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Step Forward And Accept The Invitation

Step Forward And Accept The Invitation – As You Accept The Accolades Step forward and accept the invitations  for someone with a ‘cognitive challenge”

In this post Susan Lewis  asks you to Accept the accolades.  To step forward and accept the invitation to spread your family based business as you care for someone with a ‘cognitive challenge”.

Small home based businesses are known officially as micro-businesses. Bands of a few people. Like family members who are actually in the home arena, tending to the care of someone on the Autism Spectrum. offering that person time, effort and continuance in structure within their lives. Everyone needs to feel worthwhile. This includes their family, personal and even their working life. Be it as an employee of a family business or the owner of a micro-business that is supported and assisted in some capacity by family members.

When someone sees something others have overlooked that someone is probably a person who thinks outside the box. Appears to play amongst the stars and dance on the clouds at times. Yet they are right there where the need to connect someone to an emotion. One powerful often overlooked emotion is that of love. The expression of love or just the showing of appreciation.

Lets say a pool of people want to recieve a happy message a day. Or a smile connect in the a day. To reveive this they simply sign up and be open to receive the daily messages, share and wait for the next.

Look at an extended family membership sharing these messages though their friends and family members.
Again there are sign ups. Gradually a list grows.

Stuck in the rut …why not accept the invitation then?

OH Heck. No Ones sent you an email so you can step forward and accept the invitation yet? So now you’ve nowhere to go and smile with a friend who happens to be going in the same direction. Happens sometimes when the children have left home.  Sometimes a little earlier for some

Reached-a-slow-point-yet-1-400x400 Step Forward And Accept The Invitation
Reached that Slow Point Again

What to do with your life when it’s hit this slow point?.   The dreams  when a child… well the real world hit.  Taught you not to bother it and so as you bartered for your diminishing life’s worth what was accepted become a miniscule proportion of what you really are worth.  So many people have found themselves cut off from their dream.  Or they have willingly accepted another’s laying theirs aside.

As the children leave home  what do they do now.

That part time income that could be all yours now well is it enough.    After a few years of realizing the income was still there…. and so too is the nearly zero bank balance.  The furniture has been replaced.  Or the wardrobe is now full with clothes that no one else wants to wear.    What to do now about the bind you are still in

And then I found the key to the door I was looking for.

The one that allowed me to slowly open the door into a world that has promise.  No, not given to anyone.  Although the steps are there for all to utilize to the best of their ability.

Someone once told me that “when the pupil is ready the teacher will appear”.

And opened the email

Curiosity got hold of me.    Why that email on that day ?  A question that will have no answer.

Through the invitation actioned, this world of the Six Figure Mentors,  its community, the wide skills, talents and education processes people are able to move forward.  Some jump right in at the top level while other work their way through the basic memberships.  Slowly Hello-are-your-there-400x270 Step Forward And Accept The Invitationactioning while learning.  Assisted through trainings appropriate to their level.  Systems set up to assist others in the community.

So I ask you to think about it.

Really think about whether you’re going to stay right where you are.  Or are you up for a personal challenge.  Check into the videos that are sent with a  complimentary Bootcamp. Designed to assist people get in touch with what they most really want to do.   Please note: should you not want to have your curiosity challenged…. then do not place your name forward.

sue-150-x-150 Step Forward And Accept The Invitation
Susan Lewis

trial-650x310 Step Forward And Accept The Invitation
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Acknowledge Something That Gratitude Is To Be Given Too.

Who was there to help?

people know there is always something that gratitude should be given for.  Friendship is one this.  Yet how many people are able to just stop and look at their ups, downs and merry-go-round with gratitude?

Looking around the education online programs available today as compared to other programmes  I wondered just how I coped before.  Yes, there are a growing number of structured programmes.  This year you do this one and progress onto another one t another level next time.

Agree-Hands-Up-susanlewismarketingdotcom Acknowledge Something That Gratitude Is To Be Given Too.
All Agree Hands up

Organisations know there will be people who for one reason or another just may not make the last downhill straight, let alone get near the finish line.  With a lack of understanding, few will seek out help.

Some will doggedly try to hang in their by the skin of their teeth.  Competition is so intense that as people go with the pack the stragglers get left behind.  So much talent, and knowledge that could have been placed forward just getting treated as though it did not matter anyway.

This is not the case.  As humans, we  are given the right to make a choice.  Doubt, depression are part of the’ Big D’ team.   When people have these riding through their lives where do they turn?

The internet is great to meet people who have skills

Even with the wolves in sheeps always clothing biting at people’s heals. Rather than lock yourself up in a small closet playing with dust balls, why not look to a community where people are verified as who they say they actually are.  Then look at what their interests are.  The proficiency with what they are doing. Listen to their story and find out what makes their thinking come through what they are doing today.  Knowing the difference between honestly genuine people who are achieving their dream step by step.  The movers and the shakers of this world.  The ones who have “got it together” and are willing to show others by leading the leaders.

For  years I saw people similar to these people gaining ground.  You joined in with what they were doing only to have someone ask for more than what you were prepared to give.  One standard price could get that pot of gold.  Sorry. The affiliate marketing world does not work like this.  One simply cannot buy people.  People want to develop a trust basis.  They are not slaves bartered for, or people talked down too.


Acknowledgement to the people within this world

Especially from my friends both within and out of the Six Figure Mentor community.  Spread all over the world. Some from Germany, United Kingdom New Zealand, the Philippines, Canada, USA, Ghana, Uganda, Thailand and yes! Even here is Australia. Awesome is just one word that I can say for having friends like you all who freely share your knowledge and skills sets.  This too is something that gratitude is there for.

Keep on with that smile for a long while



trial-650x310 Acknowledge Something That Gratitude Is To Be Given Too.
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Digital Education Reaches Through Into People’s Lives Through Here

Today digital education reaches through into people’s lives by affecting commercial and daily marketing. The general population lack understanding of how and what the media can do to and for a business. From the micro-business and into the international conglomerates people are looking to connect to other people.

 Those same people are used to popping onto social streams and experiencing the clamp downs on marketers so that placing advertising out there can be disturbing.  Where do you go for the information but the internet which can be so confusing.

 Micro-business or small business people with basic knowledge, or who rely on family and friends to assist them with their marketing, start to wonder where, when and how those who are assisting them will simply disappear, get otherwise busy or simply move on with their lives.  Where then are you left?

Sort out your own skills while you show others.

 Simply by upgrading your own media learning people are able to link so much digital education into their marketing outreach. The biggest challenge is deciding which spare second there is during the typing or the emptying the overflowing bins around the office floor, washing of the coffees cups to the dragging oneself through the door t the end of the day.  Only to start again tomorrow.  Knowing that there is still more questions to find out answers too.  That is if the answers could only make questions for themselves to be easily found within the World Wide Web.

Each day to know that someone else out there has found the answer and it really is out there.  Just one more paper to finish off or another post to write.  This was me.  being on the internet before Facebook was thought of or Twitter tweept it;s first tweep is embarrassing sometimes.  Yet after nearly ten of those years of not physically catching up to a teenage granddaughter [due to Australia being a big continent to live in] being able to be a surprise to here for the know how that I did possess well that was sure something.  And I am happy that the statements were ones that I had known the answers too!  Luckily… no as I had just spent a while over the previous weeks catching up to current competencies through an elite access competency training system

  Heck it’s a free world! Keep this simple.

Updating regularly your own education enables linking into the digital education . The follow through is that your marketing reach will exponentially grow.  That growth depends entirely upon what your effective actions are. Consider what strategies along with the objectives are currently engaged. Through one of the Digital Business Lounges Elite and above training programs you will further your dreams.  While a dream is a focus understanding the principles behind what is happening as your actioning what you have put in place really does help.

When you are, at least, an Elite member of the Six Figure Mentors the training you receive through working with people like Tom Breeze will be amazing. The inspirational YouTube training in the Six Figure Mentors back office is absolutely amazing.

There are so many possibilities and roads to go down all you do is work out the basics. Choose one route.  Become proficient in that.  Along the way other skills begin to develop.  How they integrate with your dream is something only you can work out.  However being in a community that has like minded people willing to share information is something that I will not place a price on. Gradually some will work  while others are delayed, altered, restructured or put aside. Whichever it is you are there, so too are the support structures, community forums and so much more as this is an alive, growing very quietly powerful community.

sue-150-x-150 Digital Education Reaches Through Into People's Lives Through Here

Susan Lewis

Enjoy the effect as the digital education reaches through into people’s lives that you will be privileged to meet, greet and know.

❤ Have a nice day


Hi There. It Is A Great Pleasure Meeting You Online.


Meeting you online is a terrific way to say hello. You have earned yourself a great big smile.

My Name is Susan Lewis.  I consider meeting with you online a privilege that you have gifted to me.

Should you not be aware through the sites name this is a site that deals with the basic marketing of ideas. Your ideas, other people’s ideas and, of course, my ideas.  A site that has something to offer the micro-business and small business people as they go about their daily personal and business lives.  Sometimes the two overlap and may cause confusion.  Other times people are very aware of the demarcation line between the two areas.

What is this site about

Bringing joy into the online world.  The pure fun and entertainment that one has when something is achieved.  So the things on this site and through the daily emails are there to help with both.  The participation of many people helps spread this cheerfulness around.

slm000012 Hi There.  It Is A Great Pleasure Meeting You Online.Other than that officially this site, along with the contents, are basic procedures. Discusses strategies that people are using in their offline, and online, push to market their products, goods and services.   Where people have created some loyalty between the physical real world marketing  to consumers there oft times is no overlap to their online needs.  This gap has the danger of being filled by someone else while they wait for you to call back around, or be at the next market.

While the world financially is still tightening its financial belt the smart marketer has begun to

look for ‘Solutions’ found 

via different online marketing streams.  Something I will admit took my marketing by surprise as what had developed over the last few years since facebook and twitter began has been a literal drop in the ocean with regard to learning  the newer skills and systems needed.  Yes, there will be third party affiliate marketing training offered.   As with anything on or offline please research with due diligence. Make your own mind up.  The essential part of the offers will be here when you are ready at a later date.

What do I get from here?

Fair question. As you receive the emails you will notice some of the videos are pretty intensive.  Honest with their intentions.  They are a way of letting your know where you can go when you are ready to take the ideas into your dream and make them become a reality.  Your reality then is simply a dream  you will be focused up and heading towards.

Therefore, over the next little while there are emails I shall send your way.  Enjoy them.  There are different things found on the net also to be shared with you.  Not necessarily all to do with the affiliate marketing background that I am an independent distributor of and for.

How do I receive these things

Along with up to date news broadcasts to read during your “Take A Break” times will be sent to your email box. For you to receive these emails it would help if you add these email address’s below to your contact list.  Effective this is called whitelisting a contact.

Meaning that the filing bots that sort out your email get use to knowing these emails are what you want to receive  Please not you may unsubscribe for the emails when you simply click the unsubscribe button on the bottom of the  email or broadcast you receive.

sue-150-x-150 Hi There.  It Is A Great Pleasure Meeting You Online.Thank you for taking a little of your time out from the day’s scheduled events to read, understand and action this information. Looking forward to working with you. Once again it really is a great pleasure meeting you online.

Susan Lewis

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