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The surprising thing about going places

Going to different places is something that people either ‘dread’ or totally enjoy.  The surprising thing about being able to start your journey is a matter of just getting comfortable with, having the lifestyle to do so s a matter of being uncomfortable with, having the lifestyle to do so.

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Organisational tasks along the way to Sydney’s 2014 SixFigure Mentors Momentum Day

Recognising which to do when is important. Using the comparison of whether something is a bucket list matter or an organisational routine why not check out the inclusion of travel within a bucket list.

A simple thing

Buying a bus ticket to travel a small distance may be a big this and on someone’s bucket list.  Or to a commuter just another thing that may well be a weekly routine.

Travelling long distances interstate or flying in a plane is not a regular thing that happens within my own life.

Therefore going to the Domestic Airport and arriving at 4 am is not an everyday thing. Booking tickets on the line falls into the same category. So boarding and flying to Sydney was allowing for a few things to be crossed off my bucket list.  So too was

SLMlifeintheclouds The surprising thing about going places
Travelling to the Six Figure Mentors Sydney Momentum day 2014 was one trip by plane. One thing less on the Business Bucket list.

attending Momentum Day in Sydney 2014

How did such a small thing become so important?

Obviously an up-side to the days in Sydney was seeing something of Sydney. Taking photos and videos. Talking to other people within the Momentum Days confrence along with the Gold and Platinium Workshops.

The organisational tasks that complimented being able to go were considerable and varied.

Included in these tasks were finishing the BootCamp off.

A Month after arriving back from Sydney the realisation that in fact five Business Bucket list things had been achieved was breathtaking.

In 2015 the Six Figure Mentors Momentum Day is being held in Melbourne.   Therefore, there is no plane trip.  Only a two to two and a half hour trip via car.

The decision has been made to travel by train, send the night before and that thing after in Melbourne.

Checking through the bucket list a few more things will also be included.

The decision to treat getting An Australian Passport by the beginning of October has been designated to the bucket list.  The reasons are two-fold.  Firstly the obtaining of the passport is time defined and a once off.

However reregistering the passport then becomes an organisational matter.  That then becomes an ongoing issue.one-piece-at-a-time The surprising thing about going places

Gaining a lifestyle that allows greater organisational flexibility translates into enjoying a bigger set of options for your own business, or personal, bucket list. Completing the

BootCamp series in this link has lead many through the greater diversity of organisational choices.

See you on the other side of the link.


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Susan Lewis


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