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Arriving within the Heyfield Market Area

Heyfield-markets-arriving-at-003-200x151 Arriving within the Heyfield Market Area
Sunrise over the Heyfield Market

Arriving within the Heyfield Country Area. The onset of autumn, followed by the colder winter months delaying the breaking of dawn later and later, till eventually stall holders frantically setting up their wares in the early hours are greeted by the new dawn sky as it breaks over the local church skyline. Such was the case when the #PopCorn4U van arrived. With a Market start time of 8AM the vendors at the Heyfield Country Market  have lots of time to exchange pleasantries prior to the hopeful onslaught of potential customers who as the colder months approach tend to stay tucked up in warm beds longer and longer before making their way to the Heyfield Market

There are times within the year when the dedicated stall vendors take time away from their rounds, Easter however is not usually one of those times as many families come together to mutually attend the local festivities. The assorted refreshments, cakes and lunch offerings available around the Auxiliary building along with the many varied wares bring people out in fairly large numbers.

The atmosphere generated within the Hayfield Market more than makes up for the often cold early starts the vendors endure. The spectacular dawn show, followed by Easter crowds, is one of those special moments in the year that vendors often reflect back on


sue-150-x-150 Arriving within the Heyfield Market Area
Susan Lewis

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Was all that persistence going unrewarded?

Education, Action, Hang in there and Persist.

You want something bad enough then educate yourself, Take Action, Ask for help and Persist.

Think about it. All that persistence and just gathering things is waste of your time. Having everything there and not taking action will just means that dust will gather, mess will occur and time moves on leaving you, the ‘things’, and your future in the past.

Life consists not in holding good cards but in playing those you hold well. So stated George Bernard Shaw. He knew what persistence meant. Then there was paper, pen and an old heavy typewriter.  No internet

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Why Find An Alter Ego In Business

Why Find An Alter Ego In Business – Because The Answer to Why Find An Alter Ego In Business Is Here

Someone once asked “Whether running a business was the same as having an alter ego?” The rationale was that to engage an alter ego was to have a “double life”

Now you are asked to ask you the same question. Comments accepted at the end of the post.

Susanlewis10 Why Find An Alter Ego In Business
Meet “Susan Lewis”

In this post Susan Lewis Alter egos allow the entrepreneurs ego in business to access three basic things.

The first being the having a protective shield for troubles and woes to bounce off or slide down.

The second is to have the freedom with which to present yourself as the best you can be. As well as the belief, and confidence, to juggle things around to suit the occasion.

Purely because the daily grind has less effect on the alter ego. Therefore you, using your alter ego to present your thoughts allows you to go ahead, get things checked off your checklist as completed.

Organisational flows are fed through incoming streams that have less blockages. Getting things done allows the continuity of just knowing your dream is one step closer.

joyful_to_help_build_Online_Autistic_communities-154x200 Why Find An Alter Ego In BusinessChecking off the checklist rearranges the time management allocations. While refreshing the energy levels. And usually everything else in between.

Many people would report that, that in itself, would be a relief. However with the additional effort the inner you realises it is now Joyfully helping to build online family based business communities with other Autistic Adults. The vision is to  be independently in a community while also enjoying the inclusion of other people’s talents in the communities members accessible ‘self sufficient’ aspects. That means a collection of unique individuals, based all over the world. Not necessarily getting into each other’s personal spaces .

Go on give that alter ego a chance. See what change in perception, presentation and persistence comes with having that front. The real you behind your business may in fact not be an alter ego.  Instead, finding an alter ego in your business  may just be your real you emerging once again.

That alter ego the forerunner  of the business strategy, vision and mission statements.

How will you be using your Autism traits work in your favor to make sure that this time for your free business strategy works for you too?

tapforresources-200x101 Why Find An Alter Ego In Business
Tap for resources

The simple answer was to have hit the mobile phone above. The link is provided Susan Lewis who has used these resources on a daily basis.  Susan thoroughly recommends the resources as the nest she has ever found on the internet. These same business resources helped her create are seen here.

Susan saw how others were also adapting and changing at their own pace as they joined in. Give the link a go. Watch the videos.

sue-150-x-150 Why Find An Alter Ego In Business
Meet up with Susan Lewis

Apply to come on through. Do all the modules and when your finished there that new world is only just beginning. In closure The link is supplied again here.

As a person, an entreperunner, a member of that family based business community whats your answer as to why find an alter ego in business?

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Generate strategy steps to boost up my confidence level

Do you know that there are many families who do not have enough to purchase a simple camera or other memory recording device? Did you know  that on any site there is less than three seconds to catch people’s attention? Did you know that these situations make it very may cause lives and sites to be boring?

Imagine if there was a way to use photos and other visual effects, present them in a

look4soultionsheresusanlewismarketingdotnet Generate strategy steps to boost up my confidence level
Look for solutions RIGHT here

professional manner, while upskills old skills and talents! Learning and practicing new skills and practicing  a pass the picture around sharing.

There is, and are ways through these creative obstacles that are minimal cost [ I like the ‘cost everyone can afford’ approach its a giveaway!!].  The fact that all you need is a laptop and the internet, some creative knowledge and apps that will assist you getting even the crappiest picture looking really great.

Hidden natural talents pointed out gave my confidence a boost!

Never having taken a photography course my confidence level was not great.

Then years later that camera was stolen.  For over seventeen years no camera.  Photos were expensive re developmental cost.

Various camera’s used included a plastic Box Brownie, Instamatic film cameras. Then years later that camera was stolen.  For over seventeen years no camera.  Photo developmental costs were expensive. Pocket money would not cover them. Where school jobs made photo development possible the creation of those photos were hindered.

Imagine how nearly fifteen years I felt when slowly the camera was afforded.  A digital camera.  One where there were five hundred photos taken and downloaded at a time. Storage facilities full of pictures exist. Just  what do you do with photos though?

get-in-touch-cards-j-200x158 Generate strategy steps to boost up my confidence level
Find out more get in touch

Well, for me there was my confidence level issue as well.  Not too, many people got to see any of these photos.  However, there was information on the internet where you could alter pictures, merge photos.  Have magic wands, chop and change and all sorts of things.boost up my confidence level the idea of taking visuals into the internet market seems a lot easier.

Even make Giffs. Add visuals into Videos. So many different things to do.

For a while writing on various blogs gave relief.

Added a photo and wondered how to do things differently.  Present them so that they would be eye catching.

Programs like Pinterest or WAYN of Flicker would accept and share the photos. The MelbournePhotowalkers arrived.  So too did the Google Plus page.  Being able to travel, take pictures, share a meal with the vastly different crowd.  As an added benefit, just share photos on their timeline.  Like, comment and share in return.

What happened next.  Gather the information up.  Read about how to do this and that.  And just do not action the information.  Two things have happened in the last twelve months

mysusanlewismarketingthesixfigurementorsjournal Generate strategy steps to boost up my confidence level
A journey within a folder full of newly made memories.

that gave confidence levels a much-needed boost.

Firstly by joining the Six Figure Mentors I found that there was something I could contribute to within the community there.  Creating a “textures of the World” Group was fun. This group was a side benefit of the Six Figure Mentors training that was occurring The training is vast.  What I wanted as well were specifics.  Like base training in particular actions or subject categories.

However, there were time constraints for myself.  I wanted things now to be happening.

Secondly a friend who has now spent a lot of time, effort, and control while showing me different things has given me a precious gift.  That of reigniting an interest in creativity within the Genre that I have chosen to have predominance within my life.  That of being creative online.  Yes, I still have ideas of physically painting when it is warmer. As a break from the online stuff.

Ohtobeabletohavesdonesomethingsooner Generate strategy steps to boost up my confidence level
A stray kitten resting on my shoulder during the night.

So now the photography has been described as textured. So full of texture.  And I have not even got around to speaking of the “Textures Around the World” group either.

Share within the community

Strangely enough, the interest in sharing photo albums has risen again

By taking a gigantic leap of faith in someone else I have the knowledge now of having faith

within my own self.  That the pictures captured and shared are part of myself.  And this visual effect self is no longer hiding from the world.

When people have an idea, they want to take action on the plan. Develop the skills

required.  Practice and learn all there is to learn.  Not wait till the ‘everything is perfect’ phases has been and gone.  Heck, that phase amazes me. Holds so many beautiful things

Whereadreamandaburingdesirecollidea Generate strategy steps to boost up my confidence level
Once the desire and the dream collide is there any stopping you achieve?

back from being explored to its fullest.

Instead ‘taking to market’ these skills is something to be enjoyed knowing that others are enjoying them. This action alone positively reinforces while it boosts up your own, your supporters, and the public’s confidence level with what you bring to market.

Even with the old tools and equipment I have on hand ithe process of taking photos seems a lot more like fun. I can still immerse self behind a camera. Having been able to boost up my confidence level the idea of taking visuals into the internet market seems a lot easier.

Keep on with creating all those Graphix you want to have. Find out how right here.


SusaLewissusanlewismaretingdotcom Generate strategy steps to boost up my confidence level
Susan Lewis

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