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face Your Responsibilities

This Posts Statement Is face Your Responsibilities while how to Save Parental Sanity

Realistically this post’s statement can be shot into trillions of pieces but it may just save Parental Sanity within this ever changing world.

Hang on a minute though.  Take action through an inciteful understanding of just ” who and what are the High Functioning Autistics”  

Where most people feel that Autism is an isolative condition.  This is true.  Guess what.  I am a high Functioning Autistic.  Yeah something that is akin to coming out of a closet has occurred.  Yes! it has been painful.  I found out what tears were.. Then  faced my fears.  You see I am in my mid-fifties.  So around about when I was born the research was just a few people who were curious.

Now one of the traits of the spectrum that is very prevalent within me is speaking where fools and angels fear to tread!!  This is who I am.

My question is based upon this:  Reading online the other day about parental; groups participants chatting among themselves online how much dosage the Melatonin drug should be given.  In it’s natural form the body releases Melatonin from the pituitary gland. Circadian rhythms are interconnecting with daily patterns.  Also known as the sleep hormone.  Have too little or too much and you have an irritable person who is sleep deprived. Or over asleep.  Basically, someone who is climbing the walls and zipping around like a light enthused ping pon ball or a walking zombie.

However, the thing that most needs to happen is to remove the wi-fi, electricity [ battery life] and negative energy sources.,  We Autistics save parental sanity by learning to recede into our inner selves as a form of protection.  Remove our protections and you leave our inner being exposed.

Excuse me please.  Your child is experiencing something wonderfully unique to them.  The dream stage.  Leave them bee to be who they are.

Yes………… their spectrum tendencies will cause you fear.  Probably as you too are either unrecognised on the spectrum parent as well or you have been diagnosed and subsequent brainwashed that you are not acceptable.

Stop being parenterally lazy.  You are now destroying their creativity.  Their focus renewal.  Do you really want to feed your child’s inner child  to some drug company’s profit line?

Grow up and action those responsibilities to yourself.  You are responsible for the fun you had in considering that child.  Now actions things positively.  I know it will be hard.  Together we had four children.  Guess what all of them have.  Now that was a power keg just waiting for the teenage years to come around.

So where does it leave you as a parent with at least one totally unpredictable person in your life.  There has to be an income right. An income that can be worked through and below the rough times.

Yes we had this dilemma.  Thirty years ago there were multilevel marketing pathways.  However that meant that one of us would always have to be at home… or taking the children’s to a local park while the other presents the procedures, had a party plan presentation or even worse…wanted to go shopping for takeaways in a new town , new buildings and other smells that would trigger off somewhat erratic behaviour within the children.  Fear was always present.  Just because we did not know what it was we were actually dealing with.

Not so with the Six Figure Mentors. All that held us back all those years ago from sharing such wonderful products and a way of family life and such that held the family together … let’s just say that the appreciation of technology has grown.  Having made contact with others who , like myself, are starting to be a predominant factor within one of my parents life, rest assured that when the time comes the basis will have been laid down.

So to you I offer this solution that is being actioned.  Welcome abord to the Six Figure Mentors boot camp.  To tell the truth looking back on going through this my own experience was that it became easier the more I just let things surface and deal with them.  Far easier than having four children, and two parents, within a cramped house and a wet snowy, sleety day in a town city or the isolated mountain,  when all of us were reacting within out own Autism Spectrum roller coaster ride!

As long as the internet is connected and the device on, even time out for a breather is creativity still appreciated.  Definitely put to good productive use  as in today’s society there are ways to give the children a park space out, while you with your IPad or phone carries on placing your latest blog post through the social media channels.

Many may think of this post as negatively charged.  However, living within the Autism filled parental years I accept that that is the realism of this posts statement!



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Who And What Are The High Functioning Autistic’s

Did you know that even many High Functioning Autistics are unaware f what they are capable of? Did you know there are more adults with some degree of Autism than diagnosed Children the world over? Did you know that this invisible disease shows itself in ways the unscrupulous may easily take advantage of?

Imagine if there was som way neurotypical and Autistic people could rally together and provide an ethical digital educational system that provided the tools, apps, support, and appreciation of the talents and gifts within a inclusive yet private online community.

Are High Functioning Autistics so very different?

Face it.  People are curious about who and what High Functioning Autistic’s are. So much so that many of these people want to go to a “Freak show” to see what differences there are within our human race.  Thing is, that by going these people are recognised by those that they view as being the same.  Rather like the gaoler having spent all their life hiding the “spot’ that could condemn them during the dark ages in western history.Pathways-to-Success-400x400 Who And What Are The High Functioning Autistic's

In other cultures, people who are different are revered.

Both of these are like always experiencing an axe to come down from somewhere and have your life chopped up and exposed to the masses.  Or the carpet pulled from underneath you.  Some know that these gifts are able to be harvested well and through those actions lies  some pathways to success. Whatever that success is to the  Autistic person actually is.

One of the last figures I heard about was a tentative 33 : 1 ratio.  Yet teachers are experiencing greater numbers of ‘difficult children to cope with ” within their classes.

Now Think About The Adult Ratio

Considering there are a lot more adults than children the ration may still be the same.  Since Autism is hereditary what then are the chances of the people you are working with, associating with socially or are members of the same family group  living with Autism Spectrum on a daily basis?

Well if your maths is the same as my maths there is a greater number overall of adults within that same ratio as the children right?Make-mistakes-3d-tv-a-400x400 Who And What Are The High Functioning Autistic's

Unless seen the signs and symptoms of Autistic tendencies are easily covered over.  Autistics like myself have learned from an early age to think uniquely, yet blend in when necessary.  Our strengths, or the weaknesses, being hidden from many people’s notice.

Look at Tesla and Edison.  Both brilliant in their own right.  However, Telsa was more interested in giving electricity to the people as a gift rather than at a profit. However, Tomas Edison sold the rights to the power companies.  That was a matter of economic commonsense. Meanwhile Telsa was free to carry on and methodical process the electric matter further developing what was ‘harvested’. The end benefits were of a win / win / win situation and all benefited.

Otherwise Would we have got this far?

If individuals had to create their own power lines and bits would the Digital Economy be as developed as it is today?  I believe the answer would be a big NO.  Even if people were different.  Community developers know there are three basic phases to any idea.  The concept to the development. The development to the end result and of course the wind-down and reevaluate.   In a nutshell that is.

If you had to create a system where people within the Autistic Spectrum were able to have

Whereadreamandaburingdesirecollidea Who And What Are The High Functioning Autistic's
Once the desire and the dream collide is there any stopping you achieve?

gainful social worth and work their way through to financal freedom could you do it?  Would you do it?  Establish that system so that it would include every person who was prepared to spend 2,000 on their education , while also having openings and training for people to work their way through lower levels?

For years I was struggling to find something that would give me the knowledge I had missed out on.  Even if it was  just a nudge in the right direction so that I too could have that freedom to action the steps.

Between menial J.O.B.s and micro business that left me with meltdowns, overloads my health as affected.  What social life.  The Taxi driving absorbed 120 hours of my week on call anyway. motherhood to four growing children, two dogs [ then another dogs, gold fish and tropical fish and a couple of cats plus leadership within a youth organisation, going to school for repeat and then further education,  what time was there left to study anything further.  And yet getting through that BootCamp is what I would have  find time to do knoiwiun what I know now.

However, what took me fifteen years online to find, is here as your invitation.  A BootCamp invitation.  Will I see you on the other side then?  Hope so. Just in case you missed it

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Keep on with that smile for a long while


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Susan Lewis

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