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Change Comes Just One Piece At A Time

Know this of change.

Changes happen one piece at a time.  Change happens slowly. Then all at once.

The biggest thing with change is that it has the life force of its own.  Once the change has woken up the choice is of two parts. Either to be on board for the roller coaster ride of your life. Or to slowly walk quietly backward and hope like mad that change does not Lifes-a-rollar-coaster-ride-200x150 Change Comes Just One Piece At A Timeoverwhelm you while pulling the carpet out from under your feet.

Whatever happens just keep making change and taking action.  Just one piece at a time.

When I joined the Six Figure Mentors, I honestly did not know what hit me.  Spun me around and turned me upside down. While, stopping me in my tracks.  One comforting thing was the fact that there were others in the same boat as myself.  And was that a ride of a lifetime. Actually, it still is.  Come on board.

Some seem to have smooth sailing

Appearing just to glide on by.  Others sink.  Some sink and swim. Still others either dodge the next wave or refuse even to get their toes wet. Having a choice is a beautiful thing.

Right at the start of the application process each person is given the same information. That with the ‘ticket’ that is purchased is a with a money back guarantee. That everything they need is right there and given to them.  Everything else they do is their choice.

Before you start to take charge of your life and change.

Look at it this way: the level of the ticket does not change the ‘everything you need’ things available to you. What is engaged is the amount of commitment you are about to place in the ring.  How much do you want to get your hands on your dream?  Is it proportional with the ride of the lifetime roller coasters dips, peaks, and troughs? Or is your ticket a flat and steady ride.  What has been learned is that when you purchase that ticket there will be times when you need to sit out and watch the others go by.  Change the tracks over manually.  Jump back on board. If necessary, get out and build the new tracks all by yourself.  What an adventure ride of a lifetime this is.

Check this out. Accepting change happens slowly. Then all at once, is different from being on the roller coaster. Knowing that you have and are constantly, going forward.

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