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Graphic Urges Flowing

Graphic Urges Flowing – Celebrate what you have and be grateful for it

Recognise what it is all the tools you have access too. Then take stock.  Realise that right there that to celebrate something like this already has a uniqueness about it.

Be grateful for it.  In this video the idea of raising the bar when there are graphic urges flowing.

The video was unscripted.

Keep up all the Graphic Urges Flowing

Throughout the videoing of the videos different things were tried.   Lightening come to mind. Especially the combination of yellow lighting and the flood lite white lights.

Different clothing and accessories were donned.  Hair styles  and places in the room. Even times of day.
 Merge both the Graphic Urges Flowing and bravery

With the acceptance of a ninety day challenge sometimes things just were  “a Blarr day”

Other times the appreciation of input and laughter and compassion, even hilarity at ‘selfs’ own bloopers as these were recognised growth points.

What else was found  to be was to be able to create your most powerful self things  well and truly hidden had to come out. Be recognised, dealt with and moved on from.

While I was dealing with finding myself on my rocky road this impacted others within the extended family and personal circle of friends.  Others had experiences I have not yet had to face fully.

Yeserday one of us found powerfully positive, compassionate and definitely brave and courageous qualities be dragged out and replace the other things our minds told use we had already accepted as part of us.

Those personal core values started to come up from deep down.  Through these were the srt outactions.  Was something an X or a Y value.  Together one or other made the Z value.

But how did one express those values.

Express the values through getting the graphic urges flowing.  

Which ever challenge someone chose the community slowly became your soul mate rubbing post.  One line any transformation process is a little hard to physically do.  What has happened is there are members all over the show who are somewhere nearby.  Nearby  in Australia could be just a couple of thousand kilometers away.  And people do travel that long for a meet up.  Now though some are meeting up on the virtual world.  Through a digital device and having a cuppa with some friends, or a drink at the pub.

There is a bad side as well.  Isolation plays a part at times. Recognise the ‘Bad’ side as well. Stretch out. Challenge and transform. Call a friend.  Walk a dog.  Turn off the computer and just say hello to the bed.

The Virtual world will be there.  What you have to come to grips with is the  idea to celebrate what you have and be grateful for that chance to change things around a little bit.

Life online means you have the personal challengers  The ability to make massive personal growth and that impacts the life you have been living.

tapforresources-200x101 Graphic Urges Flowing
Tap the phone for more information.

The question is what is there to actually loose? Make a video of where you are now.  Then go to where you want to be and make another quick video.  What does it take you to do to get to this place?  With the ability to micromanage the people in a family based business community you bring in the integrated online tools, the change factors, a sense of definite progression and together form the bonds that move everyone forward.

In case you missed the tap the phone message – this is the link needed.  We’ll meet again on the other side when you are in the community that keeps evolving.