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A Pink Uniform is For Compassion And Open Hearted Smiles

The workplace, your happy face and a smile, are part of the uniform you wear.  People know that the workplace is firstly identified by the people within.

Pink was an obvious choice for the #PopCorn4U people.  After all, the trailer is Pink. The full

Pink for the #PopCorn4U trailer aprons are bright pink. The scarves are pale Pink. So too are some of the utensils.  Even some of the ribbons to tie up the popcorn boxes are pink!

Patricia-from-PopCorn4U A Pink Uniform is For Compassion And Open Hearted Smiles
Creatively create trust factor circle. Familiarity of identifiable ‘things that are you’ like colors and staff association

Other than buying a trailer, that happened to be Pink,  the choice to have a pink uniform for women came from the other choice of aprons on display in the work safety shops.  Cemented with the color of the material that my mother had at home.  This material was sown into the head scarves.

Advantages of wearing a uniform

So far all the people who have worked within the trailer have been used to wearing a uniform within their working life.  Knowing that uniforms stand out from the crowd, just like the trailer does, the presence as you walk through the festival or market crowds lends authority to who you are and where you have come from.

Having been ann “expeditor” marketer, rather than a person in festival marketing, for years wearing of casual clothes got you through the day.  Having a trailer to work out of has been a difference.

Trailers, like a uniform, are a presence to recon with. Look around, see the difference as these workspaces are representative of the people who are working within and around them.

Adding a smile uniformly brightens many people’s days

People enjoy getting a smile for free.  It may be the only one they see that day.

The thing is that with a smile included people are wearing a uniform at work whether they know it or not.

Attitude to work is also a uniform.

Just have compassion for people’s bad days, happy days or hurried days. Lighten their load, brighten their day.

Remembering this one simple little factor could be a factor in brightening your own outlook for the day as well. People will identify you with the work place and face uniform you have on.  A sale of a bag of popcorn is not so much a swop for just the cost of the product.  The repeat customers come back because of something intrinsic connected to the bright, happy place you work in.  It’s uniform.  Connecting the #PopCorn4U with a happy, satisfied uplifting feeling does not take long.


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