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Creating your SFM Profile

These are the beginnings of creating your SFM profile as well as a suggestion on how to actually use your profile. Many SFM’ers, including myself, start of with the normal add the URL and save practice. Later finding a different way of creating your SFM master profile management.

Hello, I’m Susan Lewis.  A member of a huge online community and typically there was a profile to fill out.  Also typically … like many others, all that was done was include the normal, everyday social link information.   Quite a while later the association between the lead capturing tools available and the fact that this was there waiting to be utilized came about.

This post simply takes you through the process of using one of the many tools in the business tool kit available.

Sharing best practices on creating your SFM profile

Under the Account part of your dashboard is the place to fill in your profile. Under different tabs everything has been covered.

Including your Skype account name that is required for the SFM /DEA consult calls

tidyurlprofile-96x200 Creating your SFM Profile
Be effective in your tracking

Under the Social Links section are the …wait for it… social links that appear on the profile. Typically when people click through one of these they go through to you social page.

Now their name is “claimed’ by you as you have recorded that press via TidyURL and into one of your selected menus.

That’s right creating your SFM profile with TidyURL is a best practices for time and lead generation management. By utilizing the Tidy URL you have basically claimed that persons name and the IP address they were using when their curiosity made them press the button.

At a later date when the person uses the same IP address and joins into SFM they will come into the first person that had ‘claimed’ them as being theirs. Is that you because you have taken the time to do things thoroughly? Spent a few minutes to set up the TidyURL?

The one that I did not do was the YouTube one as this already was tracked. The question mark was the give away.

Point to note re the use of TidyURL when creating your SFM profile.

Please remember to action the green save button so that the TidyURL link is saved into the system. It is important to note that this guide is merely from the perspective of a handful of sfmers who use TidyURL effectively. After all why leave money on the table? leaving names ‘untidyURLed’ just means that at a later date these unclaimed persons will be reallocated as someone else may claim them…. just because you did not spend the time effectively managing your lead. And believe me ouch that hurts. Experience brings about rules. That’s all the rules for creating your SFM profile edits.

Once you have TidyURLed the updated profile . Simply go to your profile and share it through the syndication system you are setting up or further developing.

Creating a profile and using TidyURL in that creation benefits you immensely. Before becoming a member of the Six figure Mentors myself link shortners had been used profusely by me. Just about everything was shortened. However the little secrets like the one above was not shared with me. Therefore many prospective peoples went elsewhere and that hurt professionally and in the long run finacially.

What was learned is that when you are in the know, and if you take the time and fully experience the preparation processes, you are more likely to appreciate and enjoy the fruits of your labor. The resulting choices from being serious about having a profile when you are starting an online income may even eventualte in the form of attending a Black member retrieat. That is … be in the form of a well deserved rest, and rejuvenaton, time. However, as long as there is access to great internet and an internet device you will probably gain top up contact time with your many followers. Building upon your list with the use of TidyURLing background in your profile sharing

Don’t forget to share this secret with your family and friends.


trial-650x310 Creating your SFM Profile
Resources to the everyday toolkit are here. Open to investigate.

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