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All this effort is worth it

Viewing the world around people effort verse their achievements is different for everyone of us. One retoriacal hook of a questions is the old Often stipulated with that invisabole ‘sigh” infuring what ever we want it to be. Usually Is all this effort worth it” The following post is one based on personal experience.

This post is about seeing every step as a turning point where every moment is turned into a highway for personal growth. One stepping stone at a time to transform challenges into sand where ince stood molehills. To jar the mind uto knowing that success often depends on how you look at things.

Yes.  Oh Yes. All this effort is worth it.

Ever wondered why there is the constant reminder that all this effort is worth it. Having the dream is what the strategies hook onto is important.  Each stepping stone of the way is built backwards.

Start with the dream and brake that down until you reach a check-list of actions that lead back to the dream.  All that is in place. Good.  Now put yourself out there. Complete one step at a time.  Blend the next ones into one that just happens to be one level upwards.

There are times of indecision. Overwhelm rushes at you. Confusion. Being unsure.  Wondering why the heck you are still doing what you were doing yesterday. Last year. For the past fifteen years.  Then something happens.  Some small thing.  That starts you off again.  Like the small lapping waves that reach out touching the shore. Once again the cycle starts again.

Once again, the wondering is still there. Do you carry on as you were?  Should you try a new version?

Time for a self-evaluation

And this happened yesterday.

Yes: people are actually finding what it is that I am putting out there when it comes to their stories. So the big fish in the little pond idea is what I am dealing with re the newsletter is working.

Yesterday at Heyfield Market one of the people whose idea was written about had the man’s mother partner going to Melbourne The mother mentioned to her daughter in law, which had daughter-in-law looking. Telling her mum about it. She found it. Is so full of joy and happiness that she is telling people about it. Followed up with explaining to the CNC lady

enjoy-your-newsletter-transparent-200x150 All this effort is worth it
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about the concept of the newsletter and how to place information on the newsletter itself. So she will follow up on that as well.

I like the personal touch with able to explain person to person what it is that I wish to do. Doing that. Then seeing that person another time and finding out that I reaction.

Spoke to a couple yesterday that have a beautiful non-preservative etc wine. They have no internet nothing. People cannot follow up and order more. Therefore today I am doing their story. The one and only story online about their wine. It gives me great pleasure being a “whale in a rain drop!”. This is what I mean about helping people tell the story as to why they are out there doing things.

Worth it Yes. I get pleasure that they are found.

Not knowing that they already have the expertise by writing about them they get some authority to back up the expertise. Someone else with enough clout gets them noticed.

On the other side that makes it easier to get what is needed to get out there.. out there. Simply because of linking. By that I mean writing as a big fish in little pond means that people are interested in finding what is written. That they read it places a link there on the sites page. This in turn raises site’s search engine rank. And the pages raise again allowing more people within the same niche to find them. So I write what the stepping stone steps of the dream is, along with what I also want to write : how neurobiological trauma seeps into some people’s lives, quite possibly confusing the Autism traits such as selective mutism that strikes and implodes at odd times. Yet so many of these people carry on with their lives. Follow the neurobiological series to learn more. Realise that everything you do now, and everything in your past has been worth it.

Get in touch with your niche. Be the big fish in your markets little pond.  When the pond gets to small you will have that momentum, belief and authority to propel the jump into the bigger pond of your choosing.

Meanwhile, the newsletter offer is there on the right side of this post. Simply use your best email …join up. Oh, and place Susan Lewis into your own email contacts.

It’s an old method that people use to get noticed. This ‘gather your friends’ method means that things are getting out there besides what I am encouraging people to read by sending the links through the media outlets myself. Hence why actions on social media accounts like Twitter accounts being active are so important.

It’s time to stop dreaming and start doing.

You have an idea. It is worth taking it out there…. to market.  Join the newsletter receive information in small bite size reads as to how. All this effort is worth it.

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