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Praxis Pro-Active Producing Smile Action Applications

Smiles-are-4-free-100x-200 Praxis Pro-Active  Producing Smile Action Applications
Smiles are free just like a floating balloon

hardcoverstackme-holding-balloons1 Praxis Pro-Active  Producing Smile Action Applications


Be aware that there is a “Receiving one smile coming in” alert about to happen. Are you ready to share that wonderful smile of yours yet? Time for Praxis Pro-Active Producing Smile Actions to occur… now.

Smiles influencing other people are Priceless. One upon a time they arrive within your life.

Your smiles is a precious thing to share.


And so what is asked of you is to help multiply the smiles in people’s lives.  Let them share “To Smile is…”  Add the smiles grow so too will the pages within the book cover.


To-Smile-Is...-ebook-front Praxis Pro-Active  Producing Smile Action Applications
This book could well be contagious. The contents within are to always be growing. As you enjoy the smiles presence please brighten someone else’s day by sharing the pages. Thank you

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Keep on with that smile for a long while


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Susan Lewis

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Dare To Be The Best You Can And Smile

At an early age my mother once told me to ” Dare to be different as you smile”. And so the stage was set for life. Agree with me. Being hired because of smile and a dare to be different was definitely a weird scenario.  Yet, to some extent a large lingering lesson from earlier times had  been reinforced.

Smile. The action of release engages the inner child. No matter how old you feel, how shattering your day, look for the smile.

hardcoverstackme-holding-balloons-168x200 Dare To Be The Best You Can And Smile
Balloons, Butterflies and children float around looking for a smile

“At all Times Dare to Be”  the one who starts the migration of the smile.

Dare to be the best you can be.

So many people have past by the smallest of uplifting experiences.

Given up hope of ever again having a smile touch the lips of an angel land upon their face.

The dark of the gloom leaves when the soft breeze of the butterfly wings graces their day.

A child you see from the caterpillar comes a emerges a butterfly.

Until the time a child knows that from the caterpillar emerges a butterfly they live in wonder.

Where too would a balloon float  too.  Is there a balloon heaven somewhere out, in these galaxies?  How far the older knowledge has changed?

Yet, in their innocence they dare to question the sameness of their world.

As  adults sometimes the loss may be felt as we wonder “Where have all the smiles gone?” Did they float away too?

Until a smile is released.  Dare to come your way with the lightest touch of grace, innocence and wonder.

And Smile

Everywhere you go. Everyone you talk too needs a Smile. Dare to stand out. Let the world see you both smile and, as Steve Maraboli one stated, “At all times dare to be”. Especially as you smile.


Interested in reading about how to share a smile? Then dare to be different  and  Smile as you Click Here

sue-150-x-150 Dare To Be The Best You Can And Smile
Susan Lewis

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Smile Cause It’s Australian Taxation Time.

The Australian Taxation Auditor said what…

Years ago, while at the now Latrobe University in Gippsland, an Australian Taxation Auditor was explaining about keeping three sets of books. I gasped. Horrified.  The explanation went on to explain that these books were

The explanation went on to explain that these books were

  1. The diary.  Throw away after a few years.
  2. The financial books.  Throw away after eleven [ now seven] years.
  3. A journal of your journey. Alive from the first minute you pen the very first comment into them.These form the unseen backbone of your business. The vision and mission statements form the fibre that hold everything within together.

The journal of the journey was where you initially note all your physical assets. Your businesses physical assets I mean.  Now work out the personal assets.  Here you bring everything into the list. Include all the educational, skills and training your have.

Next move is to note the where you want to be in fifteen years time. Using the analogy of flying to the moon the question came back “The Moon. Was that where you wanted to The-moon-b-200x134 Smile Cause It's Australian Taxation Time.stay?”  To utilize the system the best for the taxation department, they wanted to know that you were returning.  Therefore, before you get to the moon was a speaking circuit being developed for after your return!  What about writing the book. Selling the rights to a film to be created.  All the backup software and promotional goods. By one arm of the Australian Government supporting your choice to be in business what were they going to get back, besides tax from you that is.  How was supporting you going to support the community you were with.  What was you social worth going to be?

What you write in the journal is for your life time.

When explaining this concept to others I used what my then account told me.  In the journal place what you are going to do in fifteen years time. In this case fly to the moon.  Then add the before and after.  The after was already covered above.

What of the before? Have you included the lawn mover that you use to mow other people’s lawns? Or loan out for a rate of return?  When something was purchased in order to make more money go through the back that was classed as potential income. Potential income meant there had to be a return on investment.  Returns on investments were a taxation persons delight. These meant business for the accountant, for the person who made the nuts that put the lawnmower together.  When I used it to mow someone else’s lawn I got fitter.  Therefore getting fitter to go to the moon, and back to speak on the circuit money was being generated.  The Taxation department wanted money generated.

 The disclaimer. Please do your own research. 

It sounds a simple thing that the more money generated the better the GPI, but how many of us really think anything about it. I did not. To this day I am not sure what that means. However, do realise that I am not an accountant.  That times have changed in the last fifteen years since I heard this description of the three valuable books in accounting.. And that anyone reading this post is charged to go and research with due diligence on their own behalf to find out what the current Australian Taxation laws are. Particularly those pertaining to their field.

See you next year too.

Each year the tax time comes around. And each year “It’s not the fist bounce” of getting the books to the accountant … “it’s the second bounce that hurts!” of waiting for the accountants verdict. Was the social worth return on my investment equal too or greater than the financial return on my investment?

Because you now have legitimate three sets of books, smile when your accountant asks for your signature so you can lodged at Australian Taxation time.  I certainly hope you do.

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Step Forward. Action simple creative ideas into positive lifestyle changes

Imagine a world where we are born into that appreciates and supports simple, creative ideas? Being able to hold onto these ideas and at a later date market each and every one of these ideas. With the technology available there are many people doing just that.

In days gone by people with the ideas had a system to fight. Someone once said “Time

be-willing-tobe-uncomfortable-198x200 Step Forward. Action simple creative ideas into positive lifestyle changes
Action simple creative ideas. Make them work with you. Towards achieving your dream.

waits for no man”. So many ideas that would have changed the world as we know it were simply lost during development.

Or created made and left in sheds until someone else found them. Did not know what they were and gave them away.

With todays digital economy leaving the last western world traditional economy behind what have we got? Little to no employment for many. Unemployment for the rest. Be they older overskill highly qualified peoples in an age where their knowledge is “no longer good enough”

The answer is a simple blend of the cottage industry going online for many people. Be they involved in the alternative worlds, the futuristic challenges world, what other community people are developing out there… online sales of good and services produce varied income potentials.

Creativty is a journey of expression. Actioning those expressions. Some journey though cause the troughs are worth every peak aimed forEach persons journey is their own. Shared with other and essentially their own.

As humans creatively is a challenge to regain. As children creativity was replaced by having to find a sustainable income. Look where this has gotten you now. Nik Nekeare sums this up as ” Until you take action and hate the effort that makes you annoyingly uncomfortable will you understand… so go for it like you stole it”

At this point of reading this postt you’ve made yourself comfortable in your life. I’m going to talk to you for a while, You can listen to the words I say, and drift off into a state of

Agree-Hands-Up-susanlewismarketingdotcom-300x225 Step Forward. Action simple creative ideas into positive lifestyle changes
All Agree Hands up

relaxation as they may not apply to your circumstances. Alternatively taking note and looking around at where your life is heading now.

We expand our comfort zones in ways that work..Meet with people who you have never met face to face. …. YET. Through the screen your looking at now. Face to face in momentum days, retreats. Training and skills development modules. So many different ways. On the beach. Picnics. Out on the town. Riding a ferry. Seeing different highlights.

You may, or may not, be comfortable with a talking to others online. A skill that comes in handy as you join in a few hangouts o skype calls One on one or in a group situation. Through collaboration we are able to all lend a hand and take those simple, yet creative Ideas online and market the heck out of them.

Can you really enjoy actioning those creative streams of energy not knowing how to market the creativity to it’s fullest? Meet with people who you have never met face to face before while you learn to build foundations, meet your market niche, find your one dream, complete aa breakdowns of the steps to that holding onto that dream. Take the steps to hardcoverstackme-holding-balloons-168x200 Step Forward. Action simple creative ideas into positive lifestyle changes

Balloons, Butterflies and smiles float around looking for a smile

Give life to your creativity. One simple step is to bring a simple smile into your day.  Expect it. Go out and find it.  Better yet share a smile with someone you happen to pass by.

Come on in and join in the discussion. Learning the digital lifestyle skills connected to internet use as you go.

Okay, If there is any part of you is saying “I’m really interested in a digital lifestyle. I really want this. Go for it. It’s speaking to you for a reason. That digital lifestyle is waiting for you to carve it out. Gut reactions are powerful in pointing people in the right direction. Especially when they involve putting into action simple creative ideas into positive lifestyle changes.

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With the skills learned in completing the video challenge


You probably already know about video creation.

But, how surprised will you be to find that you can be incredibly calm adding other new skills? Let’s see how far the Six Figure Mentor video challenge has taken me?

Noted that if someone had told me I would be standing in front of camera creating a video they would have got a strange look. Years ago using the computer was such a challenge as  ‘technophobia’ had me in its clutches. However, to communicate to parents and members of the organisation I was in reaching out was necessary. This lead to learning about social media sharing. That meant pictures and videos of other people. Fifteen years later and Social Media had become a game to me. Over twelve years of that time there are about four photos where I am captured within. You see  I took the photos, shot a few really basic videos and stayed away from anyone else with a camera.

About a month after joining the Six Figure Mentors in 2014 I heard about the 90 day Video Challenge.

Become aware of what holds you back?

In the twelve years of having a FinePix digital camera, something like this challenge was never given a thought about. That mindset was about to undergo radical change.

Before leaving Churchill Taxis as a driver, a replacement camera had been priced. High resolution, all the lenses and extra bits had turned into an ‘excuse’ of being an open-ended promise of “one day this will be achieved”.  Not getting the camera that ‘ reason’ soon became an excuse.  The difference the FinePix is still here, still being utilized. Plus, to achieve this objective, one of the strategies is to replace this one with that new one, using attraction marketing.

Did you ever want to do something different?

Sox-swimming--200x149 With the skills learned in completing the video challenge
A Dogs life Smiles Influencing People Youtube hosted video – Part of the Six Figure Mentors 90 Day Video Challenge

Three attempts and one completion of the 90-day video challenge had the comfort zone now running to catch up with new skills, old skills revamped.  Working out what was needed to achieve the effects wanted.  Even rearranging two rooms within the house so that lighting early am when little outside disturbances were occurring.

The SFM 90day challenge has its own “video challenge community”. The members there longest have gained skills.  These they share with others.  Meanwhile, all are learning, sharing and improving remarkably.

Every day the small things were seen when others did their challenge.  They were interesting. Went past the basic practical skills needed to be learned just to shoot the video. Hunting out phrases that were straight to the point was a definite challenge. One that was moved aside to not overload the learning and practicing process.  Learning to accept what seemed to be incomplete work nearly caused a mass going back effect through the subconscious. Particularly as the OCD kicked.  Mindset changes had to start with recognition and then simple steps of progress.  One step at a time.  The videos improvement rate became slow.

Rocket-Science-SimpleLeadCapture-200x149 With the skills learned in completing the video challenge
SusanLewis : Your independent distributor of the Six Figure Mentor Digital Educational Products

Learning to accept what seemed to be incomplete work.Even if that incomplete, non-perfect work was yourself image. That little trick nearly caused a mass going back effect through the subconscious. Particularly as the OCD kicked.  Mindset changes had to start with recognition and then simple steps of progress. Bringing through old skills. Plus across the board older skill sets of presentation, creativity, determination and an acceptance of the incomplete ‘self’.  One step at a time supported by the SFM community.

The videos improvement rate became slower as the details started to sort themselves out. This took time.  Yet the video creation of one video a day was finally achieved. Now with the mixture of both old and new skills learned, practiced and presented completing the video challenge has added a new dimension to getting the ideas out there and into the marketplace.

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Change Comes Just One Piece At A Time

Know this of change.

Changes happen one piece at a time.  Change happens slowly. Then all at once.

The biggest thing with change is that it has the life force of its own.  Once the change has woken up the choice is of two parts. Either to be on board for the roller coaster ride of your life. Or to slowly walk quietly backward and hope like mad that change does not Lifes-a-rollar-coaster-ride-200x150 Change Comes Just One Piece At A Timeoverwhelm you while pulling the carpet out from under your feet.

Whatever happens just keep making change and taking action.  Just one piece at a time.

When I joined the Six Figure Mentors, I honestly did not know what hit me.  Spun me around and turned me upside down. While, stopping me in my tracks.  One comforting thing was the fact that there were others in the same boat as myself.  And was that a ride of a lifetime. Actually, it still is.  Come on board.

Some seem to have smooth sailing

Appearing just to glide on by.  Others sink.  Some sink and swim. Still others either dodge the next wave or refuse even to get their toes wet. Having a choice is a beautiful thing.

Right at the start of the application process each person is given the same information. That with the ‘ticket’ that is purchased is a with a money back guarantee. That everything they need is right there and given to them.  Everything else they do is their choice.

Before you start to take charge of your life and change.

Look at it this way: the level of the ticket does not change the ‘everything you need’ things available to you. What is engaged is the amount of commitment you are about to place in the ring.  How much do you want to get your hands on your dream?  Is it proportional with the ride of the lifetime roller coasters dips, peaks, and troughs? Or is your ticket a flat and steady ride.  What has been learned is that when you purchase that ticket there will be times when you need to sit out and watch the others go by.  Change the tracks over manually.  Jump back on board. If necessary, get out and build the new tracks all by yourself.  What an adventure ride of a lifetime this is.

Check this out. Accepting change happens slowly. Then all at once, is different from being on the roller coaster. Knowing that you have and are constantly, going forward.

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Bring on the smile… Just one little smile

Just one little smile. A simple smile has a universal energy all of their own. Honest-to-goodness people may choose to not recognize the impact of a smile. Bring on the smile.Thinking there is nothing to ‘it’ means that smile, that rare and precious, genuine, ghost of a smile has been diminished.

People will walk for miles for just one little smile

Gidday my name is Susan Lewis and I make the figurative statement that people will ‘walk for miles for one little smile” because I’ve seen it happen..  Working with young youth within communities there was always a challenge to bring on the smile… just one little smile of those who attended the meeting times.

When you are really, a simple adulterated smile even taps into and distributes energy smiles-have-a-Universal-energy-all-of-their-own-146x200 Bring on the smile... Just one little smilewithin. Lightening up the world Creating that part of time sparkly, tingly. Leaving behind an electrified vibrancy zapped with pleasure

Like the touch of sunbeams coming through a mist to being to smile has caused this minor miracle to remember that the “he’s begun to relax” muscles within the brain to  acknowledge one got away. Lock up the face muscles, tie down the personality, operate in neutral. Squash any follow through.

If it meant you would have just one little smile

That smile to be a blip on the face maybe just one little smile ultimately stretching into a dimple on the cheek, and laughter lines around the eyes.

People need not hear the sound of the simple smile cause there is no sound. Stealth of being combined with wealth of living. An ‘I’m outta here’ dive across the finish line just occurs. No warning and no welcome. The time is right .

The bursting forth of the smile on the dial is the combination to the escape code. The sound of the effects however of a smile imprinting itself whereever there is a landing place will just be there like the air that passes through a powerful gossamer flap of the butterfly’s wings. Soft, gentle and freely dispersed.
Bring-on-the-smile- Bring on the smile... Just one little smile

Genuine articles will artlessly travel the world in a flash. You miss it once. Unaffected that smile will be back.. There is no catching, and maintaining worries with the sincere variety.

Take away any negatives with just one little smile

SusanLewisandLogo Bring on the smile... Just one little smile
Visit the autistic communities page through here. 

Deal with the negatives by taking that one little smile turning it up the right way and producing that one little smile. No matter what.

Like a car on blocks the false smile will get weighted down …. It ain’t going anywhere fast.  Children tend to look within others. As though there is no physical boundaries.

That simple smiles the key to the connecting of all the rest of the emotions. The glue to the jigsaw puzzle of life is to bring on the smile. That innocent simple little smile

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Marketing Properly Means There Is A Once Only Policy

Marketing and Communication is a balance

First impressions count as there is a once only policy when communication between people occurs.  When there is even one mistake, that one little mistake will get picked up on, and remembered. After that are the constant communication updates, reviews and “did I really think and say that that way?”.

Whichever way things go communication is a must. Being able to communicate what you need to put out there has so many methods it is interesting  Consider the results being Hello-are-your-there-200x135 Marketing Properly Means There Is A Once Only Policybetter, clearer  while helping to build your credibility as an outcome. Writing the emails for a Smile A Day message. Sending out newsletters. Composing blog posts.  Adding the caption text to the bottom of Video the video screen enabling the hearing impaired easier understanding of what the video is about. As varied and intense, or as casual and creative as that first impression needs to be the list goes on.

Whatever you are about to communicate needs punctuation, grammar and spelling checks. Know whether your writing is too passive. Then again, there are the different levels of writing.  Technological, PhD stuff or everyday speak.

Connect yourself to proactive communication results 

How many times have you wondered about bettering the way you are reaching out to people?   Running what you are writing through the application such as free version picks up so many of these little quirks.

Feels good to know that the grammar is checked right from your browser or on your own microsoft office applications.basically everywhere your attached computer system is

ideas-to-market-1000-x-200-200x40 Marketing Properly Means There Is A Once Only Policy
Take your Ideas to Market

there is the instant proofreading and plagiarism check.  Quitely activated with the well known squiggly red lines and straight green ones.

Writing-enhancement platforms are a sane way of getting the basic things done. With the use of anyone of these applications, the objective is making an impression that really does count.  Choose to treat the method  of your communication as a means to the right way to communicate. Then keep up to date.

Think that each time communication is attempted it is a once only policy.

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All this effort is worth it

Viewing the world around people effort verse their achievements is different for everyone of us. One retoriacal hook of a questions is the old Often stipulated with that invisabole ‘sigh” infuring what ever we want it to be. Usually Is all this effort worth it” The following post is one based on personal experience.

This post is about seeing every step as a turning point where every moment is turned into a highway for personal growth. One stepping stone at a time to transform challenges into sand where ince stood molehills. To jar the mind uto knowing that success often depends on how you look at things.

Yes.  Oh Yes. All this effort is worth it.

Ever wondered why there is the constant reminder that all this effort is worth it. Having the dream is what the strategies hook onto is important.  Each stepping stone of the way is built backwards.

Start with the dream and brake that down until you reach a check-list of actions that lead back to the dream.  All that is in place. Good.  Now put yourself out there. Complete one step at a time.  Blend the next ones into one that just happens to be one level upwards.

There are times of indecision. Overwhelm rushes at you. Confusion. Being unsure.  Wondering why the heck you are still doing what you were doing yesterday. Last year. For the past fifteen years.  Then something happens.  Some small thing.  That starts you off again.  Like the small lapping waves that reach out touching the shore. Once again the cycle starts again.

Once again, the wondering is still there. Do you carry on as you were?  Should you try a new version?

Time for a self-evaluation

And this happened yesterday.

Yes: people are actually finding what it is that I am putting out there when it comes to their stories. So the big fish in the little pond idea is what I am dealing with re the newsletter is working.

Yesterday at Heyfield Market one of the people whose idea was written about had the man’s mother partner going to Melbourne The mother mentioned to her daughter in law, which had daughter-in-law looking. Telling her mum about it. She found it. Is so full of joy and happiness that she is telling people about it. Followed up with explaining to the CNC lady

enjoy-your-newsletter-transparent-200x150 All this effort is worth it
Get your updated copy of “NEWS FLASH!!”  by submitting your request by e-mail in the bottom right hand side of this post

about the concept of the newsletter and how to place information on the newsletter itself. So she will follow up on that as well.

I like the personal touch with able to explain person to person what it is that I wish to do. Doing that. Then seeing that person another time and finding out that I reaction.

Spoke to a couple yesterday that have a beautiful non-preservative etc wine. They have no internet nothing. People cannot follow up and order more. Therefore today I am doing their story. The one and only story online about their wine. It gives me great pleasure being a “whale in a rain drop!”. This is what I mean about helping people tell the story as to why they are out there doing things.

Worth it Yes. I get pleasure that they are found.

Not knowing that they already have the expertise by writing about them they get some authority to back up the expertise. Someone else with enough clout gets them noticed.

On the other side that makes it easier to get what is needed to get out there.. out there. Simply because of linking. By that I mean writing as a big fish in little pond means that people are interested in finding what is written. That they read it places a link there on the sites page. This in turn raises site’s search engine rank. And the pages raise again allowing more people within the same niche to find them. So I write what the stepping stone steps of the dream is, along with what I also want to write : how neurobiological trauma seeps into some people’s lives, quite possibly confusing the Autism traits such as selective mutism that strikes and implodes at odd times. Yet so many of these people carry on with their lives. Follow the neurobiological series to learn more. Realise that everything you do now, and everything in your past has been worth it.

Get in touch with your niche. Be the big fish in your markets little pond.  When the pond gets to small you will have that momentum, belief and authority to propel the jump into the bigger pond of your choosing.

Meanwhile, the newsletter offer is there on the right side of this post. Simply use your best email …join up. Oh, and place Susan Lewis into your own email contacts.

It’s an old method that people use to get noticed. This ‘gather your friends’ method means that things are getting out there besides what I am encouraging people to read by sending the links through the media outlets myself. Hence why actions on social media accounts like Twitter accounts being active are so important.

It’s time to stop dreaming and start doing.

You have an idea. It is worth taking it out there…. to market.  Join the newsletter receive information in small bite size reads as to how. All this effort is worth it.

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The Persistent Strategy is Just Don’t Quit

Usually, people arrive with good wishes, along with words of wisdom such as “the persistent strategy is Just Don’t Quit”  when a journey forward starts.  Conversely, when an inner journey begins they collectively crowd around. The ‘well wishes’ turn to gasps of astonishment! And “what are you going to do that for?”

From this point maybe the doubt surfaces. people probably stop and begin to second guess themselves all over again. Right now there is a

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