just by adding an ‘s’ for security  indication preferred by Google then everyone whose ever tracked their URL  has old urls out if date and practically useless to them.

Given the magnitude of removing the ‘s’  and those end results still pending  a person who wants top know very specific land, plant or animal information wants the information fast.

Knowing you already know the answer how …what next?  Take the action and start looking.

Obviously there was a time of encyclopedias.  A family brought this hard cover set of books. Beautiful bound, golden coloured around the page edges.  One book at a time.  By the end of the set sitting there, dusty and forgotten about much of the knowledge within was surpast.

With the wifi devise in the hand today all it takes is a thought, a little action and voila.  Choose the information that best suits your need.

Knowing you now how all it takes are a few taps of the keypad and up comes answers from Google, Youtube, MSN and any other place.

The answers will present themselves depending on what is type into the search bar.  When I want specifics and quickly everything goes in between the speech marks.  As long as what is wanted [ word for word] the typing is correct the specific term used come up and presents those answers.

Thankfully as you come through the marketing models that PDF explains all this.  Called a glossary of terms.  Only available to the community members through here as a training section

Believe you can absorb all the information in one setting… but there may well being overload.  Far easier by far the grab hold of the book and research / memorizine for our own use



And your right H.O.T. aka ‘Here on time’

YES: it is right H.O.T. now.

Sure creating this right H.O.T. Zazzle Smiley card has superseded my expectations.  The

Zazzle-your-hot-card-jpeg And your right H.O.T. aka 'Here on time'
Your right H.O.T. with Share a Smile Practice Times

frustrations are worth it. With several objectives in place, the dream as the focus the future is there.  Seen Share a Smile Practice Times and believed in. Totally not as scary as envisioned though.

YES right H.O.T.

This one little card made to keep my feet warm is a stepping stone with “make it happen” written all over Zazzle Smiley visual number two.

Where at first tentative steps were made going through the barriers caused some pain and ‘ouches’.  Now with the one card the knowledge that those barriers have been crashed through is just awesome.

Holding back, in my mind, is just not acceptable now. Come with us all. Just live the Share-A-Smile-A-Thon through the next year.  Maybe my experience is the beginning of a mindset change for you too. Scary thought is aiming for a designed ‘perfect lifestyle’. No surprise that there is a fear of success.

But hay, what’s a scary little thing now and then? Especially once you are on familiar ground with the basics. Joining everything together has the whole thing coming to fruition. For instance, the ebook of Zazzle Smiles at a price anyone can afford.  A complimentary gift.  Utilized when the microfinancing project begins.

The greatest opportunity you will sense is ‘superb timing’.  Or “Your H.O.T.” Also known as Here On Time.

susan-is-creating-visuals And your right H.O.T. aka 'Here on time'
Creating pictures from pictures is fun

Creating visuals that are just right H.O.T.

When creating visuals is your thing then come on through. Set your goals out  Capitalize on your skills, build, create and connect to new ones. Achieve your objectives, one step at a time.  Realise how far and wide your reach is.  Yes, this takes time.  Time, energy and focus that is very much worth a person’s effort to achieve the results that come out.  Get the results and continue moving on.  Reach out. Reach through those barriers. And just go for the ” creative do it’ mindset.

Follow your passion and make your dreams come through. Know, action and be so alive for the visual vision you are now creating.

Just know your right H.O.T. so have a terrifically uplifting day

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Share A Smile A Thon Event Background Story Starts Here

Amazingly this simple card started out on a cold, rainy still dark morning. The practice of making a smiley Zazzle emoticon had started.  A basic visual creating program that had

been downloaded about seven years ago was about to start a very frequent workout.

With a Twigg of my own mindset now was the time to not waste. Time here and now to utilize the training that had been gained.

What it took to create this card

The software that it takes to create this card has included several different ones.  One

Zazzle-your-hot-card-jpeg Share A Smile A Thon  Event Background Story Starts Here
Share a Smile Practice Times

program to create the features of the smile.  Then layer, upon layer, to add these together and be happy with the basic smiley.  Through the addition of the GraphixCreator the e-cover, essential background, adding the smiley face, placing the words on and then the fire just so that my toes could feel warm.

Is belief always enough?

Reading chapter one of Napoleon Hills book “Think and grow rich” had me realizing that the secret to belief was also action.  The action concerning the toes was to go and place a second pair of socks on.  Then the walking boots and take the dog for a walk.  That got the blood flowing, and my whole body became pumped and ready for more action to be taken.

No. Belief in itself is not enough.  Look at what you personally believe in.  Even those who state they have no belief in anything other than their own hard work still believe in action.  Steps being taken to achieve what they want.  I wanted to make a smiley. Just one smile that would begin the smiley campaign. You see today’s technology has applications out there where owners of visuals easily track who is using their creativitys-about-ownership Share A Smile A Thon  Event Background Story Starts Herevisual design and for what purposes. Even with Creative Commons permission through using someone else’s visuals if that license is revoked where is your campaign now?

Creating your own from scratch means being open minded to acquire the skills, then to

connect all the skills together. Arriving atan result that is something unique to yourself and your campaign.  The use of the CreativeGraphix means that anything created with the CreativeGraphix tool is graciously gifted to me by the Digital Business Lounge. The people behind this platform are use to marketing campaigns.  Knowing the value of people like ourselves sharing their products through their own campaigns is critical and beneficial to all parties.  Including your viewers.

be-willing-tobe-uncomfortable Share A Smile A Thon  Event Background Story Starts Here
Action simple creative ideas. Make them work.

Continuity throughout that campaign is necessary.  This has worked for other and actually has begun to work here now.

The important thing is to keep sustaining the creativity. That takes action. Predetermined actions.  Slowly, since October 2014 plans were laid. Achieving these plans took further time management breakdowns.

Projection of the next six moths is to have completed the first step of October 4th, 2015 Smile-A-Thon.  And to be well on the way with October 2016 Share- A-Smile-A-Thon. In a month time, an e-book about smiles will be freely available.  Yes, the Zazzle smiley card will be there too.  Knowing belief within now has firm foundations gives me the confident to get out there and give this the best shot.


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Keep on with that smile for a long while


SusaLewissusanlewismaretingdotcom Share A Smile A Thon  Event Background Story Starts Here
Susan Lewis

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