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The Steps To Using My Advertising Link Generator

The steps to using My Advertising Link Generator.

First realise the URLgen erator page is divided into three parts

  1. A) choose the domain part, B) the funnel setting and C) the advertising history.

And importantly the URLs are created with as few  character usage as possible

1) Take the url of what you are posting online. This includes everything you are posting.

2) Open up the Six Figure Mentors back office area.

3) Go to Marketing.

4) Then down to My Link Generator [ once this is up you will read it as My Advertising Link Generator]

5) All three are congruent with the effective use of this tool.

Tracking-your-hot-links-stacked-books-400x364 The Steps To Using My Advertising Link Generator
Tracking your hot URLgen erated links with My Advertising Link Generator is a MUST as part of the Pathways to Success parcel. This is Help On Tracking assistance information

Part A : the Choose the Domain

Ai) Choose the Domain you will be associating this link too.

  1. i) This includes your custom domain should you be using the available custom subdomain option.

Part B: The funnel setting area

Bi) On the Left side there are three parts of the page.


  1. i)My Default Sales Funnel
  2. ii) The Landing page

iii) Tracking -This is where you place the URL you want to generated a tracking code for. Once activated the code appears in the third section c) Advertising Link History. (read below)

Bii) On the right side there are two boxes

  1. i) Autoresponder list – As different campaigns are developed there will be different lists that are prepopulated with your messages. At least there should be as you will be madly writing these otherwise.
  2. ii) The Thank You Page

Besides checking which landing page you are associating to the thank you page for congruence reasons and the Autoresponder list that you are wanting these links to click through to you are about done here. Just double check that you have the correct URL to place into that tracking box.

Press the green button that reads [Generate Advertising Link].

Part C: The Advertising Link History

TidyURL-complementary-left The Steps To Using My Advertising Link Generator
Presenting the complementary TidyURL The WordPress Link Management Plugin displayed as a CD case

This third section now has a new long link and TidyURL short link to use.

Please Note:

There is a free to use TidyURL application .  People may use this on their WordPress web sites.  Instead of reading TidyURL my short links shared now read susanlewismarkting.com and the shortlink characters I chose to track associated with the post.

Choosing to use the TidyURL tool itself you also choose up to human readable characters after the TidyURL heading.  This allows you to tempt the readers curiosity as to what is within the link.

When using this Tidy Urlgen application in be aware that one will over-ride the other.  

 And look you are at ready, set and action time.

Other than your choice of integration of URL Generated tracking also into the TidyURL Autoresoponder, and SimpleTrakk  that is all there is to do when tracking all of  your campaign links.

These are the steps to using the Six Figure Mentors My Advertising Link Generator as I know them to be.


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