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“To Go, Or Not To Go “To Stratford’s Shakespeare Festival

Avon Village Faire and Market Day

Shakespeare has many a thing to answer for, other than being born in a place called Stratford-upon-Avon in 1564 that is.  Today people always seem to associate the town and rivers names with old english dress, knights and the performing arts.

Victoria has a country town called “Stratford”and a River called Avon nearby.They also have a Avon Village Faire and Market Day

Each year there is a Village Fair Day with which the town utilizes to bring the towns people and others together. As April the 23rd is Shakespeare’s birthday, and death, then as close to the day as possible the festivities are planned for.

For weeks before hand there are practices and performances.  The whole town and community are brought into this Faire.Some are saying that even the Haggis was good this year.

Things that the public see at the festival include:

The Maypole Dances – performed by Sales 545 Primary school.

Sword Fights,

Hammer Games

Kiss My Ass [ a photo shoot stunt]

Medieval Period dress.

Plays in the Mechanics hall.

The Court Thespians performing A classic piece of  MacBeth.

Bravehearts [ an Australian  Shakespeare Company”}

In-Step Dance School

Unicyclist and juggler.

Singers, poets… the list goes on.  Added to this there are also a great variety of market stalls.

A market that needs to be like a Medieval market

When setting up their stalls the marketers are asked to make the frontage appearance as close to the original ‘time warp’ festivals as possible.

Plans are underway for the #PopCorn4U trailer to be as Medieval as practical.  Although the trailer’s colouring is Pink what shall the public see when the Shakespeare festival rolls around next year?  Since we cannot blend in then we shall stand out. Being like the colourful things that live in the woods.

Come and see what there is to see for yourself.


sue-150-x-150 "To Go, Or Not To Go "To Stratford's Shakespeare Festival
Susan Lewis

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The Importance of a check list

The first thing overlooked was…

the importance of using a checklist.The checklist was inside the house. Time was running out

Absolutely No Sweat About It. Will Not Forget It.

nosweataboutit The Importance of a check list
Absolutely No Sweat About It. Will Not Forget It.

Ir’s just that as the sun was setting the night before the list was getting longer and longer. Ever want to ‘just get there’ so you ignore the mental warning signals?

Eventually you realise that something important had been forgotten You know how it is.  You’ve packed. Then unpack. And pack all over again. Check the whole house through. And start to think that niggling feeling was all in your imagination anyway

The second thing forgotten was…

Found out when we arrived at Port Albert [Victoria, Australia] very early what next morning we found that what we had forgotten was the Day Light Savings change over.  Now instead of being an hour early we were two hours early. The car was an interesting place to sleep whole sitting up.

Just as the sun came up in Port Albert we were there as the wharf started to get busy with the boats being launched the noise level increased.  Stretching the legs meant that the early morning everyday activities for some had begun.  So too, the recording of some of these adventures.

PortAlbertgivingthesunbeansahand-400x300 The Importance of a check list


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