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You Wanted To Desperately Ignore The Computer Sitting There?

Look! Like me, maybe in the early seventies, you wanted to desperately ignore the computer sitting there with it’s black screen and line green DOS characters glowing.  However here is your chance to help change the world. Use today’s available business techniques, mixed with a little old world wisdom and help retrain future generations.

Who has the ability to teach usages of the internet to current, or future generations? Just a creativitys-about-ownership-400x316 You Wanted To Desperately  Ignore The Computer Sitting There?little ‘bite’ by little ‘bit’.

Now, what technology is, how far-reaching that ‘ever-changing world’ seems is reflected by it’s handlers. US. That is you and me.  Computers were developed  as a logically creative way of minimizing effort, resources and time.

An ecliptic technological convergence of programs, systems, and the end users constantly use feeding back into the transitional developmental cycle.

The result is that technology, its use, and abuse, is now widespread within everything that is developed, created, and used. For instance, humans may be in space.Man has walked on the moon. A probe is visiting Mars. One simple thing to come out of all this is that of

Red-overlooped-arrow-pointing-downwards-from-the-right You Wanted To Desperately  Ignore The Computer Sitting There?
You’re right. Action this soon.

freeze-dried ice cream!

Why Not learn or update your internet skills?

Has change passed generations by?

Think about how the older generations are now starting to have enough knowledge behind them. Thanks partially to their offsprings children being familiar with the computers, handsets, ipods and iPads, televisions and remote controls. The list goes on. Technology has crept into workplaces, so the workforce has had to accept it, learn how to use it or move out the way for the newer more influential


The ability to be proficient with a working environment also means to have further education and ever-changing employment attitude cycle.

Updating skills and knowledge challenges? Fill in some spaces with updated Training, Marketing, and Lead Generation methods. And so much more is thrown in as a bonus’s as well.

Having taken up the challenge myself… and survived to share with you what is within I will be waiting on the other side.  Where to start the education, knowledge while updating my skills.  At a price I could afford. Especially as I was always finding myself just under B.R.O.K.E. …. Being Redundant, therefore Oppressed, Killes Enthusiasm.  I needed something really positive, energy-filled and challenging in my life. Rather than to desperately ignore my plight and just watch the remaining time here go bye bye.


trial-650x310 You Wanted To Desperately  Ignore The Computer Sitting There?

SusaLewissusanlewismaretingdotcom-200x166 You Wanted To Desperately  Ignore The Computer Sitting There?
Susan Lewis

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Grow-Up! Transform Your Reality


Transform your reality into something

that really suits  


The essential person you are. That is right.


Who YOU are!
Go and look at the changing your reality The reality of who you are may take a long .  They don’t offer a miracle.  What they offer  is a free Bootcamp where YOU go and work out your “self”.

This that come by your way once in a lifetime do not usually come back within arms reach. By the time you recognise what just went by you may hope against hope that that same thing will come by again when you are ready for it………. in a perfect world that waiting period will happen. This is not a perfect world by any means.

Where else will you find you have the opportunity to work out… YOU at a cost you, and everyone else, can afford. A little of your Time. When Mark Ford first introduced me to this concept everything was new and shiny there. I waited…That’s what I did.

Then the world went mad

This was during a stage in my own life where my working world was going into a weird phase. Part of that reason was two people out of seven left suddenly. One passed away and the other had a heart attack. Night-shift work for over fourteen to sixteen hours on call does that to you! I left when I realised that my life was next.Not dramatic at all when you know the circumstances.

By now I was now emotionally Bankrupt.  So low that when I came across it  the second time [ thankfully] I didn’t have a dream.

Now there is a  dream.

Five years from that initial contact I now have a dream. I have a focus. Involves working

Whereadreamandaburingdesirecollidea-300x400 Grow-Up! Transform Your Reality
Once the desire and the dream collide is there any stopping you achieve?

towards helping you. Four months after working out my dream I am now going back to what was a hobby of mine. Blogging. A hobby developed out of the necessity to communicate with members within a Not-for-profit-organisation. Neither of these as hobbies pay the bills. They have however given me prior learning skills. Okay and some defensive attitudes developed along the way.

Take the plunge with the BootCamp.

BootCamp was a ticket I needed to grab hold of the survival rope reading “need to Survive.. grab here!” The message was just dangling there every so often in my email box. And again I nearly missed it when I was going to cheat and just hit “Clear All” from the incoming email message box!

Alright I’ll catch you Around.


SusaLewissusanlewismaretingdotcom-200x166 Grow-Up! Transform Your Reality


trial-650x310 Grow-Up! Transform Your Reality
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Action For How To Save your Parental Sanity

In this post Susan seeks the answer as to why parents  who are in the business of physical markets and fair setup would want to included computer education and upskilling into their marketing life.

Is there such a thing as “PARENTAL SANITY”…

When members of the family are on the Autism Spectrum does any family save Parental Sanity? Honest, the answer can only be limited to “Definitely Not” or ” No!” Families with children, parents or older generations who are involved in the overall care or the direct assistance may have experienced the quicksilver changes of minds, the total withdrawals, sensitivities and withdrawals from planned, coordinated activities.

As our children became school age I had to prepare myself to go back to ‘work’ To be doing something where there was financial benefits.  And so came the integration with other children

BigIsNotAlwaysbetterStand-186x400 Action For How To  Save your Parental Sanity
Similar to Quality over Quantity.Obtaining a job verses the freedom to work for ourselves?

challengers. Plus a vehicle accident after the third child was 18 months old.  That left us with one vehicle less, two trailers, stock and nothing else. Oh and three children with what has now been found as being on the Autism Spectrum.  Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, it seems, is a trigger factor that brings these traits out really well. And along came the fourth child.

So where does it leave you as a parent with at least one totally unpredictable person in your life.  There has to be an income right. An income that can be worked through and below the rough times.

The solution- then, was simple.

We wanted to travel, earn and enjoy life.

While on the road traveling around Australia things were different.  A whole different way of life within an extended Show and Festival [adapted] family.

Still we had the challenge of travel and Multi-Level Marketing dilemma sorted out with nearly the right tools on hand.  We thought.  Thirty years ago there were only multilevel marketing pathways. In reality after the truck impact only having one car meant that one of us would always have to be at home… or taking the children’s to a local park while the other presents the procedures, had a party plan presentation or even worse…wanted to go shopping for takeaways in a new town , new buildings and other smells that would trigger off somewhat erratic behaviour within the children.

All through our children’s childhood that extra be on alert fear was always present.  Just because we did not know what it was we were actually dealing with.

Money tied up in stock

We learned the hard way.  No money coming in meant where there was stock that was moving too slowly so product selection running out occurred. Again no money was coming in there was not the petrol to take the car to places where there were people who wanted it.

And stock, that, twenty-five years later I still am using. Yesterday, I opened the last inner box of furniture polish. And the deodorants and talks and perfumes…

Not so with the Digital Marketing.

All that held us back all those years ago from sharing such wonderful products and a way of family life and such that held the family together … let’s just say that the appreciation of technology has grown. So too has  a love virtual stock. Besides, there is no need to have  catalogs, nor to dust anything. And it all started with this simple report brander:

listbuilding-for-profits-400x135 Action For How To  Save your Parental Sanity
Special Report with one way to grow yourself the list you need to start YOUR alternative digital lifestyle.

Having made contact with others who, like myself, are starting to be a predominant factor within one of my parents life, rest assured that when the time comes the basis will have been laid down. Learning to have some outlets and time out  brought some form of parental sanity before.  Now, thirty-plus years on and beginning again I live with the knowledge that going through and completing that BootCamp was well worth it.

So to you, I offer this solution that is being actioned.

Once I had read the ‘Simple Report Brander’ List building  explanations I was confused.  So I read it again, put it down and read it again six months later.

To tell the truth looking back on going through this my own experience was that it became easier the more I just let things surface and deal with them.  Far easier than having four children, and two parents, within a cramped house and a wet snowy, sleety day in a town city or the isolated mountain,  when all of us were reacting within our own Autism Spectrum roller coaster ride! joyful_to_help_build_Online_Autistic_communities-308x400 Action For How To  Save your Parental Sanity

Back to the videos and the modules explaining things.  My challenge was the Autism Overload  restrictions to learning, and absorbing, then actioning  new things.  To tell the truth looking back on going through this my own experience was that it became easier the more things came to the surface and were dealt with.

Comparatively far easier than having four children,  two parents, two puppies, within a cramped house and a wet snowy, sleety day in a town city or the isolated mountain. Especially  when all of us were reacting within out own Autism Spectrum roller coaster ride!  Once again a few months later the reports was read.  And this time, there was no interference.  The others had gone to a beach  for the day!

As long as the internet is connected and the device on, even time out for a breather is creativity still appreciated as the connection into the SFMers educational programs is kept open and alive.  Definitely, put to good productive use  as in today’s society there are ways to give the children a park space out, while you with your IPad or phone carries on placing your latest blog post through the social media channels.

Many may think of this post as negatively charged.  However, living within the Autism filled parental years I accept that that is the realism of this posts statement!

susanlewiswiththestars-e1478479631293-200x200 Action For How To  Save your Parental Sanity
Welcome to your parental sanity.


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