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Using Software In An Advertising Campaign

Campaign creators and Marketing peoples are two sides of the same coin.  Both teams need to know that when using simple lead capture pages and tracking software they are using the best there is for that campaign. Ultimately though it is through the sales office the applications go. However, this article deals with the coin synergy. Not the back office that will effectively hold the purse string.

What goes onto a lead Capture page

Lead Capture pages are no longer accepted without some form of explanation what the viewer is looking at. What the viewer will expect to receive. Probably also checked into to make sure they are receiving what you are saying they will receive. Secondly that is there a double option into the automated messages.

And the synergy is seen here

Marketers know there are ways to entice the viewer into trigger actions.In real life people

have a tendance to want to be somewhere else. Doing something else adventurous or just

Want-to-be-somewhere-else Using Software In An Advertising Campaign
Why are you so cold. It’s warm here! Come on over..see me in real life

vegging out with someone else.

The merchant uses this situation to  the best they can. A fruit and produce merchant will have the freshest, juiciest most appealing fruit or vegetables are displayed where impulse buyers grab and purchase without much thinking. The ‘impulse purchase’ may have been on the ‘shopping list’ as a to get thing today. Alternatively the emotional connection could have been there.

Now what if it is a bitterly cold day. A clearly displayed eye-catching sign leads the fruit buyer into more than just glancing at the picture. Visuals are important. The subliminal message is created with the longing for warmth. A very basic survival instinct is being

Waiting-for-you Using Software In An Advertising Campaign
Has the longing got to you e subliminal conscience yet? Temptation rains supreme encouraging the activation of using SimpleLeadCapture Page and SimpleTrakk tools

triggered. Either the person will long to get somewhere immediately warm, like home or back to work. Then will come back that picture. Next time they see that picture the keywords or keyword phrases words may be read. In between now and when the see the same visuals, hear the associated music or jungle the whole message is actually being reviewed. Constantly. Third-time exposure and they will absorb more of the worded message. So they have time to fill out the competition information . On a whim and a chance just place your email here, cause you have to be in it to win that trip to the place that is warm. Pen and paper are supplied or just use your phone to click on and register.

Either way satisfaction has been sort, acted on, given and received. Or has it?.

Online there will now be a trickle of messages and broadcasts. Delivered via text or email, into the viewers to buyers presence. Ting goes the phone and people get chimed in. Open the email and there it is. Paviloves’s dog experiment in another form. Now it is up to the sender to continue giving the viewer trusted, engaging information

Action on the SimpleLeadCapture Page

Go back to the initial opening of the landing page that leads to the lead capture page. In the past this use to be just one page that demanded your viewers email. Some counties wanted different things for their population. Recognising that any marketing campaign had to be based on truth factors several different options were sort.  All boiled down to the

What-bis-actually-being-said-inb-an-advertising-campaign Using Software In An Advertising Campaign
What is actually being said to what is being implied in any advertising campaign in important

campaigners own ethos. Encouraged and feed by the programs and situations these people were within.

Legislation was slow in catching on around the world. What happened though is the president of the Canadian first legislation had raised the bar. Now the broadband hosts have come on board with the expectation that any campaign management as well as their Affiliate marketers will honor the general populations right to have second thoughts. Hence, the lag phase for purchases as well as the double opt in for capture pages.

Knowing that the trigger finger is always wanting to get in on the act, hit the YES key. Then forget to check the messages that use up the broadband and cause broadband litter, are you giving that person a chance to change their mind? Do you realise how important this strategy is now within any marketing campaign? Think about this small thing that is often overlooked. Within messages streams now is a message to the receiver to remember unsubscribe. Also senders of the messages may time line the messages. Either just stop the messages going out altogether. Second option: to gradually reduce the messages going through to those who have opted in. Combine this with the autoresponders allowing the owner of the message to physically add people still subscribed to an old campaign into a, for want of a better word, cooling basket. Maybe receiving an automated message once every month or two. They would also be receiving broadcasts that are inclusive of this cooling basket list.

Campaigns need to SimpleTrak the synergy

and syndication to be really effective.          

With all the people, hours in the months preceding any campaign everything has to be recorded. That is preceding, during and post campaign. Where in the real world billboards and paper are taken away and recycled the internet campaigns are different. Anything posted on the internet lasts forever having a thread back to the campaign. Hence, the SimpleLeadCapture pages, in conjunction with the automatic responders list, seemingly always out there to be filled.

Involved in creating implementing and pushing any campaign out into the real world or just the netisphere any campaign that is not using SimpleLeadCapture pages with the SimpleTrakk software is effectively “shooting themselves in the foot”

sue-150-x-150 Using Software In An Advertising Campaign
Susan Lewis

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