I smile at you and you Smile too

Near Melbourne City central there is this strange looking statue where every angle has a smile.  All sorts of smiles beam down at you.  A couple of quotes came to mind as people hurried past on the overcast day.

” I was smiling yesterday.  I am Smiling Today and I will smile tomorrow.  Simply because life is too short to cry for anything”  [ ~ Santosh Kalwar]

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The day that this place was visited was a day that of celebration.  And yet there, in a park near the river,  people were rushing around from the perceived chill in the air.  In some ways Dr Suess was so right when he stated “Don’t Cry Because it’s over. Smile because it happened.”  What had happened in my life at that time was a total withdraw from everything and just about everyone.    Until the day it was time to catch a train , travel a full two hours. Wonder around the Melbourne parks.  Just because I had the time. A camera. And the need to know that sacking my boss had given me something more than a time to sleep.

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Now, a three years later  it was once again time to sack the boss.  I fired Myself.  Why?  Because the old ‘self ‘was holding me back.    because of a community-based business I had jined eighteen months before the pathway through the anguish, meltdowns and overloads had been ‘found’. Twelve months after completing the ‘formal’ part of the Platinium training  it was time to fire the old Susan.  So I wrote a letter.  And having handed that to Jay Kuberssak I later realised the challenge he had given me nearly 365 days earlier had been met.  It was, is and has been time to move forward.

Knowing now that that time of healing was over suddenly the ” who the heck and I ‘ was approaching.  Then I realised that was the old Susan way of coping.  I now have new skills, new support systems and a heck of a lot of people within my circle of influence.

They say things come to end .  Where one thing starts to finish then another thing has already begun to be explored.  Now that is a great thing of life moving forward.

Mother Teresa was right again.  “peace being with a smile”.  Hence the link where you too can help the smiles that wings it’s way between one face and the other kee to p on moving forward. All the way around the world.

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Keep on with that smile for a long while

 Have a terrifically uplifting day

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When we meet each other with a smile … come and enjoy


“A smile is the prettiest thing you can wear.” ~Mark Ford.

“Keep Smiling and one day life will get tired of upsetting you” – Anon

“Keep Smiling. It makes people wonder what you are up too!”


“This smile is just for you! Now put it on your face!  Because that’s where I wanna see it always.! ” ~ Anon


“When life gives you one hundred reasons to cry. Show that you have ONE Thousand reasons to smile.”  ~ Anon 

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