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Step Forward. Action simple creative ideas into positive lifestyle changes

Imagine a world where we are born into that appreciates and supports simple, creative ideas? Being able to hold onto these ideas and at a later date market each and every one of these ideas. With the technology available there are many people doing just that.

In days gone by people with the ideas had a system to fight. Someone once said “Time

be-willing-tobe-uncomfortable-198x200 Step Forward. Action simple creative ideas into positive lifestyle changes
Action simple creative ideas. Make them work with you. Towards achieving your dream.

waits for no man”. So many ideas that would have changed the world as we know it were simply lost during development.

Or created made and left in sheds until someone else found them. Did not know what they were and gave them away.

With todays digital economy leaving the last western world traditional economy behind what have we got? Little to no employment for many. Unemployment for the rest. Be they older overskill highly qualified peoples in an age where their knowledge is “no longer good enough”

The answer is a simple blend of the cottage industry going online for many people. Be they involved in the alternative worlds, the futuristic challenges world, what other community people are developing out there… online sales of good and services produce varied income potentials.

Creativty is a journey of expression. Actioning those expressions. Some journey though cause the troughs are worth every peak aimed forEach persons journey is their own. Shared with other and essentially their own.

As humans creatively is a challenge to regain. As children creativity was replaced by having to find a sustainable income. Look where this has gotten you now. Nik Nekeare sums this up as ” Until you take action and hate the effort that makes you annoyingly uncomfortable will you understand… so go for it like you stole it”

At this point of reading this postt you’ve made yourself comfortable in your life. I’m going to talk to you for a while, You can listen to the words I say, and drift off into a state of

Agree-Hands-Up-susanlewismarketingdotcom-300x225 Step Forward. Action simple creative ideas into positive lifestyle changes
All Agree Hands up

relaxation as they may not apply to your circumstances. Alternatively taking note and looking around at where your life is heading now.

We expand our comfort zones in ways that work..Meet with people who you have never met face to face. …. YET. Through the screen your looking at now. Face to face in momentum days, retreats. Training and skills development modules. So many different ways. On the beach. Picnics. Out on the town. Riding a ferry. Seeing different highlights.

You may, or may not, be comfortable with a talking to others online. A skill that comes in handy as you join in a few hangouts o skype calls One on one or in a group situation. Through collaboration we are able to all lend a hand and take those simple, yet creative Ideas online and market the heck out of them.

Can you really enjoy actioning those creative streams of energy not knowing how to market the creativity to it’s fullest? Meet with people who you have never met face to face before while you learn to build foundations, meet your market niche, find your one dream, complete aa breakdowns of the steps to that holding onto that dream. Take the steps to hardcoverstackme-holding-balloons-168x200 Step Forward. Action simple creative ideas into positive lifestyle changes

Balloons, Butterflies and smiles float around looking for a smile

Give life to your creativity. One simple step is to bring a simple smile into your day.  Expect it. Go out and find it.  Better yet share a smile with someone you happen to pass by.

Come on in and join in the discussion. Learning the digital lifestyle skills connected to internet use as you go.

Okay, If there is any part of you is saying “I’m really interested in a digital lifestyle. I really want this. Go for it. It’s speaking to you for a reason. That digital lifestyle is waiting for you to carve it out. Gut reactions are powerful in pointing people in the right direction. Especially when they involve putting into action simple creative ideas into positive lifestyle changes.

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