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When we meet each other with a smile…


 I smile at you and you Smile too

Near Melbourne City central there is this strange looking statue where every angle has a smile.  All sorts of smiles beam down at you.  A couple of quotes came to mind as people hurried past on the overcast day.

” I was smiling yesterday.  I am Smiling Today and I will smile tomorrow.  Simply because life is too short to cry for anything”  [ ~ Santosh Kalwar]

>Join in the smile circle<

The day that this place was visited was a day that of celebration.  And yet there, in a park near the river,  people were rushing around from the perceived chill in the air.  In some ways Dr Suess was so right when he stated “Don’t Cry Because it’s over. Smile because it happened.”  What had happened in my life at that time was a total withdraw from everything and just about everyone.    Until the day it was time to catch a train , travel a full two hours. Wonder around the Melbourne parks.  Just because I had the time. A camera. And the need to know that sacking my boss had given me something more than a time to sleep.

Meet-With-A-Smile--400x259 When we meet each other with a smile...

Now, a three years later  it was once again time to sack the boss.  I fired Myself.  Why?  Because the old ‘self ‘was holding me back.    because of a community-based business I had jined eighteen months before the pathway through the anguish, meltdowns and overloads had been ‘found’. Twelve months after completing the ‘formal’ part of the Platinium training  it was time to fire the old Susan.  So I wrote a letter.  And having handed that to Jay Kuberssak I later realised the challenge he had given me nearly 365 days earlier had been met.  It was, is and has been time to move forward.

Knowing now that that time of healing was over suddenly the ” who the heck and I ‘ was approaching.  Then I realised that was the old Susan way of coping.  I now have new skills, new support systems and a heck of a lot of people within my circle of influence.

They say things come to end .  Where one thing starts to finish then another thing has already begun to be explored.  Now that is a great thing of life moving forward.

Mother Teresa was right again.  “peace being with a smile”.  Hence the link where you too can help the smiles that wings it’s way between one face and the other kee to p on moving forward. All the way around the world.

Once you have subscribed to Share A Smile practice sharing a smile to seven people a day

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We provide a regular helpful hints and tips to help take you to the next smile journey launch with the set of smile information you will receive.


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Keep on with that smile for a long while

 Have a terrifically uplifting day

susanlewiswiththestars-200x200 When we meet each other with a smile...
When we meet each other with a smile … come and enjoy


“A smile is the prettiest thing you can wear.” ~Mark Ford.

“Keep Smiling and one day life will get tired of upsetting you” – Anon

“Keep Smiling. It makes people wonder what you are up too!”


“This smile is just for you! Now put it on your face!  Because that’s where I wanna see it always.! ” ~ Anon


“When life gives you one hundred reasons to cry. Show that you have ONE Thousand reasons to smile.”  ~ Anon 

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To Smile Is A Gift to Give And Receive

To Smile Is A Gift to Give And Receive And People Need To Smile. Is A Gift to Give And Receive Worthy Of Another Smile

As a person there are many things to learn as each of us begin to recognise that to smile is a gift to give and receive. To people all over the world the internet has opened up borders. Sure some cultures to smile has a different connotation maybe to yours.  Are you really worried about cultural differences when as a family based business community the aim is to reach out and find people the same as yourself!

Susanlewis10 To Smile Is A Gift to Give And Receive
Meet Susan Lewis’s Smile

In this post Susan Lewis offers a different perspective. People everywhere are looking for something special.  Smiles touch the heart, shine through the eyes and may even be an alternative light source.  Enough to melt the hardest iceberg.  In the simplest for this is why smiles are free.  The smile is given from the heart.

The power of a smile in a life’s worth of healing also has been shared.  Often the giver has overlooked themselves.  Therefore when the giver receives that to is a wonderful gift.

Life Coaching Smile Development

There are many people within the Autism Spectrum that to smile is a learned thing – only there is a puzzle within.  Emotions need to be connected in order to smile warmly back.  Sure people may learn to smile.  But until that smile is instantaneous there is a lot of inner shifting  and practicing to do.

Other things are overwhelming and definitely incoming things crowding the brain and over-stimulating the nerve ending.  That is for the one that has been born.  Yet until that momentous

That is for the one that has been born.  Yet until that momentous occasion, the mother or the father within the parent  has not been exposed.

Most people have heard about when the first eye contact is made.  The rush of “OH My… what have I done ” usually starts to recede. “And then he gives me a smile that just seems so genuinely sweet with just the right touch of shyness that unexpected warmth rushes through me” ~ Suzanne Collins from the Hunger games. By this time you know you are a gonner.  The connection has been made.

to-smile-is-...-ebook-back-cover-200x162 To Smile Is A Gift to Give And Receive
Back cover of To Smile is…

The same may also be said for any other venture you undertake.  The frustrating hours where nothing seem to be happening.  In a start-up business , on line of off , the time lapse between the idea, working out and working through … seems to drag on forever until one day a customer is there.  Now your business is being ‘born’.  The same attitude is allocated to education, gaining skills, going out on a friends meet up, or a first actual date. Thank you for the Praxis of your Smile sharing.

” Too often we underestimate the power of touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.” ~ Leo Buscaglia is so on target with this statement.   There are some really quietly beautiful people out there.    They come in all forms and sizes. And even they have days that they wish had arrived some other time.

Just remember that a smile is a gift to give and receive. Give the gift freely during your day. Without a doubt you showed have a ‘Thank you for the Praxis of your Smile sharing’ coming your way..

To keep on with that

smile for a long while

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In 2016 my then eighty year-old mother laughed.  She smiles and deeply laughed.  For years mum had held the smiles at bay.  At different times in our lives a truck had been the unofficial culprit cause of a vehicle accident.  To relearn to laugh was a pleasure to share.  Seeing the smile as we sat on a jetty eating a birthday celebration dinner at midnight under the full moon light. Both of us spontaneously laughed at the dogs Oh what is happening to me facial expressions. Poor thing as this dog had spent hours eating the sea waves and splashes.

The expression on my mums face as the laughter and the smiles finally broke free from deep within is a mental picture that will stay with me for a long time.  How did this occur and why was that moment in time so special.

The simple answer is having joined a private online community there were challenges galore.  As mum literally encouraged me to move forward, keep going etc her health was declining.  So mid 2016 a heart valve  was inserted.  Then a few days later a pacemaker. This of course happened to be the surgeons last operation before a new position was taken on in a different country.  Therefore the fact that mum was also riddled with a deep cold could of left her without this life saving operation.  The surgeon chose to operate.

Another friend of mine had had a similar operation.  The thing that was said to him was there was now a choice to make.  To Live was the only option acceptable. So choose to live.

That smile and the laughter was a huge turning point in life.

Below is the online community through which I was challenged to find my own inner ‘self’. The one where my child found that they could come out and play.  There is a saying ” When you find who your essential self is, are doing the work, following your own vision the energy needed will come through.  People will find you.  You found this post so the belief is built upon.  At first there are the resources aimed at marketing.  That’s exactly what you are doing… marketing to your inner self.  Fix yourself before you tackle the world head on.hich brings us back to the fact that  to smile is a gift to give and receive..

trial-650x310 To Smile Is A Gift to Give And Receive

Families based online… connect further together with a common businessWhich brings us to the fact that the true smile is to smile is a gift to give and to receive.

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