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Maffra Mardi Gras Madness A Success All Around

The Maffra Mardi Gras was  absolutely fun.  Reminded me so much of when I was a little kid and  we had spring festival carnivals.  Things like that.

Arriving in Maffra about two o’clock in the afternoon. Towing the pink trailer we left about  nine-thirty in the morning and arrived home late at night after a very slow trip home.

With all the Agricultural and Pastoral Shows, the Markets,  festivals and carnivals  I have been to I’ve never got to a Mardi Gras before. So this in itself was a new experience. So much alive energy was there.  The experience… what else other than fun.

The management know what they wanted.  Where to place peoples.  Effectively their efficiency helps make the whole experience very fluid and well run.

The #PopCorn4U trailer was set up. The smell of hot buttered freshly popped aromatic corn ready for eating just wafted along the street stalls and brought people there.

A few hours into the Afternoon the crowds gathered along the street. The parade had an ANZAC day theme.  The whole of Maffra and its surrounding districts knew someone in that parade.  many clubs, schools and business were there.

The bands across the road just kept playing on.  Except of course when the parade was happening or the best float prizes were being given out.

During break times talking to other stall holders was what was to be done.

After the Parade the lights on the trailer were turned on. Strange how people are attracted to lights.

As the dusk turned into evening , then night the people attending slowly changed.  Families took the young ones home to bed.  As the teens and young adults came out the Mardi Gras subtly changed.  Even the music from the afternoon was different.

Overall many things were quietly achieved by everyone concerned.

I’m going to another Mardi Gras soon.

sue-150-x-150 Maffra Mardi Gras Madness A Success All Around

Susan Lewis

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Organisation is a Big Thing in Bootcamp

Progressive organisation………….
For me organisation always was an issue. Not to the extent of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder though. More along the lines of a personality preference. Even when working in the middle of what appears a mess to others I know where I have put that eraser. Sellotape or filed the what ever in the thinga me area over there under the book rack. Not that one. The other one!! Third from the left wall – second row in. That was before the computer entered my home and the papers went through the shredded and into the garden.

However using a calendar is simply writing in a journal with a date. One book three uses. Simple easy reference and a “One stop shop”. Ummm . Put it online though and I am simply lost. Have no idea where the thing is and so forth. Seems to be a bit of an organisational disconnect going on there.

After I started delving into a bootcamp training package up came the overwhelm. being so busy learning I started to sleep a lot. As well as sometime or other remember which part of the day was say and which was night. Easily done as I had literally worked shift worked all my life.

After I finally had everything sorted out there the 90 day video challenge looked interesting. With a BOOM in I went . Kind of thought “well now I am here what next do I do”.

So I took photos. Seriously shot videos for what turned out from October through to March. At a rate of one and a half a day. The thing is what do I now do with them all now. Most are on YouTube, Vimeo or DailyMotion just to get them off my computer… onto CD or USB and also into the cloud.

With the right bucket list know-how creating graphix, videos, landing pages, blog posts actually worked. One after another these things were completed and taken off the bucket lists. Finally I had connected to something that helped.

Here was the hint I saw and yet had not related it to what I was doing.

In Jays office [one of the co-founders] are five great big whiteboards. Then one of the other 90 day video challenge participants held up his whiteboard showing everyone his steps for the day to make that ones video.

Tom Breeze speaks about that organisation process for script reading / prompting in some of the Video training modules. Amazing information that I am still working through one piece at a time. So in the matter of mass organisation and restructure that section of things is being left to the side currently.

Gradually moving into another thrust of the setting up process
Instead the main thrust has been working with a webmaster in order to achieve what as a very new beginner I could nominally do. Create a web page. I could at least write a post. More on this later.

The webpage template I used for my blog was fun to do and so full of flaws it seems strange now utilizing this current one.

However there was a lot I learned during the processes and ongoing learning before I asked for help. Much of these were in the form of check lists.

That check list idea….
Now a check list is more than just jotted to do list for events today to hopefully happen. Jotted down notes are a wish list waiting to become a mess. Yes I found that out as hard way as well. Now there are lots of dated scribbles within books of ‘ideas to do’- even with notes and references for added information.

The next step was to sort out into a mind map what it was I wanted to achieve. having looked and found a few different things. Write a list of 101 things for myself and one for the business. Some things are different shades of the other. Other things definitly fall into the personal or business catergories.

So far there has been created a

    Mind map
    To do list
    Bucket list

All that was left was creating a plan of action. Later posts will refer to a “D.U.M.B and a S.M.A.R.T Plan of Action” as the calendar of events was gradually starting to fill up with everything to be achieved in order to reach the Susan Lewis Marketing primary ten year plan of action.

Simple. Yeah right.

However now that the foundations are laid everything worked through to get this far are also strong enough to be pretty flexible.

What brought this all about.

Simple really all I did was work my way through a bootcamp. In my case it was slowly work my way through the reaction to the intensity of what I now understand was bootcamp organisation.

sue-150-x-150 Organisation is a Big Thing in Bootcamp
Susan Lewis