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The Persistent Strategy is Just Don’t Quit

Usually, people arrive with good wishes, along with words of wisdom such as “the persistent strategy is Just Don’t Quit”  when a journey forward starts.  Conversely, when an inner journey begins they collectively crowd around. The ‘well wishes’ turn to gasps of astonishment! And “what are you going to do that for?”

From this point maybe the doubt surfaces. people probably stop and begin to second guess themselves all over again. Right now there is a

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Arriving within the Heyfield Market Area

Heyfield-markets-arriving-at-003-200x151 Arriving within the Heyfield Market Area
Sunrise over the Heyfield Market

Arriving within the Heyfield Country Area. The onset of autumn, followed by the colder winter months delaying the breaking of dawn later and later, till eventually stall holders frantically setting up their wares in the early hours are greeted by the new dawn sky as it breaks over the local church skyline. Such was the case when the #PopCorn4U van arrived. With a Market start time of 8AM the vendors at the Heyfield Country Market  have lots of time to exchange pleasantries prior to the hopeful onslaught of potential customers who as the colder months approach tend to stay tucked up in warm beds longer and longer before making their way to the Heyfield Market

There are times within the year when the dedicated stall vendors take time away from their rounds, Easter however is not usually one of those times as many families come together to mutually attend the local festivities. The assorted refreshments, cakes and lunch offerings available around the Auxiliary building along with the many varied wares bring people out in fairly large numbers.

The atmosphere generated within the Hayfield Market more than makes up for the often cold early starts the vendors endure. The spectacular dawn show, followed by Easter crowds, is one of those special moments in the year that vendors often reflect back on


sue-150-x-150 Arriving within the Heyfield Market Area
Susan Lewis

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Was all that persistence going unrewarded?

Education, Action, Hang in there and Persist.

You want something bad enough then educate yourself, Take Action, Ask for help and Persist.

Think about it. All that persistence and just gathering things is waste of your time. Having everything there and not taking action will just means that dust will gather, mess will occur and time moves on leaving you, the ‘things’, and your future in the past.

Life consists not in holding good cards but in playing those you hold well. So stated George Bernard Shaw. He knew what persistence meant. Then there was paper, pen and an old heavy typewriter.  No internet

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Why find an alter ego in business

Someone once asked “Whether running a business was the same as having an alter ego?” The rationale was that to engage an alter ego was to have a “double life”

I now ask you the same question.

Alter egos allow you two basic things. The first being the having a protective shield for troubles and woes to bounce off or slide down. The second is to have the freedom with which to present yourself as the best you can be. As well as and confidence to juggle things around to suit the occasion.

Purely because the daily grind has less effect on the alter ego. Therefore using your alter ego to present your thoughts allows you to go ahead and get things checked off your checklist as completed.

Organisational flows are fed through incoming streams that have less blockages. Getting things done allows the continuity of just knowing your dream is one step closer.

Checking off the checklist rearranges the time management allocations. While refreshing the energy levels. And usually everything else in between.

Many people would report that that in itself would be a relief.

Go on give that alter ego a chance. See what change in perception, presentation and persistence comes with having that front. The real you behind your business may in fact not be an alter ego.  Instead, finding an alter ego in your business  may just be your real you emerging once again.


sue-150-x-150 Why find an alter ego in business
Susan Lewis

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