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The surprising thing about going places

Going to different places is something that people either ‘dread’ or totally enjoy.  The surprising thing about being able to start your journey is a matter of just getting comfortable with, having the lifestyle to do so s a matter of being uncomfortable with, having the lifestyle to do so.

your-journey-1000-x-200 The surprising thing about going places
Organisational tasks along the way to Sydney’s 2014 SixFigure Mentors Momentum Day

Recognising which to do when is important. Using the comparison of whether something is a bucket list matter or an organisational routine why not check out the inclusion of travel within a bucket list.

A simple thing

Buying a bus ticket to travel a small distance may be a big this and on someone’s bucket list.  Or to a commuter just another thing that may well be a weekly routine.

Travelling long distances interstate or flying in a plane is not a regular thing that happens within my own life.

Therefore going to the Domestic Airport and arriving at 4 am is not an everyday thing. Booking tickets on the line falls into the same category. So boarding and flying to Sydney was allowing for a few things to be crossed off my bucket list.  So too was

SLMlifeintheclouds The surprising thing about going places
Travelling to the Six Figure Mentors Sydney Momentum day 2014 was one trip by plane. One thing less on the Business Bucket list.

attending Momentum Day in Sydney 2014

How did such a small thing become so important?

Obviously an up-side to the days in Sydney was seeing something of Sydney. Taking photos and videos. Talking to other people within the Momentum Days confrence along with the Gold and Platinium Workshops.

The organisational tasks that complimented being able to go were considerable and varied.

Included in these tasks were finishing the BootCamp off.

A Month after arriving back from Sydney the realisation that in fact five Business Bucket list things had been achieved was breathtaking.

In 2015 the Six Figure Mentors Momentum Day is being held in Melbourne.   Therefore, there is no plane trip.  Only a two to two and a half hour trip via car.

The decision has been made to travel by train, send the night before and that thing after in Melbourne.

Checking through the bucket list a few more things will also be included.

The decision to treat getting An Australian Passport by the beginning of October has been designated to the bucket list.  The reasons are two-fold.  Firstly the obtaining of the passport is time defined and a once off.

However reregistering the passport then becomes an organisational matter.  That then becomes an ongoing The surprising thing about going places

Gaining a lifestyle that allows greater organisational flexibility translates into enjoying a bigger set of options for your own business, or personal, bucket list. Completing the

BootCamp series in this link has lead many through the greater diversity of organisational choices.

See you on the other side of the link.


SusaLewissusanlewismaretingdotcom-200x166 The surprising thing about going places
Susan Lewis


trial-650x310 The surprising thing about going places
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With This Fresh Start What Will I Be Doing Then?

With this fresh start what will I be doing was the equivalent of ” Do you have a plan?”

Let me answer the second part first.  Yes, there has been the first objective completed.

Itstimetowhattellme With This Fresh Start What Will I Be Doing Then?
When the student is ready the teacher is found. Using the tools of Digital Business Lounges [ especially the GraphixCreator] helped bring about a mindset change. One professional looking graphixcreated pictyre at a time
This was literally finding out who my ‘I’ was.

The second was learning what there was to learn and now the third: To action what it was that has been determined.  That course I enrolled for in 2014 was a terrific one for both the above areas.

With this fresh start what is there 

So far the first two have been an ongoing process. Out of the first fourteen months as an independent Distributor there have been many mistakes made.  Learned from and one would think that would be it!  Nope… promptly went and did the same mistakes  again.  Over the last few months the learning to use all the tools within the Digital Business Lounge has been a lot of fun.  True fun.  Connecting the ideas of how one thing works into another how another thing works. A heck of a challenge.  However choosing just one thing to move forward with  was great advice.  In choosing the “How to create the pictures” being able to accept the failures being able to visualize the results were … like a visual representation of progress.”

You need to learn by failing. It’s real time learning!

big-tick With This Fresh Start What Will I Be Doing Then?
A big tick as you bring your life’s passion alive with a fresh start on each GrphicCreator Picture created.

Well, I believe having covered just about every mistake in the book so far there will be a few more to explore as other things are progressed through.

The days spent doing all this preparation learning, working things out, seeing how things fit together have entered another phase. Lessons learned previously, mistakenly accepted as fact, have had to be shed.  And that hurt. Primarily as having lost all the first thirty-one years having to replace the second hard earned was has been a definite challenge.

Made it through though.  The belief you yourself means the buck stops with yourself.  Knowing that and wanting to achieve just this one step.  Not to perfection.  The lessons were being taught.  Repeated and added to.  The wow an interesting thing haopoend.  The commitment to achieviung great vusals  became achieved.  Then the videos that needed visuals .  These same viusals were added to the first  video.

Time is freedom and strive for it with the DBL.

Whereadreamandaburingdesirecollidea With This Fresh Start What Will I Be Doing Then?
Hit Here for A Fresh Start! With The Digital Business Lounge where learning and actioning help makes every action count.

Even with all the hassles it’s still worth it – that freedom of choice to give time to the learning and implementation process.

Learning how to use the Digital Business Lounge tools have become just a part of what is being done.

Once the desire and the dream collide is there any stopping you achieve? The price  to all this was not to give up and throw things away.  Now that would have meant that accepting the negatives would have happened.  Instead to have the visuals, pictures, giffs, videos and all sorts of things were just stepping stones into another phase.

Learning to action, to have the belief and follow through now those are exciting times. See all these come into play

Social Media is a lot easier with GraphixCreator

With this fresh start you too can have the GraphixCreator’s professional presentations. Once the blog challenges are sorted out, knowing that when other people need assistance the information being shared is complete, able to be absorbed in a manner that makes sense.  Wow will that be an achievement

I like the fresh start experienced.  Knowing what I am doing is a really good way to go about things.

SusaLewissusanlewismaretingdotcom-200x166 With This Fresh Start What Will I Be Doing Then?
A big tick as you bring your life’s passion alive with a fresh start on each GrphixCreator Picture created.

trial-650x310 With This Fresh Start What Will I Be Doing Then?
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Taking An Idea To Market

Travel to Market

There are several must does, whatever method is involved in taking an idea to market. With technology so readily available today, the ways of doing this are many and varied.This post

Untitled-400x300 Taking An Idea To Market
Capsicums from Mertyl Grove Produce

is speaking about taking a physical product to a real world market stall. In this case in Heyfield. A country town, on the flat area before near the base of the Southern Mountain Range, stretching through Victoria and on up through New South Wales, Australia

Checking and repacking the equipment

Gradually as time goes on the products being taken to market begin to alter. Maybe the

basic product remains the same while additions are made.Or a whole different line is brought on board.
Whatever happens planning, altering stock, replacing items and stock, and many other little things will occur during the week. With the #PopCorn4U the basic popcorn remained the same. The packaging changed.The additions to the packaging were reflective to the festivals, celebrations and when possible the International and National “dates or weeks”.

The week between the markets allows time to top up on little things. Place an order with a wholesaler and travel distances if there is need just to pick the bags of Popping Corn up and

wonthaggi-fairy-floss-man-susanlewismarketingdotcom Taking An Idea To Market
Fairy floss made in a open air Market

the Coconut butter.  A nearly six-hour return trip.  Add into this several places to stop off and add to supplies things such as blue marshmallows and other delectables that are not

available through this area.
If necessary the day before the market, show, festival or event packing the trailer begins.

Travelling starts early

Heyfield is approximately seventy kilometers away. Since the official starting time is eight in the morning many stall holders begin arriving between five to six o’clock. This early arrival time allows for:

  1. the hazards of travel to be negotiated.
  2. setting up
  3. Socialization [ very important]
  4. last minute checks on appliances
  5. the transportation maintenance.

Traveling between towns.

Elixia-Blues-touring-vrehicle-jpeg Taking An Idea To Market
Oh Bliss. Something to be safe within on overnight trips between markets, towns festivals and other areas..

The above is a very general in it’s approach. Something that is not mentioned is what does the occupants of the vehicle do between towns?

The assistance to the driver is depending on the hazards as they may occur. Think about it. The driver is looking for them outside and is concentrating on the car and trailer sounds. Who then is keeping an eye on them?

Laughingly my job is to talk and “listen”. Add this is alongside typing out today’s post. The hardest thing is to see the keys on the keyboard as during the winter time as there is at least two hours of typing in the dark while traveling along. Having worked out the angle the screen sits at reflecting on the keypad things are doing well.

Taking an idea to market is the same online as off.

Using every bit of free time that one has with which to reach out and make your dream come true, knowing that it is you and you along who is the driving factor behind your own

Elixar-Blues-0001 Taking An Idea To Market
American Traditional Mississippi Delta Blues played by Elixir Blues

success .  Whatever they may be.

One thing I really do appreciate at these markets is the time away from the home computer.   During any down time during the day you will find me out socializing. Love listening to people’s stories as to why they too are working the market rounds.  These stories they have generously given permission for me to take the photos of and publish their story, contact details and so forth.

Love even coming back with fresh food and vegetables as well.  Something that has never changed.  Buying through the markets is different from purchasing through a store.  Literally the vegetables and fruits are straight from the farm.  The jams, chutneys and honey breads and so much more has just been picked, prepared and is there for you fresh out of the pot or oven.

Or there I am with the little laptop sorting out the previous week’s filing.  Writing blogs for you to read. Making every little thing count, while taking an idea to market, allows for some rest time.

And yet there are the real slow times too.

The down season.The times where no matter what you do you might just make a cuppa intake.  The one cuppa time when and where during a winter month I am somewhere else.

Timeout for good behavior? maybe.  That time out is on my business bucket list.


Instead of reading about it why not take your marketing to a ‘holiday’ different level!


Is your dream destination is within here!

Click here and enjoy


SusaLewissusanlewismaretingdotcom-200x166 Taking An Idea To Market
Susan Lewis

trial-650x310 Taking An Idea To Market
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Life one reprieve after the other. Is there another up my sleeve?

Ever felt up your sleeve wanting and handkerchief, and a lots, hidden memory prevails?

Just now I was sorting out a file on the computer.  Actually looking for a few more smile things since finding out how to convert a word document into PDF format.  Just think there are a few little e-books about to get created.  Mark another thing off my bucket list.

Being here as a digital educational distributor has so many ups. One of the best is having all the apps and tools a marketer can utilize throughout their personal daily lives, as well as the times from the bright idea, the campaign preparation to conclusions.

Cleaning and sorting out the computer is just another one of the perks. And there I find this attempt and the poem.  The photos now converted.  Even though the poem is small its point is direct. Potent and the memories of ten years ago have hit home once again.

So much is changing.

Come with me on what feels like its this magical carpet ride through the sky and beyond.  Should I make the choice ever again then my choice would have been to save this kitten cat.  It had gone through so much.

A beautiful mainly white[ when older], very long haired cat.  Found in the bush with its

Ohtobeabletohavesdonesomethingsooner Life one reprieve after the other. Is there another up my sleeve?
A stray kitten resting on my shoulder during the night.

mother. Both strays. Brought here.  A home found for it.  They moved on – leaving this cat a stray.

Later to find it within the hedge.  There was nothing I could do except care for this now feral cat that had come home to die. At that point the bank balance was zero and probably minus a few.  Know the feeling?


So here to a cat.  The memories of which spur me on to better things that what I could offer this one once again found and loved.

trial-120x600 Life one reprieve after the other. Is there another up my sleeve?

Good bye little friend

Today’s the day

I take her away

All morning

She’s been purring

Wanting the play

Cuddling up, begging to stay

Her friendly eyes

Unknown knowledge making them wise

Like you, your mum had the flu,’

I know what I’ve got to do

I watched over her till her end

My backbone is steel, unable to bend

It makes me sad, I want to cry.

Cause I know either way it’s good-bye.

No money for the bills

Unable to treat you gives me the chills

The rubbish bin will smell strange

Life sucks, when money is just out of health’s range.

Wouldn’t you believe it.  A reprieve.

Wonder if I have another up my sleeve?

When this poem was written things were really scarce.  Time, money, education and upskilling, if and through which venues were offering.


Yes.  having these digital projects yo my sleeves have come in handy so often.

When you have something you would like presented well…then this link will help because

with the tools in the ::

what else can you create?

SusaLewissusanlewismaretingdotcom-200x166 Life one reprieve after the other. Is there another up my sleeve?




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characters within the spacing

Everything has its time and place.  As life progresses on so ro do the changes.

Continuinity with changes  in real life also make aware people realise there iare constant changes happening in virtual life. There has to be or nothing could create a frustrated Artifical Intellengce mind so much as standing in a stagnant stukkness.

Keeping up with the times us DigitalBloggers. The old version has been placed aside and the new version is here to stay.

DigitalBloggers is just one lace where members of the SFM community may choose to write.  Primarly access opens from the Student mebership level right through to the Black Membership  level.


The front page of which reads


A Modern, Simplified Blogging Platform that includes Done-For-Your Sales Resources 

Be Orginial, Be real, Be Inspired – Let YOUR Voice Shine Out”



The old version has given way to the new version.  I for one am really happy as well


The Official Blog of Susan contact details on Digital Blogger’s


trial-650x310 characters within the spacing
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Platform Places ‘About Me’

hunting someone out through the internet feels like you are purchasing  them.  Finding which of the many identity is that persons profile picture connects with means scrolling about. The research easily takes up your time.

Focusanddreamonthebeach Platform Places 'About Me'Having a post that you are directed to is a simple idea. Hence this focused post.


About Susan Lewis her values, personal beliefs and so forth.

Campaigns that Susan is active in today : Check the Navigations bar above.

Current places you will find Susan Lewis 

What is it about Susan Lewis Marketing 


Interested in reading about how to share a smile? Then dare to be different  and  Smile as you Click Here

SusaLewissusanlewismaretingdotcom-200x166 Platform Places 'About Me'
Susan Lewis

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Need Your Website Mobile Friendly

Yes ! You Need your Website

Mobile friendly

Why is being friendly important?  Let’s put it in a different way. If you were not friendly would you hang around with you?

The same as Google will put a ‘hurt’ on your website should the site be not mobile friendly. The little bots that we cannot see whose task it is to roam around the net  have been given another task. The net is so overfull of information  the have different parameters now with which to search the net content on. Thus, their workload is lessened.  However if the websites people are searching diligently for are not Bot friendly these will be ignored.  The effect of many people using mobiles has had this result.

Beats an all out mass strike effect with download timeout occurring.

WordPress101 user-friendly

The training is there.  Video training directly relating to what happens and what people can work through with the WordPress 101 coverage of the themes within

WordPress Themes provide a splendid solution if you want to give your blog an attractive and elegant look

As a website person I really am slow picking things up and implementing the bits and pieces of information.  This Google friendly thing is something that has already been spread around the community and internet.

nosweataboutit Need Your Website Mobile Friendly
Absolutely No Sweat About It. Will Not Forget It.

To the Google Bots?

In 2 minutes you can test this.  Especially as you will probably be already connected to Google Webmaster tools.  That being stated then there are a few tools you should check out.

Use this takeaway….. Just copy the code.  Then paste the code into your search bar.  Push enter and let the search do it’s job.

Yes there will be many sites from now on using takeaways.  Again as the click through off your site involves more use of the limited broadband available

And the people visiting.

Since the introductionof ‘Open in a new window came through years ago” visitors were directed to the new page while you kept them on your page.  Simple and that was great for you as well a you were able to “share someone’s juice” as someone once put it.

TheSixFigureMentorsCommunityTV-400x275 Need Your Website Mobile Friendly
Welcome to this ever increasing 24 /7 x 354 days a year developing community.

Google sees the open at another page as an “unfriendly user experience” with mobile phones.  Essentially this blocks the broadband slowing the internet download speed.

What about myself?

Keeping up to date is one thing.  Keeping up to date with a supported community backing you is brilliant.  The isolation of only working through the platforms office team.  

From the Six Figure Mentors and the Digital Experts Academy back office, through to the community the has normal people such as yourself, and me, living their life and seeing things happening.

Where To From Here?

 This is me.  

This is where I want to be!  

Question and figure things out.  Just figure things out as you ask others.  Learn the lessons from the ‘how to video trainings’, ask support, ask questions from the forums and twig a few things.

  You do know that should there be anything I can help you with further then leave a comment below.

Here’s to your Success.



Keep on with creating all those Graphix you want to have. Find out how right here

susanlewiswiththestars-200x200 Need Your Website Mobile Friendly

trial-650x310 Need Your Website Mobile Friendly
Welcome . Having fun in what you are doing is a priceless asset

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You Wanted To Desperately Ignore The Computer Sitting There?

Look! Like me, maybe in the early seventies, you wanted to desperately ignore the computer sitting there with it’s black screen and line green DOS characters glowing.  However here is your chance to help change the world. Use today’s available business techniques, mixed with a little old world wisdom and help retrain future generations.

Who has the ability to teach usages of the internet to current, or future generations? Just a creativitys-about-ownership-400x316 You Wanted To Desperately  Ignore The Computer Sitting There?little ‘bite’ by little ‘bit’.

Now, what technology is, how far-reaching that ‘ever-changing world’ seems is reflected by it’s handlers. US. That is you and me.  Computers were developed  as a logically creative way of minimizing effort, resources and time.

An ecliptic technological convergence of programs, systems, and the end users constantly use feeding back into the transitional developmental cycle.

The result is that technology, its use, and abuse, is now widespread within everything that is developed, created, and used. For instance, humans may be in space.Man has walked on the moon. A probe is visiting Mars. One simple thing to come out of all this is that of

Red-overlooped-arrow-pointing-downwards-from-the-right You Wanted To Desperately  Ignore The Computer Sitting There?
You’re right. Action this soon.

freeze-dried ice cream!

Why Not learn or update your internet skills?

Has change passed generations by?

Think about how the older generations are now starting to have enough knowledge behind them. Thanks partially to their offsprings children being familiar with the computers, handsets, ipods and iPads, televisions and remote controls. The list goes on. Technology has crept into workplaces, so the workforce has had to accept it, learn how to use it or move out the way for the newer more influential


The ability to be proficient with a working environment also means to have further education and ever-changing employment attitude cycle.

Updating skills and knowledge challenges? Fill in some spaces with updated Training, Marketing, and Lead Generation methods. And so much more is thrown in as a bonus’s as well.

Having taken up the challenge myself… and survived to share with you what is within I will be waiting on the other side.  Where to start the education, knowledge while updating my skills.  At a price I could afford. Especially as I was always finding myself just under B.R.O.K.E. …. Being Redundant, therefore Oppressed, Killes Enthusiasm.  I needed something really positive, energy-filled and challenging in my life. Rather than to desperately ignore my plight and just watch the remaining time here go bye bye.


trial-650x310 You Wanted To Desperately  Ignore The Computer Sitting There?

SusaLewissusanlewismaretingdotcom-200x166 You Wanted To Desperately  Ignore The Computer Sitting There?
Susan Lewis

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Grow-Up! Transform Your Reality


Transform your reality into something

that really suits  


The essential person you are. That is right.


Who YOU are!
Go and look at the changing your reality The reality of who you are may take a long .  They don’t offer a miracle.  What they offer  is a free Bootcamp where YOU go and work out your “self”.

This that come by your way once in a lifetime do not usually come back within arms reach. By the time you recognise what just went by you may hope against hope that that same thing will come by again when you are ready for it………. in a perfect world that waiting period will happen. This is not a perfect world by any means.

Where else will you find you have the opportunity to work out… YOU at a cost you, and everyone else, can afford. A little of your Time. When Mark Ford first introduced me to this concept everything was new and shiny there. I waited…That’s what I did.

Then the world went mad

This was during a stage in my own life where my working world was going into a weird phase. Part of that reason was two people out of seven left suddenly. One passed away and the other had a heart attack. Night-shift work for over fourteen to sixteen hours on call does that to you! I left when I realised that my life was next.Not dramatic at all when you know the circumstances.

By now I was now emotionally Bankrupt.  So low that when I came across it  the second time [ thankfully] I didn’t have a dream.

Now there is a  dream.

Five years from that initial contact I now have a dream. I have a focus. Involves working

Whereadreamandaburingdesirecollidea-300x400 Grow-Up! Transform Your Reality
Once the desire and the dream collide is there any stopping you achieve?

towards helping you. Four months after working out my dream I am now going back to what was a hobby of mine. Blogging. A hobby developed out of the necessity to communicate with members within a Not-for-profit-organisation. Neither of these as hobbies pay the bills. They have however given me prior learning skills. Okay and some defensive attitudes developed along the way.

Take the plunge with the BootCamp.

BootCamp was a ticket I needed to grab hold of the survival rope reading “need to Survive.. grab here!” The message was just dangling there every so often in my email box. And again I nearly missed it when I was going to cheat and just hit “Clear All” from the incoming email message box!

Alright I’ll catch you Around.


SusaLewissusanlewismaretingdotcom-200x166 Grow-Up! Transform Your Reality


trial-650x310 Grow-Up! Transform Your Reality
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