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Need Micro-education with e-learning standards?

First of all what is micro-education.

Micro- education is a bite-sized measure involving using a micro-education system.

Okay in everyday language to are tapping into skill sets without the fluff.  Think about it. No more jumping through  the gaps in your learning!  Relying on

Hoops-0001-200x40 Need Micro-education with e-learning standards?
Left behind, then catch up with micro-education

someone else when you have little understanding of how things go together in the big picture.    I know that feeling as I was there for too many years.  Like you searching for useful help.

The normal process is now to go quickly to the search engine.  Place in a few words. Hope like heck the information you are seeing is current, what you want and more importantly simple to understand, easily digestible and somehow not on some page down the bottom.

Okay. Now, what is the need of micro-education?

Searching the internet is becoming a time waster. E-learning presents itself in such a way allowing the viewer to absorb quickly, play back and move through the implication process of what it is they have learned. Rather than search high and low, read one part and hunt for another missing link the individual learning content are part of an e-learning topic.  These topics are further grouped under, say ‘Gmail’ or ‘Google Drive.’  Again part of the “Google” branch of learning track.

Where to from here for micro-education updates?

Think about “does the lack of marketing information affect what it is I am trying to do?”

The only one I have been able to locate that has the various learning tracks has at last count one hundred and fifty-nine micro- education [ mid-May 2015]

To truly get the hang of micro-education so that you can begin to master online Upskilling and training you need help. There are the normal fears of are the steps being followed? Am I being shown correctly? Why is this not working? But putting everything together only you can do this major challenge . Here the supporting people worked together to come up with a brilliant solution : Bite

susanlewiswiththestars-200x200 Need Micro-education with e-learning standards?
Welcome . Having fun in what you are doing is a priceless asset

sized video learning, mini questions and a community of people to at various stages of learning and sharing! It might take a few tries before you get it right because there is a lot to comprehend with this quick time safe way of learning. Micro-Education is the first stepping stone to master online training. With understanding, practice and an ‘I can’ turning into an ‘I have done’ this attitude you know your efforts eventually got it right!




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