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5 Pathways to Success

5 Pathways To Success Parcel?

What Would It Feel Like Just To Know The 5 Pathways To Success?

Pathways-to-Success-400x400 5  Pathways to Success
No Promises or false hopes offered. What you put into what is inside this box is what you get out of it.

The  five pathways head to the same place.. Your dream.  That is should you have a designated dream that lights up the pathway upon which you walk. While also lights upon the destination of which your inner-most being craves for.

Most people have trouble finding the balance as their pathways fall short of the mental weighing scales. Finding the balance, at times, means stretching out of that comfort zone  and reaching upwards and onwards.

The-moon-b-400x267 5  Pathways to Success
Reach for the Success pathways you want to make.

For some, the saying reach for the stars has them climbing towards the stickers on the ceiling.  To other’s they ride along with the space voyagers stepping on Mars.  Visiting the planets past Plutos smallest moon.

That is why when you accept the box above the comment is that what you put into your dream destination target is what you get out of it.

Don’t ever, ever underestimate  what

you can REALLY DO

 with a powerful

pathway to a   solutions ticket.    << Click There

There has never been a better time to check out what is on the following page than there is now.  There is not the necessity to be afraid.

Okay, if there is any part of you that is saying “I’m really intrigued in what is over the page.  I will find out.  Go for it.” Then listen to it. It’s speaking to you for a reason.

Gut feelings are  POWERFUL pathways to solutions.


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Redirect A Link With A Link Shortener

A-TidyURL-Explanation Redirect A Link With A Link Shortener

TidyURL -The Only Way To Redirect A Link With A Link Shortener

Yes.  Finally.  There is an all in one to redirect a link. And I mean all in one. What is not often spoken about though are the supported features. A follow-up post for now as what is below are the basics of this TidyURL Link shortener.

Okay, If there is any part of you that is saying ” I’m really interested in the TidyURL Link Shortener. I want this!  Go ahead and read what’s following. Then listen to it. It’s resonating with you for a reason.  By itself TidyURL is a powerful digital tool for a reason.

Self-standing as TidyURL is though, as an integral part of the Digital Business Lounge’s

tracking-your-hot-links-bookstack Redirect A Link With A Link Shortener
Tracking your hot URLgen erated links with TidyURL is a MUST as part of the Pathways to Success parcel. This is Help On Tracking assistance information
complete system, the results are astounding.  YourTubePlayer, TidyURL and SimpleLeadCapture.

Doesn’t instant gratification feel good knowing that this is indeed a brilliant giveaway


Why does a Link shortener help

For those of us who obtained a user name when the platforms like Google, Facebook and even Twitter were young the amount of characters in the basic URL were small. Therefore the URL would hold a series of letters and numbers  that meant something to the reader. For instance titles for Twitter accounts were 4 characters long in 2009. Now joining into the internet you need a minimum of 15 characters in your title. The broadbands have noticed the dilemma.  The

response, was again cutting down the total characters the bots need to read for the site owner to have their URL ranked in the SERP’s.  Now that unfairly disadvantages the posts who have longer basic URL characters within their name.

TidyURL-complementary-left-400x320 Redirect A Link With A Link Shortener
Presenting the TidyURL The WordPress Link Management Plugin displayed as a CD case

Using TidyURL as your short URL generator which shortens these characters to as few as 10 characters.  Making own files are easier to organise in spreadsheet work. Terrific in Tweets and other shared messages as eye movements ‘freeze’ at long strings of characters.

Definitely much better to look at in Worksheets, or pdf’s as well.


Where to find the TidyURL help when you need it

Right through here is where you find out more on : how to redirect a link.

Act on it through this link.

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Red-overlooped-arrow-pointing-upwards-from-the-left Redirect A Link With A Link Shortener.

Please Note:  Before you use these free resources please contact susanlewis@susanlewismarketing.com.  Request myself and I will walk you through the simple, but concise steps.  Plus send you a small PDF on either TidyURL and Or YourTubePlayer [ or request the other one as well]. May as well now how to use these resources to your best advantage.

Important : Click This Link
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susanlewiswiththestars-200x200 Redirect A Link With A Link Shortener

When marketing don’t overlook the ‘need’ to redirect every link.

May your day be beautiful.  With your marketing results following suit.

Susan Lewis

trial-650x310 Redirect A Link With A Link Shortener

*[Straight-Talk Alert]: Business results will vary depending on the individual. The goal is to give you cutting-edge online tools and educations to help kick start your business, but the effort you put in is what will make or break your success levels. See the full disclaimer at the bottom of this page



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which level should I enter

In Answer to “At which level should I enter ”

No one else could totally tell someone what is within them.  Purely because no-one else is that person. However negative attitudes towards life may be absorbed. People who need a crutch in life will be there wanting you to stay behind. Are you willing to be the person who in years to come looks back and says… now why did I  choose… with regret?

All the results of your own endeavors, organizational ability and sheer persistence enable the choice to keep moving on. Sooner, or later, this choice becomes no choice at all. You either really start to ‘love this life’ or once again change your journeys path.

So you see it’s a mute point which choice you make. Where you enter is a starting point. Like any birth  there are phases to pass through.  The choice at which level someone should enter the SFM was made solely by yourself.

Reiterating you have two ways to go.  Go as high as you can with the positioning or as low as you can.  Often either one will max out your available money and the second will max out your available time. Do work at balancing the load.

From what I have seen either way both ways are worth your while depending on the fast or slow outcome that you want to achieve. Thing is, only you can set your pace, so theMake-mistakes-3d-tv-a which level should I enter required learning and action the required actions. Both are symbiotic and in conjunction with your own expectations and use of your metastory.

Again, either way, there will be the “Oh Heck if only’s”   Most important is retain your dream focus, progress through one objective at a time until there are more stepping stones behind you than in front of you, to achieve that objective.

By now you will have made your choice.  Your choice will be along the lines of  a quote from Jay ” I deserve the best.  I intend not to settle for less”.  Your choice then is the best one that you yourself could and did make at the time of choosing.

May seem like a lot of “hog-wash”… however think of what you would say to your child.  Do the foundations now and the rest may come easy… or jump in the deep end and swim like  there are a bunk of sharks after your toes..

The trick I found was to actually make the choice, then find the pivot point. Set the areas to explore, learn and action.  Take a step out. Work like forever and then some. Widen the circles from that point onwards.  Just not stopping.  Remembering everyone and every experience impact is different.  That is what makes us all individuals…. with this great big community.

And that all started with me placing a request through Twitter about who knew of a

get-in-touch-cards-j which level should I enter
Find out more get in touch

having already checked through ten thousand emails in over a week believe me I was not wanting to go back one more page.  However, I did! and recognized the name of the sender as someone I had spoken to all those years before had reached out and sent me an email. The rest ,as they say is a future in the making.

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