What a difference completing tthe viddeo challenge makes.


You probably already know about video creation.

But, how surprised will you be to find that you can be incredibly calm adding other new skills? Let’s see how far the Six Figure Mentor video challenge has taken me?

Noted that if someone had told me I would be standing in front of camera creating a video they would have got a strange look. Years ago using the computer was such a challenge as  ‘technophobia’ had me in its clutches. However, to communicate to parents and members of the organisation I was in reaching out was necessary. This lead to learning about social media sharing. That meant pictures and videos of other people. Fifteen years later and Social Media had become a game to me. Over twelve years of that time there are about four photos where I am captured within. You see  I took the photos, shot a few really basic videos and stayed away from anyone else with a camera.

About a month after joining the Six Figure Mentors in 2014 I heard about the 90 day Video Challenge.

Become aware of what holds you back?

In the twelve years of having a FinePix digital camera, something like this challenge was never given a thought about. That mindset was about to undergo radical change.

Before leaving Churchill Taxis as a driver, a replacement camera had been priced. High resolution, all the lenses and extra bits had turned into an ‘excuse’ of being an open-ended promise of “one day this will be achieved”.  Not getting the camera that ‘ reason’ soon became an excuse.  The difference the FinePix is still here, still being utilized. Plus, to achieve this objective, one of the strategies is to replace this one with that new one, using attraction marketing.

Did you ever want to do something different?

Bringing a smile to the day
A Dogs life Smiles Influencing People Youtube hosted video – Part of the Six Figure Mentors 90 Day Video Challenge

Three attempts and one completion of the 90-day video challenge had the comfort zone now running to catch up with new skills, old skills revamped.  Working out what was needed to achieve the effects wanted.  Even rearranging two rooms within the house so that lighting early am when little outside disturbances were occurring.

The SFM 90day challenge has its own “video challenge community”. The members there longest have gained skills.  These they share with others.  Meanwhile, all are learning, sharing and improving remarkably.

Every day the small things were seen when others did their challenge.  They were interesting. Went past the basic practical skills needed to be learned just to shoot the video. Hunting out phrases that were straight to the point was a definite challenge. One that was moved aside to not overload the learning and practicing process.  Learning to accept what seemed to be incomplete work nearly caused a mass going back effect through the subconscious. Particularly as the OCD kicked.  Mindset changes had to start with recognition and then simple steps of progress.  One step at a time.  The videos improvement rate became slow.

Completing The Video Challenge
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Learning to accept what seemed to be incomplete work.Even if that incomplete, non-perfect work was yourself image. That little trick nearly caused a mass going back effect through the subconscious. Particularly as the OCD kicked.  Mindset changes had to start with recognition and then simple steps of progress. Bringing through old skills. Plus across the board older skill sets of presentation, creativity, determination and an acceptance of the incomplete ‘self’.  One step at a time supported by the SFM community.

The videos improvement rate became slower as the details started to sort themselves out. This took time.  Yet the video creation of one video a day was finally achieved. Now with the mixture of both old and new skills learned, practiced and presented completing the video challenge has added a new dimension to getting the ideas out there and into the marketplace.

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