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Create Thank You cards with Graphix

GraphixCreator-is-fun-to-work-with-1000-x-200 Create Thank You cards with Graphix

Curiosity has woken me up during the night.  Now I am placing pieces of the GraphixCreator together with the YourTubeplayer and looking for an effect I was trying to solve.  However as yet I have not been able to successfully combine both these individually terrific tools together.   Well, not to obtain the results that could have been achieved.  They were on so0000071 Create Thank You cards with Graphix paper just not in practice.  Was this a case of shooting for the stars and forgetting the parachute?

What has happened though is that I now have a working knowledge of how to use the YourTubePlayer.  As well as a far greater knowledge of GraphixCreator.

Will just shear creativity work

My query originally was  how do I place a border that I want around the Video.  The criterium was to have an aesthetic border that was professionally relevant and pleasing to the viewers eye…. yet able to incorporate both peoples and  companies logo or colors  onto a GraphixCreator image.  In other words, how to place a video into a screen! And that screen be within a really different outline.  Think for that effect what would need to happen is the coding to be learned.  Not happening to that extent for me though

The blog or the Video Challenge

Within the Six Figure Community there are often challenges occurring. Besides learning to use the new tools during the Beta testing phase.

ytp250x250 Create Thank You cards with Graphix

Currently running are the 30 day Blogging challenge and the ninety day video challenge.

Having completed the Video Challenge once there is another opportunity to complete it again.

One thing I did find out last time was having no static or giff pictures to include the videos to my mind were not lively enough. the graphix that get added into the video   They were also way too long for being able to comfortably allocate them into today’s time pushed viewing slots.  Way too chunky to upload in a mobile phone or IPad.

YourTubePlayer effect is made of two tabs. Use one or the other, or a combination of both

So although the Youtube player was great fun to learn

gc-250x250-white Create Thank You cards with Graphix
with this for me is going on the back burner while I prepare the blog and the other things that utilize the static picture currently being built up with GraphixCreator.

The internet is terrific for a resource.  Once you have worked out what it is you actually want to ask of it that is.

At least until I have properly learned how to fold the parachute I think that it will be sticking to the e-cards to create your thank you cards with.

susanlewiswiththestars-200x200 Create Thank You cards with Graphix

WelcomeThere are so many tools and apps included in the whole  package that I’ve included this banner  for your to

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