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Share the knowledge….it’s a free world

Heck, it’s a free world!.

Keeping up to date you realise that skills maintenance training costs though.  Either in time, money, effort, experience or loss of search engine rank page [also known as serp].

 When you are, at least, an Elite member of the Six Figure Mentors the training you receive from working with people like Tom Breeze is videoed.  Accessible through the back office. Twenty-four hours of the day. Where ever you are as long as there is an internet access available amazing. <!–more–>

Tom Breeze video tutorials, as well as the community groups connected are inspirational YouTube training and is fantastic. With basic knowledge furthering these levels is a doable and achievable, very gratifying experience.

ideas-to-market-1000-x-200-200x40 Share the's a free world
Take your Ideas to Market

Feel your not quite up to that standard yet.  Okay, I went back and for fun started the necessary ‘basic’ training.  These come in short bite size videos and transcripts. Had to play the video back several times and reread the transcript.  Once I finally answered a question right moving into the next segment was a relief.  Because the relief sensation was simply that the knowledge gap had been filled.

Acknowledge a knowledge gap

Realizing just how the ‘missing gap’ was affecting the overall marketing performance, the answers needed to be found. This feeling of understanding now lead to confidence and power in the future approach to things that no longer needed a ‘fix it’ attention.  Just action.

Part of that action was to have the confidence to accept help when it was offered.

Jay, one of the Six Figure Mentors co-founders, is often heard to state ” Wash, Rinse and Repeat”.  Subsequent to accepting help once, now there is a positive two more people helping. Each obtaining a certain amount of confidence, reciprocal recognition and so mush more that I just do not have the ability to name as yet.  Even people who are part of, or just receiving the newsletter are sharing the knowledge freely.

When these basic skills have been learned, practiced, resorted out, pushed out there the rewards for time and effort follow. Knowing that actions slowly bring forward the truth.

the-digital-gold-rush-200x40 Share the's a free world
Catch up through Digital Education.

Experiencing is just how much the saying is ” it’s a free world” is correct is a real buzz.  Free to move onto the next thing.  Support the complimentary video series set to you.  Just add your best email then be ready to have a quick read pick me up daily.

now with confidence in your own self-actualization helping others achieve their dreams comes forward as well. Especially when sharing becomes no problem.  Hay, with that knowledge  it truly is a ‘free’ world to explore.


sue-150-x-150 Share the's a free world
Susan Lewis

trial-650x310 Share the's a free world



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Digital Education Reaches Through Into What You Are Doing

Today digital education reaches through into people’s lives. Affecting commercial and daily marketing procedures. With the right information,  you have an understanding of how, and what the media can do for a business.

People are used to popping onto social streams.  New marketers are experiencing fewer clampdowns on their advertising. Messages to their readers are getting out there without black hat dirty tricks.  Making things easier for both the reader and the marketer is what the Google Compliancy and Facebook Compliancy issues are about.

Disturbing does little to explain what is happens when out of date practices are used. With compliance structures and guidelines becoming prevalent, the ‘dodgy’ practices page, or posts, will not be on top of the search engines. Therefore, these will be less likely to be found. Instead, these will get squeezed to the bottom of the search engine page ranks.

Add to this the knowledge of the Internet growth and usage. What was current last week or month could well have changed.  Keeping the skills and knowledge current is a challenge that is met. Often.  Every day and all around the globe.

Rather than have “Search” and find missions for current, useful information why not just go to one place, log in and access up to date information. Thereby save a heap of time.  Better time management.  Back in a blink of an eye may start meaning something positive. As simple as being able to keep a promise because you know where to find that piece of the information puzzle.

  Thinking you have something useful then implementing is an achievement.  Where do you go for the information is a “one-stop” shop.

Small business people with necessary knowledge, or who rely on family and friends to assisting

Question-marke-in-pink-200x150 Digital Education Reaches Through Into What You Are Doing
Keep on asking the questions, expecting the answers and tell no lies.

them with their marketing, need not start to wonder where, when and how things are done.  Now the skills are there.  Work through the Elite accessible training.  Simply either do what is needed yourself now as you have the skills.  When others who have a far better skills set than you are assisting, you complete the project an idea of what the job entails, plus real-time practice combine to make things appear easier. Now those assisting may still disappear, get otherwise busy or simply move on with their lives.

 Now with a ‘primary digital education’ you know what skills you are looking for in a person or the team helping to push your idea, product or service into that niche marketplace.

Simply by upgrading your media learning you can link your digital education into your marketing outreach.

Keeping this simple keeping your knowledge enables linking the digital education into your marketing reach

The action has lead to reaching out to you and you reading this post.  Digital Education itself is not enough.  Your action and your own digital education combines to  push your ‘ internet presence”, also known as your ” voice” further into what you are doing.

Success with Digital Education helps create the pull you are looking for.


sue-150-x-150 Digital Education Reaches Through Into What You Are Doing
Susan Lewis

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American Traditional Mississippi Delta Blues Arrived

American Traditional Mississippi Delta Blues were floating through the air at the Port Albert Market on Sunday.

Elixar-Blues-0001-200x200 American Traditional Mississippi Delta Blues Arrived
American Traditional Mississippi Delta Blues played by Elixir Blues

At one point an observation was made “How old would that child be?”… “About three ” came back the reply. Interestingly enough standing there was a child with blond hair. As this child became familiar with a real life singer they relaxed. Now on tv, through videos and play groups, children of this age are used to following dance and movement instructions.

Yet, here was a real life 3D entertainer suggesting that they tap their feet. Slowly the connection between real life and the freedom of movement became associated. Watching first one foot, and then the other lead the legs, and finally the mind, into having this expression permission , was a wonderful thing to witness.

“That is the kind of thing that could well change a child’s life” came the comment.

Port Albert Market was extremely lucky as through the day the natural voiced  was just sailing through the air. The feeling of the American Traditional Mississippi Delta Blues definitely came as the banjo was played. [ type of banjo escapes me] Reminding the listeners of touching base with the earth, the air and the sea. All of which Port Albert Has become famous for this last one hundred and fifty years. While the voice was tickling the ears and strumming the heart beats along. the feet of all began to tap. Preceded by Elixir’s booted feet upon the two wooden box based drums. Then came the harmonica inclusion.

The range of C.D’s on sale show the versatility of what Elixia Blues is capable with. Many of the self written songs included.

Elixir Blues had spent a few hours the previous evening jamming at a the Yarram Theater. After the market, the Port Albert Pub were having an impromptu get together.

As the day progressed stall holders were able to catch a moment to talk to each other. Everyone, market vendors and public, thoroughly enjoyed being able to hear the life within the music as the sun shone and like the music the day unfolded.

Check out the Facebook pages of “Elixir Blues” and “Elixir Blues Band Page”.


sue-150-x-150 American Traditional Mississippi Delta Blues Arrived
Susan Lewis

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Wanted: A Vehicle Like This For Touring Australia

A simple request. What is Wanted: A Vehicle Like This For Touring Australia.

Elixia-Blues-touring-vrehicle-jpeg-200x150 Wanted: A Vehicle Like This For Touring Australia
Wanted Elixia Blues Dream Touring Vehicle a Vehicle like this
  • Truck specifications:
    I am looking for are approx 4 – 5 ton GVM. turbo diesel,
  • air conditioning power steering
  • living quarters.
  • Roll out annexe
  • storage compartments to house double batteries etc, solar panels, generator and 12 volt facilities.
  • 4 – 6 cylinder engine, Chain or belt driven engine. Manual or automatic gearbox
  •  As to brand …. Fiat, Mercedes Benz, or Iveco.
  •  Any colour will do preferably not black
  • A  walk through from the box at back into drivers seat
  • Tow hitch up to 4.5 ton would be handy too.
  • A model say from 2005 onwards.

Please share this Wanted: A Vehicle Like This


sue-150-x-150 Wanted: A Vehicle Like This For Touring Australia
Susan Lewis

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2 “q’s Of Effective And Efficient Marketing Results

Effective and efficient marketing has pivotal point to its balance

Be Aware Of The Two Sides To Measure when taking your message out there.  Provide avenues to allow you to engage with people.

 Effective and efficient marketing results take on the qualitative as well as the quantitative measures. That is how many ‘goods” are sold with the feedback as well as the conversations through the social and real life  media being monitored.

nosweataboutit-200x47 2 "q's Of Effective And Efficient Marketing Results
Absolutely No Sweat About It. Will Not Forget It.

For instance, how many people on the newsletter list compared to how many people are sharing while also having read and actioned the messages themselves.

In the case of this newsletter, let us look at what this means when syndicating. Qualitative feedback would be:

  • The pub was overflowing.frustrated-and-overwhelmed 2 "q's Of Effective And Efficient Marketing Results
  • Advanced bookings just kept coming in.
  • The progress association had decided to have a market beforehand on the day of the activity.
  • The town’s hotel rooms became full.
  • More townsfolk were ‘casually’ employed the forty-eight hours either side of the event.
  • The public toilets ran out of toilet paper.
  • Extra portable toilets were brought in at last minute, and the list goes on.
  • The reach of the newsletter has exceeded expectations
  • The impact and reverberations of the information within the newsletter has a butterfly effect

These things actually have happened when syndicating relevant information to ‘information hungry’ followers. Go ahead.  Help create a hungry following.

Any one of these is just one reason the newsletter [apply on the side of the screen here] is offered. Read, action, attend. Once a newsletter subscriber becomes involved things happen. The contact message you include will even be opened, read and shared amongst their friends.  This is the same for any business.  Word of mouth has a powerful reach capacity.

  1. Join the newsletter [Use your newest email or make another one just for this information]
  2. Read posts.
  3. Take Action and participate in the discussions.
  4. Put forward your opinions.
  5. Share your views with others you know.

trial-650x310 2 "q's Of Effective And Efficient Marketing Results
These actions are part of what is called the Marketing Push / Pull effect. Particularly relevant to Social Media Marketing as the people out there get to know what it is you have given a comment on to be included in the post. Most  people enjoy good meaning online social communications.

Reflect on the power of sharing and sharing well. Consider that all this online stuff is getting you heard through the internet.

Spread this Extraordinary  Newsletter Idea like a word of mouth wildfire.

Become a part of the effective and efficient marketing results team happening now.

Does this post meet with your expectations?

May your day be beautiful.  With your marketing results following suit.

susanlewiswiththestars-200x200 2 "q's Of Effective And Efficient Marketing Results


Susan Lewis

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These Newsletters Work When Syndicating ” Online Stuff “.

Enjoy-your-newslatters-1000-x-200 These Newsletters Work When Syndicating " Online Stuff ".

When Syndicating Occurs – Smile. Say Thank You

Ever hear the words muttered “all this online stuff where is it getting you?” Okay for over fifteen years there has been the growth of the internet as we know it now. Yes, I was there before Blogger, Facebook, Twitter and then Pinterest. Has that in itself made me an authority?The internet is endless, furious and consistent. Consistent with its ability to change rapidly. People specialize in one area. The tendency is to stick in that one area. Rather like medicine has developed so too has marketing.In the beginning, there were Doctors. Then came specialists. Now to all fields technology has come in. This technology means that the medical field must either a) work with the techs or b) become one yourself. Or c) specialize in one and do extra learning on the other. Enough to know what and understand about the second to make a difference.

The third option is what is happening to you as people as they start to push their marketing message out into the internet.

Who Has The Authority Now?
Agree-Hands-Up-susanlewismarketingdotcom-300x225 These Newsletters Work When Syndicating " Online Stuff ".
All Agree Hands up

Therefore, the answer is “no” to the authority issue. Just remaining in a small part of the past, repeating what may have been a “hit or miss” affair. Sometimes working and sometimes not, puts people way behind the sideline. Maybe known as an expert in the narrow field of where they were practicing.

Now, once people define what is meant by authority, today’s field choices narrow. Within that field, people are searching for others. Creating a “clicky group” of like-minded persons known as a ‘niche’. People within the niche further subdivide. Hence the specialist areas with selective topic ranges.

Within marketing, the ‘seller’ needs to be able to define their niche, who the primary people are, further describe the people within that niche. Because this is these people thoughts, actions and process will be key influences in that area.The marketer needs to titillate the audience, create a hunger for information, present a product, good or service that has immensely satisfying social value to that following.
Checklist: Should your product just not resonate, or you follow through with, in any way shape or form, prospective buyers just will not purchase. Thus you, the marketer, can push all you want, for as long as you want. Regularly receiving the same response as you were

enjoy-your-newsletter-transparent These Newsletters Work When Syndicating " Online Stuff ".
Fill in the application form below. Receive bite sized how toos along with your update newsletter of people taking their ideas to market.

before. Consider this being like getting an answer from a brick wall.

However when someone of significance reaches out, takes on board what you have to offer the marketing tends to be easier. Keep split-testing what is happening.Watch for trends. Specifically the balance between the constant need to push your Newsletter out there and the Wow suddenly the numbers are showing a greater amount of readership for the same basic work effort. At this point just do not stop. Fickel is the internet. People want continuity, repeat performances guaranteed. A side issue is that the expectation is to go forth and give ‘more for the money’. Even when money is not the reward sort. Have you Objectives goal worked out. Keep in mind the what of what you are doing as well as the why as these will encapsulate your strategies to achieving your goal. Plus through often reviewing the journey taken will reflect the higher pictures vision. Stray from this pathway a further in-depth review of everything associated with that final dream achievement may be called for.

When your target audience is happy, readership is growing, people are sharing why alter the things you do you may ask. A balancing act is a simple answer. Work this out through what your audience both needs and wants

Now you have a basis that guides you through why newsletters work when syndication this “on-line” stuff.

Read More


sue-150-x-150 These Newsletters Work When Syndicating " Online Stuff ".
Susan Lewis

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Need Micro-education with e-learning standards?

First of all what is micro-education.

Micro- education is a bite-sized measure involving using a micro-education system.

Okay in everyday language to are tapping into skill sets without the fluff.  Think about it. No more jumping through  the gaps in your learning!  Relying on

Hoops-0001-200x40 Need Micro-education with e-learning standards?
Left behind, then catch up with micro-education

someone else when you have little understanding of how things go together in the big picture.    I know that feeling as I was there for too many years.  Like you searching for useful help.

The normal process is now to go quickly to the search engine.  Place in a few words. Hope like heck the information you are seeing is current, what you want and more importantly simple to understand, easily digestible and somehow not on some page down the bottom.

Okay. Now, what is the need of micro-education?

Searching the internet is becoming a time waster. E-learning presents itself in such a way allowing the viewer to absorb quickly, play back and move through the implication process of what it is they have learned. Rather than search high and low, read one part and hunt for another missing link the individual learning content are part of an e-learning topic.  These topics are further grouped under, say ‘Gmail’ or ‘Google Drive.’  Again part of the “Google” branch of learning track.

Where to from here for micro-education updates?

Think about “does the lack of marketing information affect what it is I am trying to do?”

The only one I have been able to locate that has the various learning tracks has at last count one hundred and fifty-nine micro- education [ mid-May 2015]

To truly get the hang of micro-education so that you can begin to master online Upskilling and training you need help. There are the normal fears of are the steps being followed? Am I being shown correctly? Why is this not working? But putting everything together only you can do this major challenge . Here the supporting people worked together to come up with a brilliant solution : Bite

susanlewiswiththestars-200x200 Need Micro-education with e-learning standards?
Welcome . Having fun in what you are doing is a priceless asset

sized video learning, mini questions and a community of people to at various stages of learning and sharing! It might take a few tries before you get it right because there is a lot to comprehend with this quick time safe way of learning. Micro-Education is the first stepping stone to master online training. With understanding, practice and an ‘I can’ turning into an ‘I have done’ this attitude you know your efforts eventually got it right!




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Di’s Kids Fashion and Accessories

DisKids-Fashion-Pink-Tracksuit-150x200 Di's Kids Fashion and Accessories
Di’s Kids Fashion and Accessories are clean packed and presentable

Thanks for stopping by to check out Di’s Kids Fashion and accessories. Let me introduce you to Di from Di’s Kid’s Fashion and accessories.

Di has been providing great quality clothing with accessories in and around the Gippsland area for fifteen years. Everything available just will not fit one the racks check out the seasonal Albums.  Ask to view the  Autumn  / Winter Catalogs or the Spring /Summer ones


Now with second and third generation people coming to the markets picking up orders or checking out what else to see this market Di’s reputation for quality precedes her.


Where to find Di’s Fashion and Accessories
Dis-Kids-Clothing-framed-127x200 Di's Kids Fashion and Accessories
Dis Kids Fashion and Accessories

A few of the the markets that Di’s Kids Fashion and Accessories  has been included in are

    1. Arty Gras at Mirboo North
    2. Churchill,
    3. Denision Hall Market & Cat Boot Sale
    4. Longford Market
    5. Moe Neighbourhood  House market Day
    6. Mirboo North Market in Baromi Park
    7. Morwell Primary School Mega Market and Car Boot Sale
    8. Rosedale Country Woman’s Association Make it, Bake it market.
    9. Rosedale Community Market
    10. Port Albert,
    11. Sale Variety market,
    12. Sale Sunday Market
    13. Thorpdale Potato Festival
    14. Yarram

Sometimes you will be aware of the charities that Di supports through the Do’s fashion and Accessories coming to you.  People benefit though the Buy A Bale -Campaign Auction that raised money for Aussie farmers, Cancer research,

Di’s site is adaptable

You will find Di either outside under shelter. Or within a building that enables a larger display. While the clothing, accessories, toys and books are well resented, of quality, varied to suit the seasonal changes they are also affordable.

Passing by the stall what people see are the displays full of colour. Welcoming, cheerful, individually packaged and cleanly presented.

People will find Di through party plan bookings, at shows, through markets outlets.  Find the Facebook site and web page just by typing into the search engine Di’s Kids Fashion.

Di has endevoured to bring to you fashion and accessories to affordable prices.  Even in the comfort of your own home as you enjoy the conveniences of hostess gifts whole you entertain your friends.

Talk to Di

Become aware of the market specials that could suit your needs.


sue-150-x-150 Di's Kids Fashion and Accessories
Susan Lewis


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Myrtle Grove Produce comes to Churchill Market

What strikes the people strolling around the Churchill Market is the fresh looking openness of the Myrtle Grove Produce on display.  Even the air around the vegetables for sale has a crispness about attached.  Right away the market goers sense there is a fair deal and honesty with purchases from Kory. All in all this makes sense as the produce on display is literally from the the Myrtle Grove farms gates.

Myrtle Grove produce comes from the Parent business of Myrtle Grove Farms which are  based in the Strzelecki Rangers.

Kory is one of the of farming family generations associated with Myrtle Grove properties.

The story behind the why bring to market is as follows
Myrtle-Grove-Pumpkin-pieces-200x148 Myrtle Grove Produce comes to Churchill Market
Myrtle Grove Produce : Pumpkin Pieces for purchase

A few years ago one of the brothers decided to grow pumpkins. Where else but on the family farm. The soil and conditions were just right.

Soon a glut of pumpkins presented themselves. The challenge was what do you do with an overabundance of pumpkins. There is only a certain amount of pumpkin recipes a family freezer can hold. Pumpkin seeds roasted. Then again planting them for a new field of pumpkins might have lead to trouble. So too could leaving them out there to attract unwanted wildlife.

That was the beginning of Myrtle Grove Produce

When telling the “Why” of being at the market family member Kory stated that when this challenge was stated one brother said to the avid pumpkin grower… ” I own the land. Your problem”.

Untitled-200x150 Myrtle Grove Produce comes to Churchill Market
Capsciums from Mertyl Grove Produce

Wholesalers were approached. No luck there. Capciums from Mertyl Grove Produce So to the different farmers markets the family

went. That was 2009. The rest as they say is now becoming a future with a three generation past.

Now attending these farmers markets:


Leaving the display behind you are aware that anything created for your family that was purchased from Kory has a definite possibility of presenting well while tasting really great.


sue-150-x-150 Myrtle Grove Produce comes to Churchill Market
Susan Lewis

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Mardi Gras Photos

In this post Susan explores why wearing a mental uniform hepes the integration of further creativity to come through onto the things she is doing in her online  productivity.  With a little lateral thinking, shear gusto and a lot of creative thinking , upskilling, hard work, persistence and clicking away at the camera, the knowledge that she was not in a comfort zone fell away,  Task complete and everyone else went into the festival propper.

Going out into the Maffra community, glasses on and camera in hand was like wearing a uniform.  A mental uniform that enabled myself to have a way to engage and respond to people lining the road where the Maffra Mardi Gras was happening.

So I took photos at the Mardi Gras . From there used an online service to run these together and make a small video clip.

That action gave me the confidence to seriously shot videos for what turned out from October through to March. At a rate of one and a half a day. The thing is what do I now do with them all now. Most are on YouTube, Vimeo or DailyMotion just to get them off my computer… onto CD or USB and also into the cloud.

Now there is further training in the ‘What do I do with them” in order to

    add to
    and utilize,
    trim down
    and see what can happen with this tool or that one.

That is when I have finished the new #micro-educational training
then the Elite training. Well I wanted the knowledge and this sure is throwing it at me! Kind like a starving book worm in the old fashioned library!!

    Catch up on the video and actually even right posts,
    spread the videos around.
    and respond to emails
    while making autoresponder messages.

The dream was to create a footprint that would become part of the tag team agency.

 To truly get the hang of your own dream I found I needed help.  To reach out to people I could trust.  Who were more than willing to show me what to do, or to let me know of a training available they had attended.

That community seen had been developed and they were now assisting me to sort out the bigger picture.  Helping to turn the smaller steps like being in a crowd behind the camera.  The realisation that with the camera came security.  It takes a few tries before the actions were right and feeling comfortable. That’s because there was a lot of external things to comprehend.  Other integrating bits to deal with as the growing capabilities became a labour of love.

The changers came through with the “I have done this [part] already” recognition.  Once all the parts came together things and approaches to those things that need action changed.


sue-150-x-150 Mardi Gras Photos
Susan Lewis

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