It all begins in the mind. What you give power to has power over you... if you allow it to.

We’ve probably all heard you warned me well.  Even some knowing the desperate thought of “why?”  In this post Susan cuts to the chase because there was someone years ago and the opportunity was missed to acknowledge how they that had “warned her well”.

Why wish you could still say: ‘You warned me well?’

Why is it that the ‘ You warned me well ‘ may never actually be listened too in time. With being on the Autism Spectrum myself the first-hand experiences of knowing you know what the other person was telling you then comes the time of total frustration when your brain or body, or both together just seize up. While you watch others getting on with their life, education and relationships. And then sometimes it’s just too late. One of you haver becomes lost. Life, adventure, experiences and opportune chances have moved on.

With life be there. Experience the ups and downs while you look for who you are. Be persistent. Play by their rules. Sometimes the rules for life they make sense.

Yet, while not going to work with anyone and everyone, come alive. Find what it is that you are looking for, aim towards achieving that dream and watch yourself open up. Be challenged. Become a little to a lot uncomfortable as you stretch the comfort zone. So what? Fight hard against the boredom between the flight, fight and freeze moments.  That is until your new place of interest becomes settled.  In the end ‘ Be alive’ to still build a solid foundation where you choose to market yourself through. Your talents, Your dream.

Your ambitions.  Become the person you were meant to be. Second best for Autistic people is a gray area. Gray areas lead to confusion. None of us is perfect.

Therefore, the only thing Autistics can be is to constantly improve on the best they can be.

Say Now ‘You warned me well that this is  a long post!’

In real life as well as on the net does the catch cry have to be :” You warned me well!.”

The following video has two simple marketing subliminal messages.

The first you warned me well message is easy for many people to work out.

As the technical distractions keep on happening within out lives  the tendency is to forget the you warned me well message behind the messages. Life can be very heavy going at times – both on the net and in real time.

When it comes to marketing your message the ‘ you warned me well messages create a rise in emotions.  Through graphic video presentations, the narration and the tear-jerking break life representations people connect to the messages.  Both because they are and that they have to be.  Work out what your reality is.  Reach for that reality.

In the beginning of the campaign people may turn their backs on the message .  However, when your message is as transparent as the results you want to create , has the backing of many people. Somehow you know you have succeeded.  Just there and in people’s faces there comes a time when people may sit up and note what the message is. By then you may have moved on.

This one is sadly is obviously about an unnecessary loss of life.  However, there is a direct request.

You Warned me Well to Remove distractions.

In this case, it was to “Turn off the phone when you are in the car.” Concentrate on what you are doing.

The second marketing message involves the tools that are utilized to make that message clear, catchy and cause a pattern interrupt.

That is they use apps and tools to help people choose to push your message out there to their friends, family, and community.

You warned me well in advance to

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and check out some of the terrific tools and apps that are housed under one roof.

There is no right or wrong  and every situation might be different.  I invite you to share your experiences and thoughts with us.  Please feel free to discuss and express your opinion in the comment field below this post / article as it might be useful for the other people when they need to make a difficult decision in their lives regarding ‘being warned and then moving forward’


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