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Now Get An Education

Now Get An Education

Online a woman can now get an education that is flexible enough around her timetable.  Which brings an unbelievable amount of freedom from externally placed time constraints. Inturn raising the joy within the home environment.

Many of the online courses have a form of project based learning.  Connecting everyday things into a systematic learning flow.  Completely different from when the baby-boomers were entering the workforce. Work for the Man and have security of a job, a house and a family unit.

Two streams of education were in effect with the babyboomers. The first was being familiar with project based learning as their elders taught by showing them.  In the kitchen if was a handful of this, add more flour to get this consistency.   Add honey : one glug or two.  And that depended ion the weather changing the runniness of the honey.  The second was a higher education level with the thought of higher salary levels. No one mentioned the salary caps verses the hours, and the work brought home so the cleaners could work undisturbed and probably were earning more take home pay anyway.. 

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