Gidday, my name is Susan Lewis and right now come with me  and review the widening of the circle challenge. It’s the second week of the Toronto 90 day challenge. Boy has this been a surprising. The challenge is along similar lines to the 2015 Melbourne Momentum day challenge.

In completing that challenge there was so much personally learned about myself that it took a while for the full effect to start being seen. Personally I look back to then and see some of the changes that have been occurred. Some mentioned and others alluding to these changes.

Improvements means mean another form of widening of the circle

So lets get down to what I’ve seen so far in this challenge that is definitely a widening of the circle of capabilities

  • Quality of, and focus to, what I am inaction of is important to me.
  • Scheduling helps with more than just blog posts.
  • Video preparation and back storing is a must.
  • Being open to ask people questions and for assistance.
  • Action Taken: asked 3 out of 4 people this week for assistance.
  • micromanaging-is Widening Of The Circle
  • Personally I do not like betting.
    • A challenge is a bet upon myself. Looking forward from the third week on wards being so organised I am not caught out for the personal pledge of making donations to my favorite charity.
  • Changed consumption intake ratio.
  • Dogs are enjoying their walks leads to a widening of the circle as when they meet and greet people and their dogs it hard to pull these two away.
  • Garden is looking better with the front entrance / drive way.
    • Plant cuttings are being recycled in a surprising way.
  • Organised mindset implemented in more areas. Some very defiantly put into action.
  • Spreads sheets galore are now in a functioning capacity with daily usage.
  • Web page inner workings awareness has increased..
  • Facebook pages specifically are organised.
  • Aweber being updated sure turns out to be a widening of the circle than I thought possible.
  • Scheduling via Hootsuite and Aweber, Facebook videos, G+ video releases
  • Notice that I am making more comments via social platforms.
  • To have the fund raising and funds to place towards that endeavor.
  •  All in all I am feeling much more confident within in myself.
  • Happier concentrating on organizing, learning about these platforms. Will add micro course certifications into next challenge.
  • The posts tracked, shared and auto-responded.
  • The Susan Lewis Marketing mini-site landing page is operational.
    • Every time I see this I know  that when people click through. Place their email there.  The next thing expected are resources for managing the marketing.  Seen through both an Autistic persons eyes [ mine]. Through community development implementations of all groups within society. Objective :For an Autistic person to have the same rights as the non-diagnosed people.  One of those rights is the ability to build something supportive of online or offline business, communities and organisation.
Redirect the widening of the circle

There is bound to be more widening of the circle things that have come out of the second week of this 90 day Toronto challenge that will appear in other posts later on when these things are acknowledged.

  • Next challenge preparing myself for with this ground work sorted out.SusanLewisandLogo Widening Of The Circle
  • Will include carrying on with the  Silver level Up-Skilling  micro learning certificated level course,
  • The Autism As A Gift site set up for public information.
  • Back linking of evergreen posts for Susan Lewis Marketing.

When it comes to living with Autism one big hurdle is to begin to see your Autism As A Gift.  For this to occur there needs to be a redirection of focus.  Having the direct connections for the tools to do this is fantastic as together we all are widening the circle of influence between what we do,  achieve and progress outwardly with.

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