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CNC Machine Operators Go To Market

CNC = Computer Numerical Control.

The folks behind Z and N Custom CNC Cutting work to “make things with machines”.  More commonly known as Metal Art and Craft.

As you walk around the site there is quite a selection laid out for purchase.

Horseman0002jp-150x200 CNC Machine Operators Go To Market
Horseman riding the range Z & C Custom CNC Cutting Work

Standing there seeing the various cut pieces the saying that “Art is a gift – that echos – quietly.” came to mind. Once these pieces are in place hanging outside as wall art or inside as bold as brass in place there really is not much maintenance to do to them.  The antiquated weathered look would match where these pieces were placed.

While there a customer came forward. Looking at the horseman within the oval you see there are rifles on either side. This customer thought this one would be appropriate for the gated entrance. Would it be possible to change the guns for a dog head? Say one like a Rottweiler!

Many more Designed, pre-cut or made to your order..

Among the many 2 d shapes, from hand size to carry carefully its a heavy one size. laid out are the dolphins, deer with full sets of antlers, the calves and cows,  horses, and horsemen, swordfish.

Dolphins-x-3-c-200x100 CNC Machine Operators Go To Market
Dolphins that skin the seas waves. These are CNC Cut Metal art.

Of course if you are into modes of transport there are the known brands, the vintage cars truck, tractors or motobikes and of course the horses.  Heritage, vintage and modern.

Welcome ones that go well with the Tooheys or Carlton Draught signs.  Just right for the man shed!

Check out  “Z & N CNC Cutting Work

The Metal decor in both the Heyfield [ middle of Heyfield] on the first Saturday of the month. And of course the Latrobe Markets [ aka Morwell markets] along the Latrobe Road on every Sunday.


sue-150-x-150 CNC Machine Operators Go To Market
Susan Lewis

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Survive And Take Ideas To Market

Work out a way to survive fully. To get through it.Know that ” People Survive, yet still be crippled for their trouble” – Scott Westerfeld. With invisible injuries and a covering of scares what else is there to do?

Read the post.  To the end. This is a part of my own story 25 years on.Sharing this is not for my benefit.  Wake up and smell the roses.  Enjoy your freedom.  You have a choice to choose .

Now think about why you would ” your idea to market.  What would happen if you don’t?  Why? Would you give up the fight?  Who would be negatively impacted upon if you did succeed getting your idea out there.  Then really look at that person.  The memory.  The knowledge that you have gained.  Do they really need to be in your circle of influence.

Survival for many people involves something terrible happening right now. Something that others can see, act on, assist with or walk away from. What happens when the person appears normal? Over time have learned to cover up personality ‘sink holes’ where they are not competent at coping. One common way of coping is to give diversity tactics a workout. So much so that the pattern of behaviour then becomes accepted as the norm.

For myself there were years of not being aware of not coping in an everyday situation. Communication with adults became an area of immense effort. So much, so that when I wanted to communicate adults could not understand what was needed to be said, how to say what I wanted to say nor how to interpret the answer. Essentially there were no ways of measuring the effectiveness of my communication. Simply because thee was no base line there with which to measure things like this with.

Following is the reason. In 1991, a truck impacted on my vehicle. Initially, the bruising was slight while at the accident. Nearly eight weeks later the last of the external bruising had nearly disappeared. The vans right side crushed in around me. During the associated whip lash time the head went forward and met the loosened visor thing that was down . Impact on both the right and the left temporal region damage has been observed and not recorded at the time. Nearly twenty years later a behaviour mycologist finally recognised what I was saying to him had occurred. I showed him pictures of the accident that were finally given to me via a second lawyer obtaining them

Mind you apparently nothing was damaged. No tests were performed. Nor x-rays taken. However, from what I can understand several things have possibly occurred medically. Damage to both the right and left temporal area and to the Medulla Oblongata area has occurred.

Of the temporal areas the right side experiences a verbal and non verbal language impairment. I have not much idea on the immediate verbal although I do remember telling the only dirty jokes I ever told right the way through to the punch line. Causing the ambulance assistant to laugh. So I learned to distract from certain painful circumstances. In this case particularly my own. Comprehension of language was also affected as now I had a difficult time understanding what was being said by people around me or talking to and with me.

Although I could speak to what extent that speech was articulated to an adult I do not remember. I have clear memories of always needing to go to sleep during a conversation as the concentration was difficult to keep up with what was being expressed. Instead I looked at other things as I was easily distracted. Where as before I could do things for hours until they were completed. To this day I have difficulty seeing things through except with great effort.

Dr Susses books allowed me to read with a rhythm. That rhythm was sun and kept the children amused. I would ask them the meanings of the pictures and what they thought of the words. Often they would read the words or the pictures to me as a goodnight activity. However like the spoken language the written language was impaired. The understandable meaning and the syntax was lost. To this day show me something and I am bound to give you a completely off the cuff and way out meaning for something that is shown to me. Even my descriptions are often not applicable to the situation.

the first part of the brain to develop [medulla oblongata or the survival part of your brain] went into overdrive. The end effect was the medulla oblongata blocked painful memories. The problem was that to block the painful ones it had to block all memories as it did not understand what type was what.

At that stage in my life, our family was young in age. As a family, we ended up in an isolated mountainous region of the Southern Alps in Victoria, Australia. Literally, there was so little outside contact for the first six months that other than a close one family of previously known friends other people did not know I, nor the children existed. A mountain was in the way of television reception, so the videos were the only thing seen. They were children’s cartoons and young primary school educational videos.

Eventually, a second car was able to be got meaning I was able to take the children and myself to church, playgroup and drop one off to Brownie Guides. If there were petrol for the car, I could travel another hour and be in a local Country Woman’s Association meeting with older folk. That is if I had a babysitter for the children. However, as I seemed to be ‘away with the fairies’ most of the time people thought I was taking illicit drugs. Understandably people therefore never asked. And I never thought to tell them. The connections were not made and thus the false ‘truths’ of peoples opinions had no meaning to me. The truth of the matter was that the euphoria I was living within for over seven years was another side effect of damage to the left temporal region.

The survival brain was doing its protective role very well. It, paired with the temporal damage caused memory skill damage. Blocking out out all who were part of my family. All the family experiences as well as their health records and issues and all the nursing experience I had. The temporal damage caused a loss of comprehension yes. However even though the word memory was preserved from many different places and experiences within the 31 years of my life at that date the comprehension of those words was not computing. Effectively I knew the word… just not what it meant nor where to use it and when. To this day I have two favourite book types. One of these types is the Dictionary and a thesaurus. The other type is connected to my faith. And again I will see different connections than most people.

All the other schooling I had and associated life experiences. The management of office procedures, management of various businesses and business methods. Along with customer relations, people to people communication methods. All easily reached experiences, knowledge and skills were gone until reminded of their existence. What was reinforced were children’s communication methods, expectations and understanding because of that. Which, of course, satisfied the Autistic tendency of having one part of yourself stay at a child’s level and as a child.

For instance, as we were travelling around set to paint faces and sell balloons once the paintbrush was in my hand and I started to paint the children’s face and hands things were done intuitively. Afterwards, I would sleep deeply. During which memories would surface and I could then build on them. The new memories were ‘allowed’ to be connected up with the old hidden memories.. Also communication with adult skills on a one on one basis, a social basis and communication in the written format. What I learned was to be in control and no one asked why.

Therefore, the survival part of the brain was not challenged. Should it be challenged then to act ‘flippantly’ was easier than to try to understand what someone was explaining. Settling for the second meant a painfully slow process of working out ‘which part went where.’ What threaded skills, experiences, knowledge and even talents together. There would always seem to be gaps. The thing is during that time I did not know there were gaps. Until I fell into them that is!

At that stage, a mad scramble would occur. Working out where and what were the gaps as well as just how deep they went took time and energy.

As I have improved the need to sleep through things and reduced. Not gone away altogether as there are still challenges arising. Just not daily nor every hour now.

Instead what happens is that the intuition starts to come alive a few days before the sinkhole starts to open. Maybe I see the cracks under the ice now. Instead of stomping on blindly I start to slow down and look around. Maybe even have time to disperse my ‘mental weight’ so that there is less damage if I should fall through the shaky surface I was traversing. That there is time to absorb what the other person is trying to tell me. If I can, I will also ask for ‘time out’. Not in a bad mood with the other person. Actually, in a ‘no mood.’

You see I joined a company that had a boot camp video series in a time of my life when I had reached a plateau. My mind needed something more, and I saw this and thought ‘why not’ give this ago. What I found in the boot camp was the beginning of major changes. Part of which were expectations that needed to be met. For myself behaviour modification. I could stay as I was or move forward. Accept the situation was staying the same or take a chance and challenge the change. Looking back on it challenging the change has actually been at times painfully pleasurable! Other times like a cat chasing its tail. Even with the knowledge that there will be tricky times ahead I am finally looking forward to obtaining my ‘own’ personal dream. To join who I was and who I am no together. Filling in the gaps and moving

forward dream. The strategies, the ups and the downs included. Depths of my own self and the experience that have made myself ‘me’ have been found, checked out, taken apart and put back together again.

After nearly one year, there have been many things learned other than this. Since the accident, there has also been the introduction of computers and the internet into people lives. Mine as well. My personality wants to take things apart, discover how they work and put them back together then utilise them. With the internet the social media side of things particularly. However, there were often areas left alone as they needed other knowledge I just did not have. Going back to that perfect thing this meant that I would have to either work it out myself and not disclose that I was infallible! or ask someone. And that meant communicate with them in a way they understood. So you keep the circle of influence small. Forever limiting the circle of influence to those who either did not ask questions you could not answer immediately.

Or who you knew would accept you for who and what you were and could give to them. There are many ‘predators’ out there so after several encounters the tendency to hide becomes paramount. Ands so the circle tightens.

Very few people waited for your answer to be connected and worked through. Time was of an essence and had to be managed. People get left behind if they cannot keep up with the pace of change. Now stubbornness is practised.

Meanwhile, I was attempting to put together another website. However, there was another disconnect to work through. The statistics pointed to people arriving and going again. The more I pushed the things out into the netisphere the more people were reached and the more people disengaged.

Then came Google and Facebook compliance requirements. That really though the spanner in the works. Putting myself way out of my memory capacity depth and understanding. Thankfully at that frustration point a friend had the knowledge to assist. This friend also had the patience, tolerance and mostly the foresight to realise there was something not right. What I was capable of just was not happening.

So there, I was mucking things up again thinking I knew what I was doing. Just the same as the people at the further education place, I approached, years after the accident thought I was able to do: write. However the damage done via the impact was still there. Very diminished writing ability had occurred. In fact the recognition of not having structure within my sentences [aka syntax] was only part of a wider writing problem. Structure foe anything written without guidelines what magnified through the short and medium memory loss time.

When I tried to point out to them that I had no memories of how to write the attitude was ‘you will cope’. I did. I just did not understand what it was, nor why I was doing something, nor how to put things together in order for others to understand what it was that was being said.

Today things are different. During the bootcamp time I wrote a meta story. Through that the realisation of a need became apparent an so I asked for healing. Things are not sent that will overburden you. At the right time for you the healing will be there. However there must be an openness to accept the healing for what it is and when it is. Plus an ability to take responsibility for that healing and thus own it. My responsibility today was to accept that I am responsible for the communication I give out. Also responsible for the misinterpretation of any communication I set forth. That being a big ask. The initial steps include the written communication process. The other will be worked upon as and when they need to be. One thing at a time or I simply become confused and the cycle, although shortened, begins again.

Let me put it to you like this. Since you are reading this far what this friend explained today has worked. I have covered the

* objective of writing this post is to increase your awareness in this aspect. That although a challenge, people with Post Traumatic Shock Syndrome are often unaware of how the coverups that they put forward affect their own, and those around them, lives and self-worth.,

* how to read what may be missing in times when the other person is unable to communicate with you. In that, what they are saying and what you think they are saying are two different things. Even if they come across as knowing what to do.

* resources required to achieve the ‘how to’ [ an understanding of how to understand what memory loss is like when you are on the periphery. Someone has to understand because simply the person with it is not understanding and has a slim if any, knowledge of that fact.

*and I have reached my target audience. You.

In conclusion:

You are a work in progress.  A beautiful work that is perfect as far as perfect goes.  Accept that and the face that ever person has a flaw. or a hundred.  Or more.  When you survive what ever it was that impacted upon your time, your life and started to wonder through your life with a wrecking ball remember that you are you.   No one else.  You are a survivor.


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sue-150-x-150 Survive And Take Ideas To Market
Susan Lewis

Who is looking out for you?

Somewhere, someone is looking out for you? 
sox-looking-out-for-you-no-2j-301x400 Who is looking out for you?
Sox is Looking out for you too

When someone is looking out for you the purposes may be different from what you expect.  The needs and reality may will be different to yours.

Reasons can be difficult and these reasons wait for you.  Hopes and expectations.

Ask yourself  “Who would be looking out for you today?” Those that are looking out and waiting for you are three different types.

1) those closely to you, Family members and even animals [ people in fur coats]

2) People known to you – friends, relatives, and colleagues.

3) People within the same community that you are within.

4) Your business rivals and competitors.

5) People not known to you -customer, anyone you do not know or even know about yet.   They might be passing by or just hanging around the corners

Different people have different reasons to be there waiting.  Looking out for you.   Some for love, others for hearing and seeing your Dreams come alive, see happiness in process, others for their very own personal reasons… and even looking out for their new meal

The reasons are many and as varied as possible.  You or them may have the answers sort. Waiting for your a promised result.  Be it from an interview, an exam, a meeting review.

What are people looking out for, you looking for anyway?

When you take something to your market are you the inspiration. You are representative of both your idea, as well as your ideals. Either in a positive or a negative way.  How people perceive you, what you have to offer and even how you make them feel comes down to an intangible about and through you.  Your energy level.  The power of your presence.  What you leave behind and how they miss your presence is also reflective with the energy you generate.

When you leave are they wondering about you or the income from what you are doing.  Are you always on the look out for you r next bonus or wage rise. Once a social piranha has been recognised their presence can be felt long after the actual physical person has gone.

Others are looking out for you so that they may have feedback or simply as they are waiting for your help.  Giving of the great ideas is one thing, however being an inspiration to others enabling their ideas to come through and surface, allowing the owner of that idea to have the credit and ownership is another thing altogether..

To be part of an inner circle is a privilege, not a right.

Once admitted into an inner circle those of the inner circle will lookout for you as well as you as well. That circle of influence becomes a standard benchmark from which to measure your effectiveness.

Each of the five points above have varying levels of commitment along with an appropriate balance of response expected. And they feel good when everything comes together.

Will what I have to offer be looked out for?

Take the response of your pet dog.  All it takes for Sox to meet and great is the knowledge that you love him, feed him, walk him and rub him down….  often. Okay, it is not expected that you do these same actions to your competitors, or even the people you haven’t met yet.

However, these people too will respond to your presence and energy.  Effectively your touch.  Your belief factors.  Your presence ambition, self-worth and response to their inquires.  What you have to offer will come secondary to their immediate needs.

Safely show them how to satisfy their unfilled needs and then your product, service or goods may be looked upon in a more favorable light.

You will know as when you meet them again it may be as though all the time they were actually looking out for you to return.

sue-150-x-150 Who is looking out for you?

Susan Lewis


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