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To The Rise Of Your Posts

To The Rise Of Your Posts – Long Looked For Were “Methods To The Rise Of Your Posts” so here are a few lists of things that I found helped.

What I long looked for, and often heard about, was a “short methods to the rise of your posts, Susan”.  In to the rise of your posts Susan Lewis has created a list of things found that have helped push your posts out there.

susan-lewis-05 To The Rise Of Your Posts
Susan Lewis

Over the years searching for something, or someone out there, to show me how to make the best from the information that was written for analogical and not very  feminine, or visually oriented minds early in the peace meant the language used just was not understood.  Did not comprehend and simply meant your were left floundering.  Thankfully not so these days.

To say it’s annoying when the post is written and the analytics say there is room for more to come visit today. What was found that intrigued was a ‘share’ site. To the point  where  I knew of the work involved behind thing. Next I found a free to join social site.  Free to join meaning there was a heck of a lot of time consuming work involved.

Here’s to the rise of your posts had begun!

Put the effort to the rise of your posts needed greater direction. That was in October 2009.

By 2012 the glow had worn off. This colder feeling was telling me there was a warmer climate control knob somewhere and all that needed to be found was to switch it on.

However the community behind the social and collective promotions was terrific. Still is today. The URLs shared were definitely being pushed out there. People were reading the posts.  There was something else that I was still looking for though.

In May 2014 an email was found. Opening that email made a lot of difference. Yes there is another community here.  Yes the challenges are different.  Rather than feeling alone there is an inclusiveness in this community.  The platform is totally different in atmosphere as well.  There is a thirty day free test drive to see if the community and the business behind the training is right for you.

Meanwhile when you are in the process of building up your own community, or just being a member of a committee, or even a family member sorting out invitations for larger family events there are some basic marketing resources available after the picture here is clicked.   These videos answered so much for me I thought you may find them interesting too  Especially as the steps below you are reading below helps in to the rise of your posts

To the rise of your posts – Initial Steps

Add boosted power to the rise of your posts with these little known processes.

      1. ReviewDEA To The Rise Of Your Posts
      2. Buy Domain name. Where is this Domain name going to be housed [hosted]
      3. Create Domain name email .
      4. Make Gmail email as that domain name….? compliance reasons re advertising requirements
      5. Pop through from Gmail to Domain name email.
      6. Open a video tube with name of that domain name
      7. Create video and upload into this YouTube associated channel.
      8. Video now sits in everything aligns with the domain name associated areas.  So far so good.
      9. Create website and add a post.
      10. That post has the SEO and SERP re the video.
      11. Use link shorteners with caution on the Post.
      12. Implant video into post via YourTubePlayer.
      13. Don’t use Aweber code in tab three for normal posts. [ plays holy heck when there are glitches between Aweber and SFM.  And everything then needs to be realigned.]
      14. When creating YourTubePlayer there is a way to set it up that avoids the viewer connecting to YouTube Player visit
      15. Add a Picture under the function area of the post.  One to Facebook and one to Twitter. [ Picket up by the search engines in use further along]
      16. Publish Post.

    To the rise of your posts – Boost the power of your posts

    enjoy_using_the_videos To The Rise Of Your Posts
    Read more through here
    • Use the url of the latest post, or a cornerstone post, and place this as a pinned post into the social media sites.
    • Open Aweber account.
    • Connect Facebook pages and twitter accounts via Aweber account.
    • Make Aweber message,
    • Add the share buttons.
    • Open the page/ post on website.
    • Copy URL
    • Run URL through the TiidyURL .
    • Add a few words and TidyURL to share button area
    • Vblogging , aka VLoging adds to the rise of your posts influence.
    • Open Video in YouTube.
    • Add YouTube’s search bar URL of the video you have uploaded as per above.
    • You’ll see two boxes.  The upper one has the YouTube URL and so to does the bottom one.
    • Go back to published post on site.
    • Take that posts URL and place this through TidyURL.
    • Add this to the set spreadsheet you have created so you know what TidyURL in stats is being triggered. and where that belongs.
    • Secondly add this TidyURL to the second box  … the one in the video section popup.
    • Person hits on the video in the message, broadcast and they are directed back with advantages here.
    • They view the video on your post / page and up go the viewing times.  This raises the SERP of your post and therefore you are found easier.
    • Remember to take advantage of the Canalogical ordering of the Categories set out of the blog posts.
    • Use the lower canolgical category post orders
    • When using the Pages implement the Canological post orders as well.  Drive traffic to the drop down-posts. Energy [ as in link juice]  flows  upwards towards the corner stone post.
    • Cornerstone posts are published last with links moving downwards.
    • Constantly think outside of the box when it comes to the rise of your posts
    • Create your own landing page via the Simple Lead Capture Mini-Site.
    • All posts and pages link through to that Domain named mini-site.
    • Other than the Mini-Site the use of banners [ made with your Affiliaite ID] and Link Generated URL’s  associated with you via a “link generator” allocated sub-domain [ie purchased only for this reason] are definitely very helpful.
    • Use other ways to the rise of your posts.
    • Create PDF’s with links to lower pages and posts.
    • When testing out the Aweber message…. post in all areas provided. Write the description that is the lead into the post.  Note the picture in the share on Facebook or twitter has been picked up and shows in the social platforms.
    • Especially good for posting in Groups and on pages.
    • Schedule in allocated groups for allocated and maximum distribution of message
    • Use Archived broadcasts links in Aweber messages.  Maximize the Library of Aweber.

Above all this engage in social conversations where ever you post this and to who ever likes, shares ans engages in conversations.

To the rise of your posts – Of course included are these steps
Of course included are these steps when considering the work involved to the rise of your posts as this is only one small list that may help to the rise of your posts, Simply ask more and more people to join into your list.  As you are now working with  a team train these people on what to do.  Simply to receive the emails, open them, read, do the suggested actions and engage with people on the pages, twitter accounts google and other social sites.  All the action is terrific for clawing out an pathway for your post to be pushed through the internet.  The objective is for these posts to be read, action-ed and people to follow your automated responder into action.The online community program that hosts a 30 day test trail  is through this link.  Just tap on the mobile phone and access into a cutting-edge process with a specific, proprietary formula that helps you really dig to the roots when it comes to understanding and expressing your what it is you are actually showing people how to do, or to help people in their information search that connects people to solutions.   Believe me it works.

Begin with a tap to the phone below. Add the details.

tapforresources-200x101 To The Rise Of Your Posts

Receive the welcome letter. Plus the resources to follow soon after. Follow the steps laid out.


Within this community  work with you to define these principles and then translate them into a visual representation which becomes your unique, authentic digital brand presence.  And this is worth all the work you put into things just so others may hear, see, do and respond.

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SusanLewisandLogo To The Rise Of Your Posts

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What is it about Susan Lewis?
Susan Lewis seeks out those who have to relearn to learn again through trauma related incidents. Especially those related to the Autism Spectrum OCPD traits [ Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder] through the head injury or injuries of Autism.

Why? The simple answer is Susan speaks from head injury indepth memory loss of the first thirty-one years of her life. The extent of which remained undetected for nearly a quarter of a century after the truck imploded into her life.  The Autism Spectrum side of life has quietly active all through Susan Lewis’s life.  Generations of trait’s have shown and been known of all through the families life.  To say that Susans seen it all may be a stretch of the imagination.  However to believe that what Susan relates to through her online experiences is  a truism.

A second truth is that it is hard to some across someone who bridges the gap between medical and everyday ‘user’ experiences, is prepared to put these out there; online and openly.

Susan’s mission in life is that Autism As A Gift is to be accepted.  The behaviour encouraged so as people have both rainbows and stars within their own needs and mindset changes.  Rainbows traditionally relate to the Promise.  And stars…. well everyone is a star within their own right.

Keeping in mind that a vision is a dream with a date on, high energy release and a load of emotions like  to be ‘joyful’ to be experienced.

To land on a star needs an arrival time and date, enough fuel, lots of training and preparations. Actions that are consistent and flexible in the approach.  With the belief that achieving this is like chopping up a log of wood. Aim not at the surface, but with the knowing that actions hits is all the way through.   In fact you have arrived at the star, landed, the job completed.

Look for further information about Susan Lewis here.

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