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Introducing the My Link Generator as a ‘URLgen erator’


In this post the objective is to present a fair use review when using My Link Generator as a ‘URLgen erator’. Different platforms offer different steps. This one of a series of three URLgenerator’s the Six Figure Mentors may utilize. The others being TidyURL and SimpleTrakk.

Most people will agree  that it is worth your time creating a ‘whole’ marketing campaign as you are about to invest an incredible amount of time in getting your goods to market.

When you become competent at using URLgenerator tracking systems the steps seem logical. Then, looking back the realization at how your skills have reached another level of

Tracking-your-hot-links-stacked-books-400x364 Introducing the My Link Generator as a 'URLgen erator'
Tracking your hot URLgen erated links with my Advertising Link Generator is a MUST as part of the Pathways to Success parcel. This is Help On Tracking assistance information
mastery and understanding have become (You’ll amaze yourself as these factors have gradually become second nature.)

Even better is when someone becomes a lead the tracked URL pops up in the Advertising Link History section. Also check the My Leads and the Autoresponder as other details on that lead will be here. Mean while you sit there racking your brains trying to figure out when and where you placed that item you tracked. Using an example. At the time of writing this post five months ago I tweeted a tweet. Simply took a code and placed it in a tweet. Then the autoresponder responds a lead that was now receiving the boot camp series of messages.

Knowing that unless you have a 404 [page no longer available] then the internet allows viewers to keep reading your pages. Effectively the links are kept alive. People read them and through they pop into the Autoresponder.

The steps to using My Link Generator.

First realize the URLgen erator page is divided into three parts.


Click through this link for the steps

Besides checking which landing page you are associating to the thank you page for congruence reasons and the

Autoresponder list that you are wanting these links to click through to you are about done here. Just double check that you have the correct URL to place into that tracking box.
Press the green button that reads [Generate Advertising Link] and the third section now has a new long link and TidyURL short link to use.

Where to use which link type.

The internet is a fickle thing to use. Unlike people the internet is basically generated through a machine. Machines never forget and are unforgiving of some sort of misuse. When there is such a relatively simple to use tool that is helping an ‘opposition’ company that is generating good quality tools for their affiliate marketers to get on with the job of driving traffic to their site then others get a little upset. Let’s put this down to teething troubles.

Therefore with any tool, some fools create long term hassles.

My best suggestion is that as the broadbands themselves go through there teething trouble and keep changing the algorithms what can be fully used one day may not the next. Suffice to say that some broadbands prefer a ‘closed shop ‘ approach. Thus you will end up using their tracking systems. Therefore use your own discretion as to where you place which link.

As you see creating an effective campaign that must include tracking use the best. Don’t settle for less. On the note that using My Link Generator as a ‘URLgen erator’ is the best tool for most campaigns tracking come on through and check out the rest of the tools and applications available..


SusaLewissusanlewismaretingdotcom-200x166 Introducing the My Link Generator as a 'URLgen erator'
Susan Lewis enjoys being Platinum member of the Six Figure Mentors

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