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bring your life passion into posts

What if you could follow your passion and bring your life passion into the open and share it with people. Your online or offline time.

Micro-Business people are like anyone else. Great at a few things, Average at some things.Big-X-on-reports-jPEG bring your life passion into posts Still others, well let us be kind. The report card would state “could improve with practice”. Usually with a big red scrawl.  This was not pleasant.

I loved English as a subject during school Okay let’s be entirely truthful here. English was fine. Just do not ask me to formally write something down for someone else to read.

Writing is not my forte. You see in the whole of my life I could not spell let alone be labour over a sentence just to get it right. However, one sentence does not a book make. Not an essay and even a paragraph.

The same when it came to writing posts. Well, they were easier than writing the automated Aweber messages. People know that automated or broadcasted messages are sent directly to people who exchange their email address to receive the information they are interested in.

For nearly six months, I managed to resist this job to get stuck into. Over the years, there have been other platforms where short messages were required to be written.  These too were as torturous as well.  It was noted that the High Functioning Autistic trait of Dyslexiacreativitys-about-ownership bring your life passion into posts was there throughout my life.

The connection to what someone would ready or listen to was amazingly just not there. Similar to writer’s block.  Roslyn Carter once stated that ” You have to have confidence in your ability, and then be tough enough to follow through.  At that point the understanding that there is a passion to bring back.  To finally open the doors and let it rip.  Nothing will hold you back now – unless you allow it too.  Write while you present yourself out there to people.  And use the tools with which to benefit you along the way.

From out of the strangest of places comes help

Whatever microbusiness you are running there are times of intense loneliness.  Driving along from a to be.  Sitting up in  the area you work within getting the paperwork done.  Right down to the simple locking the door as you leave the premises. In many respects you may become isolated.  The world moves on without and leaves you behind.

If “one person can change the world” this person at that point in my life was a lady in the-the Six Figure Mentors backs office support has been the person for me.

Rather than criticise something that was an obvious common occurrence for me, she made a helpful suggestion. When the idea of utilizing the free to use the version of Grammarly it big-tick bring your life passion into postswas checked out.  Especially as the closing part of this idea was that free. Loved it so much that I purchased it. Now of course it is on my computer, and I see the results on just about everything I write on. As in not in graphics that I create, nor in WordPad on the PC.

However, this program actually helps when writing on Facebook or Google+ LinkedIn and other platforms. And yes in Aweber messages too. Especially as an Independent Affiliate member of any product, salesperson or micro-marketer the presentation online is there forever.  Literally drive that traffic out there back to what it is you are placing on your WordPress theme site. Why not chose a theme that suits your passion.

Stay tuned. You could surprise yourself.  For more useful skills updating place your best email in the newsletter section below.  Confidence comes after you have tried, tried again and kept o trying until you know you have done it.  Can do it again.  And are will to show anyone how they too can do the same things.  In this case through writing everyday activities, you bring your life passion into the open.

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How To Use Correct Grammar and Spelling Tools

Digital-Learning-a How To Use Correct Grammar and Spelling Tools

To be most productive use correct grammar and spelling tools.  There are so many of them it makes me now wonder where I would be within the Grammarly.com one that is used.  Effectively this allows shorter work hours with all the correction and proofreading times minimized.

Nearly fourty-five years ago schools were finally allowed to teach slide rules with a small calculator near buy to self-check the results.  However, until computers came into the education facilities for students there were no grammar, spell-checking applications or tools to download and use.  So many otherwise brilliantly creative students dropped out.

For many people somewhere near the edge, struggling to remain on top of their English working the systems began to fail them unlesss other tactics were developed.  Bad handwriting was one strategy often forced upon the writer just so they could keep up

enjoy-your-newsletter-transparent-400x300 How To Use Correct Grammar and Spelling Tools
Fill in the application form below. Receive bite sized how toos along with your update newsletter of people taking their ideas to market.

And then came the computer and the red squiggly lines, way back in 1995. Auto-correction was still manually driven. You found it and fixed it. Newsletters were a terror to produce.  Cutting a posting meant that.  You drew traced a picture and cut it out.  Hoping that the glue had dried before it was time to pay the twenty cents per sheet for the photocopier to print the weekly message for the organisation I was a leader of.

Usually being time pushed and in a panic to just get out of the public library before anyone read my terrible writing people would forget to check the other section.  The spelling was done and no grammar or vice versa The little red squiggly line or the green straight lines under the words were programmed into computer upgrades.

This helped as by no my position had become a leader of leaders and thus the training began in earnest.  It was easier to stand in a market place and help to inflate a bunch of balloons than spell and have correct

Rainbow-balloons-twisted-400x245 How To Use Correct Grammar and Spelling Tools
All day different Twisted balloons were being created at the Churchill Market by the Fizzy Face Crowd from Traralgon

grammar when time was of an essence.


One  grammar and spelling tool solution is right here

Grammarly.com combines both these mistake pointers as it scans through your work In the right-hand, column is the “what is wrong summary” Change as you see fit just by select and hit. The straightforward process once the choice is made to do so.

Now, there is one of the biggest reasons to be creative. After finishing what is written, spell checked and grammatically checked things again this writing is as right as it is meant or wanted to be. Next step is the test phases. First right click and open all the links in ‘Open Window’. When these all work it is great.

Note the spam score. To test this step one piece at a time so that everything presents correctly.

Only send a checked out message to your email. Messages and broadcasts sent out that remain unopened could be detrimental to your campaign.

Final step in this section is to ‘Save’ the automated message.

Beginning with the next section push Next [ process is for Aweber please note] Check the spam record. Fix the original [ go back] if necessary. Go to the email publication. Check the presentation of the message or broadcast. Now send this post thought the chosen social media buttons you included within your message.

Okay so you still have to type something to send

Then go to Grammarly and use the free tool there.  Write the comment out, Grammarily checks it. You copy and paste into that social media comment area.  Now post it.

Please note that when you share these words with your prospective viewers and buyers – actually write something descriptive about this message topic. It’s you, the receiver who is

Exclemation-Mark How To Use Correct Grammar and Spelling Tools
Feeling left behind is not something to look forward to. Leaving your customers behind has disastrous results

getting you presented pushed into the netisphere. Simply because you are doing the work in sharing it through your own contacts.

In essence this is all the autoresponders are about.

Assisting you get out there through a cumulative effect of what you are going, and what the receivers are enticed into doing. Therefore, the better the message is to read the more likely the readers are going to share what is there.
The secret to having it all is knowing you already do. The inclusion of an autoresponder, Grammarly, is a lessened reason to fear publically placing your word out into the share zone on the internet.

Yip. All you need now is a smile.

Then know you have done the best that you did just then. Better yet to know that the body of the post [ what you right] need be the only thing you ever change. The evergreen part of the post where you wash, rinse and do it all again at a later date. Once more utilizing the Correct Grammar and Spelling Tools to your advantage.


sue-150-x-150 How To Use Correct Grammar and Spelling Tools
Susan Lewis

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Train Yourself to Check For Spelling And Grammar Bloopers

communicate-a Train Yourself to Check For Spelling And Grammar Bloopers

If you were to feel like a person who had something to say, could write that in well presented English, do you think you might be compelled to act upon it?  This post shares how a back office support person saw my need for a grammar check. Spelling has never been a strong point.  The awareness of having Dyslexia did not help. No one then knew what to do about it.  Just saying that as I was then over high school age this was impossible to ‘fix.’

That was in the 1980’s as I went into the nursing program things intensified. Labouriously writing out one hundred times any medical word. Every time I spelled that word wrong. Most people would think that this would have fixed the problem.  No.  That was a surface result of a bigger challenge.  As explained years later the brain worked to fast, and the spelling became a secondary issue.  No one could read the handwriting then. One strategy after another to avoid being thought of as a noncommunication.  Another as to develop an alternative method of coping with English classes and the need to wrote in general.

If people cannot read it, they cannot check for spelling and grammatical errors.    The sad thing is that in 1973 I started to learn to type.  And up came the spelling errors awareness.  However typing was a great way of seeing what was being misspelled and hence the spelling by rote scenarios.







sue-150-x-150 Train Yourself to Check For Spelling And Grammar Bloopers
Susan Lewis