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Need Your Website Mobile Friendly

Yes ! You Need your Website

Mobile friendly

Why is being friendly important?  Let’s put it in a different way. If you were not friendly would you hang around with you?

The same as Google will put a ‘hurt’ on your website should the site be not mobile friendly. The little bots that we cannot see whose task it is to roam around the net  have been given another task. The net is so overfull of information  the have different parameters now with which to search the net content on. Thus, their workload is lessened.  However if the websites people are searching diligently for are not Bot friendly these will be ignored.  The effect of many people using mobiles has had this result.

Beats an all out mass strike effect with download timeout occurring.

WordPress101 user-friendly

The training is there.  Video training directly relating to what happens and what people can work through with the WordPress 101 coverage of the themes within

WordPress Themes provide a splendid solution if you want to give your blog an attractive and elegant look

As a website person I really am slow picking things up and implementing the bits and pieces of information.  This Google friendly thing is something that has already been spread around the community and internet.

nosweataboutit Need Your Website Mobile Friendly
Absolutely No Sweat About It. Will Not Forget It.

To the Google Bots?

In 2 minutes you can test this.  Especially as you will probably be already connected to Google Webmaster tools.  That being stated then there are a few tools you should check out.


Use this takeaway….. Just copy the code.  Then paste the code into your search bar.  Push enter and let the search do it’s job.

Yes there will be many sites from now on using takeaways.  Again as the click through off your site involves more use of the limited broadband available

And the people visiting.

Since the introductionof ‘Open in a new window came through years ago” visitors were directed to the new page while you kept them on your page.  Simple and that was great for you as well a you were able to “share someone’s juice” as someone once put it.

TheSixFigureMentorsCommunityTV-400x275 Need Your Website Mobile Friendly
Welcome to this ever increasing 24 /7 x 354 days a year developing community.

Google sees the open at another page as an “unfriendly user experience” with mobile phones.  Essentially this blocks the broadband slowing the internet download speed.

What about myself?

Keeping up to date is one thing.  Keeping up to date with a supported community backing you is brilliant.  The isolation of only working through the platforms office team.  

From the Six Figure Mentors and the Digital Experts Academy back office, through to the community the has normal people such as yourself, and me, living their life and seeing things happening.

Where To From Here?

 This is me.  

This is where I want to be!  

Question and figure things out.  Just figure things out as you ask others.  Learn the lessons from the ‘how to video trainings’, ask support, ask questions from the forums and twig a few things.

  You do know that should there be anything I can help you with further then leave a comment below.

Here’s to your Success.



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susanlewiswiththestars-200x200 Need Your Website Mobile Friendly

trial-650x310 Need Your Website Mobile Friendly
Welcome . Having fun in what you are doing is a priceless asset

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