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Fight Against Boredom

Together with your vision message and the win the fight against boredom attitude that became a firm belief a priceless asset was created. With Susan Lewis let’s shed light on turning every moment into a highway for personal growth that helps transform your challenges into stepping stones. Leaving the reminder that  success often depends on how action was taken through the way things are looked at.

Revive the fight against boredom with an exchange of life’s energy within your day.  Actively fight against boredom all the way.  Life does not have to be hum-drum, weigh you down, or even be like a wet blanket. Nore does what you share online.

Finding honour today, instead of the confusion of yesterday, many people are looking to use a simplified point and click platform of  tools that help launch, track, optimize and create what they want with online things.  These might just include lead capture pages, use of unlimited domains and emails. Additionally watching the step-by-step videos and other upskilling and training aids whenever they personally would help.

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Access To The Right Tools

Access The Right Tools – Tools assists you to achieve

Knowing that the tools are there, however, the access to the right tools to greater things being possible,  is there just understanding of how things work in not does occur then there is a definite challenge about to occur.  Too often this excuse has become a comfort zone.  In comfort zones, our fears are sitting  in contentment.

In this post Susan Lewis touches on something many people overlook. Definitely written for experience as Susan overlooked the obvious as well.

The one about swapping finances for achievement, the progression out of a comfort zone need work.  Constant, though work on so many levels that at first you think your a spinning top bouncing on a trampoline.

Decidewhatyoureallywant-200x150 Access To The Right Tools
Decide what you really want , more than you are afraid of it. Then do it.

Even with Access To The Right Tools  people have stated…You also warned me that being an Affiliate of anything is a bit of an uphill slog. But learning this lot is overpowering.  Been there done that. Yes learning everything at once is overwhelming.  Take little steps. Achieve these and go back for more. Very like Karma overlooking the basics will catch up to you at a later date.

Where does basic freedom start…with the application to be apart of this community enabling you to have access to the right tools and systems to utilize.

Resulting in commissions. Continually rolling over once off or multiple payouts.

People come in and out of your circle of influence as your list grows. Some stay a while and others just disappear. The terrific thing with the products is that they are here collected, accessible, integrated and all that is needed right here, under one roof.

Note that individual results will definitely vary.

Even with Access To The Right Tools the results will vary.  You are the best tool you have access too.

As your skills using the tools and application while sharing the services far and wide increase, your niche influence begins to respond to the effort and time that you have inputted into obtaining anything. The results are still not guaranteed for anyone. From the most basic of affiliates right through each level to the top memberships and into any other reseller program, everyone is the same. You have access to the products, support and education to help you kick start your business, but the all rounded effort you put into what you are setting out to achieve will make or break your success levels. This includes the determination, hard work and ability to follow directions. Which admittedly was a serious challenge on my behalf.

heatuptheopportunity-121x200 Access To The Right Tools
You warned me well with the temperature rising from this opportunity
Where some people choose to start at the basic level, putting in the attitude and effort required and, gradually working through the tools, trainings, and temperament. Others purchase the commission basis and then learn by diving into the deep end. Whichever way you choose 100% commitment to your goals in achieving your personal dream is advisable.

Realizing what works for yourself, what you are happy ‘working’ and challenging yourself to go further with. One step at a time while combining the resourcefulness of attraction marketing with a balance of financed advertising.

STAY TUNED with the invitation

There is the auto ship option. One that you will get paid long into the future for each sale made.

Does it matter what level you are on? The answer is both yes and a no. Yes as each payout level has different percentage accesses. These depend in the 100% commitment level you place in your time, effort and belief factors. And the fact that each time people use the tools and apps, the training and support you yourself, and those around you, really begin to feel energized and invigorated.

End the procrastination. Begin to earn a living on your own terms. Do the best you can as you ‘fail forward’. Each time you hit a new brick wall congratulate yourself as you are now further forward thank you were before. Recognize it will take a lot of learning, research and self-discipline to get there where you are wanting to go. As you go forward, invest in your marketing education. Here are some resources for you to share with others as you hone in your skills.

If you take the time and fully experience the preparation processes, you are more likely to appreciate and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Include in your free 30 day test drive everything you want for your online marketing educational experience.

susanlewiswiththestars-e1478479631293-200x200 Access To The Right Tools
Welcome . Having fun in what you are doing is a priceless asset

The resulting choices may even be in the form of a well-deserved rest and rejuvenation time. However, as long as there is access to great internet and an internet device you will probably be enjoying creating contact time with your many followers.

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Check out the start-up bundle for yourself

trial-650x310 Access To The Right Tools

Access to all the right tools often meets with a resistance to something. These tools and apps are all under the one roof. Each of the marketing one integrating with the other. And the tracking ones within their group. The trick is to find out which ones go with what.

With this community the only thing you really need to concentrate on is to follow the instructions.  That is one of the best nuggets of information right there.

The second is to share this information with as many of the people you know as possible as soon as you make the decision to actively work through the modules.

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You warned me well

We’ve probably all heard you warned me well.  Even some knowing the desperate thought of “why?”  In this post Susan cuts to the chase because there was someone years ago and the opportunity was missed to acknowledge how they that had “warned her well”.

Why wish you could still say: ‘You warned me well?’

Why is it that the ‘ You warned me well ‘ may never actually be listened too in time. With being on the Autism Spectrum myself the first-hand experiences of knowing you know what the other person was telling you then comes the time of total frustration when your brain or body, or both together just seize up. While you watch others getting on with their life, education and relationships. And then sometimes it’s just too late. One of you haver becomes lost. Life, adventure, experiences and opportune chances have moved on.

With life be there. Experience the ups and downs while you look for who you are. Be persistent. Play by their rules. Sometimes the rules for life they make sense.

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Be Confident And Organise Your YOU

Congratulations for being you by the way as the pathway was a long and slippery one that not many would have bothered to traverse , let alone finish.

There have been many people who have supported.

Be Confident And Organise Your You



SusanLewisandLogo Be Confident And Organise Your YOU


I’ve done what I set out to do.

“Accomplishing what I’ve set out to do gives me fulfillment” Ever pondered over that phrase?  hat was to incorporate a border around the video that is playing now as well as add a sign up tracking code into the video that is playing right now. To say this feels liberating is an understatement. Now from the very thought of what to say, where to go then recording. Uploading and altering the content [splicing] adding the cc’s [ later] publishing, then including this URL into what you are now about to be watching is marvelous.

To have used several combinations of tool and apps meant learning about those specific tools and apps.  In this case keyword research, Search Engine Optimization.  Lighting, speaking into the camera, downloading from phone to computer as the wifi is not connected to the phone. Splicing and dicing the video into a shorter one.

Now I too do say “I’ve done what I set out to do.”  The next steps is the perfection of using YourTubePlayer.  That is to incorporate a border around the video that is playing now as well as add a sign up tracking code into the video that is playing right now.

Push the button  to start the video. 

you ready to come and play?


Now saying “I’ve done what I set out to do” feels good

To say “I’ve done what I set out to do”  feels liberating is an understatement. Now from the very thought of oh heck my old camera with a video record installed died on me and I need a camera.  Learning to use that was a feat in itself. That’s when I knew I had accomplished something else as well.  That 90 day video challenge was where I gained so many skills sharing and learning as we all went through.  Having used the camera for photos a that somehow were all about things and not people to standing in front of the camera wildly trying to remember  what to say, where to go then recording. Uploading and altering the content [splicing] adding the cc’s [ later] publishing, then including this URL into what you are now about to be watching is marvelous.  And now even writing this for people to read.

More importantly without doing all this your details would have gone to the parent company from where backend sales would be sent to you. What is amazing with this company is that in my behalf these sales are allotted through to me.. This is what SFM coding pixels [ cookies] are all set up for. I do the work and we both benefit as they supply the tools. Like what you are hearing then hit the banner for the YourTubePlayer information. Or simply come onboard by hitting the bigger banner. The one about the business side of things. To be fair there is a 30 day free trial. You watch the video that are about basic marketing. Put forward small ‘Are you Human’ check of a $29.95 payment. This is fully refundable. Check that out too. And there is your trial.

susanlewiswiththestars-e1478479631293-200x200 I'VE DONE WHAT I SET OUT TO DO
Yes thats what happened to me

Your turn to say “I’ve done what I set out to do”

The finishing touch is for your to say “Ive done what I set out to do”

Having fun in what you are doing is a priceless asset.

Go wild and select whatever you want to participate in. Scale into what you want towards the end of the 30 day free test drive towards what you need for your journey moving forward. Having fun in what you are doing is a priceless

If you have videos to include into your posts and are building a list as well, why not give this resource a shot? It’s extremely easy or go for the lot and all it will cost you is that free thirty-day trial I spoke about! A very small price to pay for the potential of significantly better video presentations.

Hit the banner  below for the full 30-day trial details

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trial-650x310 I'VE DONE WHAT I SET OUT TO DO

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