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Share the knowledge….it’s a free world

Heck, it’s a free world!.

Keeping up to date you realise that skills maintenance training costs though.  Either in time, money, effort, experience or loss of search engine rank page [also known as serp].

 When you are, at least, an Elite member of the Six Figure Mentors the training you receive from working with people like Tom Breeze is videoed.  Accessible through the back office. Twenty-four hours of the day. Where ever you are as long as there is an internet access available amazing. <!–more–>

Tom Breeze video tutorials, as well as the community groups connected are inspirational YouTube training and is fantastic. With basic knowledge furthering these levels is a doable and achievable, very gratifying experience.

ideas-to-market-1000-x-200-200x40 Share the knowledge....it's a free world
Take your Ideas to Market

Feel your not quite up to that standard yet.  Okay, I went back and for fun started the necessary ‘basic’ training.  These come in short bite size videos and transcripts. Had to play the video back several times and reread the transcript.  Once I finally answered a question right moving into the next segment was a relief.  Because the relief sensation was simply that the knowledge gap had been filled.

Acknowledge a knowledge gap

Realizing just how the ‘missing gap’ was affecting the overall marketing performance, the answers needed to be found. This feeling of understanding now lead to confidence and power in the future approach to things that no longer needed a ‘fix it’ attention.  Just action.

Part of that action was to have the confidence to accept help when it was offered.

Jay, one of the Six Figure Mentors co-founders, is often heard to state ” Wash, Rinse and Repeat”.  Subsequent to accepting help once, now there is a positive two more people helping. Each obtaining a certain amount of confidence, reciprocal recognition and so mush more that I just do not have the ability to name as yet.  Even people who are part of, or just receiving the newsletter are sharing the knowledge freely.

When these basic skills have been learned, practiced, resorted out, pushed out there the rewards for time and effort follow. Knowing that actions slowly bring forward the truth.

the-digital-gold-rush-200x40 Share the knowledge....it's a free world
Catch up through Digital Education.

Experiencing is just how much the saying is ” it’s a free world” is correct is a real buzz.  Free to move onto the next thing.  Support the complimentary video series set to you.  Just add your best email then be ready to have a quick read pick me up daily.

now with confidence in your own self-actualization helping others achieve their dreams comes forward as well. Especially when sharing becomes no problem.  Hay, with that knowledge  it truly is a ‘free’ world to explore.


sue-150-x-150 Share the knowledge....it's a free world
Susan Lewis

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Digital Education Reaches Through Into What You Are Doing

Today digital education reaches through into people’s lives. Affecting commercial and daily marketing procedures. With the right information,  you have an understanding of how, and what the media can do for a business.

People are used to popping onto social streams.  New marketers are experiencing fewer clampdowns on their advertising. Messages to their readers are getting out there without black hat dirty tricks.  Making things easier for both the reader and the marketer is what the Google Compliancy and Facebook Compliancy issues are about.

Disturbing does little to explain what is happens when out of date practices are used. With compliance structures and guidelines becoming prevalent, the ‘dodgy’ practices page, or posts, will not be on top of the search engines. Therefore, these will be less likely to be found. Instead, these will get squeezed to the bottom of the search engine page ranks.

Add to this the knowledge of the Internet growth and usage. What was current last week or month could well have changed.  Keeping the skills and knowledge current is a challenge that is met. Often.  Every day and all around the globe.

Rather than have “Search” and find missions for current, useful information why not just go to one place, log in and access up to date information. Thereby save a heap of time.  Better time management.  Back in a blink of an eye may start meaning something positive. As simple as being able to keep a promise because you know where to find that piece of the information puzzle.

  Thinking you have something useful then implementing is an achievement.  Where do you go for the information is a “one-stop” shop.

Small business people with necessary knowledge, or who rely on family and friends to assisting

Question-marke-in-pink-200x150 Digital Education Reaches Through Into What You Are Doing
Keep on asking the questions, expecting the answers and tell no lies.

them with their marketing, need not start to wonder where, when and how things are done.  Now the skills are there.  Work through the Elite accessible training.  Simply either do what is needed yourself now as you have the skills.  When others who have a far better skills set than you are assisting, you complete the project an idea of what the job entails, plus real-time practice combine to make things appear easier. Now those assisting may still disappear, get otherwise busy or simply move on with their lives.

 Now with a ‘primary digital education’ you know what skills you are looking for in a person or the team helping to push your idea, product or service into that niche marketplace.

Simply by upgrading your media learning you can link your digital education into your marketing outreach.

Keeping this simple keeping your knowledge enables linking the digital education into your marketing reach

The action has lead to reaching out to you and you reading this post.  Digital Education itself is not enough.  Your action and your own digital education combines to  push your ‘ internet presence”, also known as your ” voice” further into what you are doing.

Success with Digital Education helps create the pull you are looking for.


sue-150-x-150 Digital Education Reaches Through Into What You Are Doing
Susan Lewis

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