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The Pink Pig Challenge or Competition

From a simple wish list on a Bucket list came an incredible challenge involving travel. Having been a Girl Guide leader here in Australia, having travelled with four children years earlier on public transport for nearly sixteen hours in one day one way, having travelled up and down the eastern states of victoria with family sure this was doable. And time came closer and closer.

Visiting places that have become or are out of the normal area of life may be one challenge that many people on the Autism Spectrum have grown to ignore. Sure the fascination of watching places on the videos, Televisions or other electrical and wifi devises may be there. Travel though means different places, crowds, hussel, hussel and new smalls, sounds and even a different type of air quality.

Added stress and just not knowing where the confines and personal safety barriers are perceived to be.

How some people see a threat of a rather hungry vampire bearing down on them in a nightmare is how travel and foreign places may seem to someone who has actually forgotten what ist is like to travel in the safety of known numbers.
The Pig Pig Challenge or competition.

In 2014 a challenge was given out. A group of friends were coming from England and America to Sydney for the Inaugural Sydney Momentum Day. Was there a chance to catch up? Sure that though meant action was to be taken. Lots of confusing, overwhelming, mindnumbling action.

As both a mother and also a Girl Guide Leader witnessing the definite structure of small learned tasks merge into other bigger tasks there were ways known of tricking the brain out of paralysis. Also known as freeze as in Fight, flight or Freeze mode.

One simple one was the use of stickers. Simple stickers. So a big pig was drawn on a large cardboard. From there each task was allocated a small sticker. Some tasks were broken down into twenty or more stickers. Creating a simple video and placing that video into this page took twenty five tasks.
Everything from thinking of title, researching the words of the title right through to choosing to place the video straight into this area

What also was known was to do this publicly would be more of a commitment. Therefore I asked friends help. One asked was naming the pink pig a challenge or a competition. Mutually the decision was “a challenge.”

The end result was Sydney was fun. Traveled to Melbourne on the train. To the airport on a Bus, and to Sydney by plane.

intuitive gut feeling

Are decisions made at an intuitive gut feeling level the right ones when living with High Functioning Autism ?

My name is Susan Lewis. If there are any questions I can help you with just ask. Please note that the information following has purely lived to be believed. Probably not in any text book that I have ever come across. However the facts as they were at the time still remains the facts.

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