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When It takes one to know one  there is a challenge occurring. Usually people tend to flock together. One driving desire to follow through on. Community Development moderators are slightly different to community development facilitators.
Hello my name is Susan Lewis. Both as a parent and a community volunteer with youth there were many times when this digital communication level available now would have been so handy

Community development facilitator is the one who makes an action or the process easier to accomplish.  In this case the facilitator gathers information, opens the information up to public viewing, manages the community input, and generally organises the thoughts spoken into a semblance of order, highlighting what is needed by the people of the community for the community.

Hard_Choices when it takes one to know oneCommunity moderators are arbitrators also known as mediators.  A person with these talents will be the one mediating a discussion. Possibly the one presenting what a section of the community want or need to be presented.  Noted that a part of the facilitation process may be to have the moderation skills.  More probable is this part being given over to others.

In a nut shell: the facilitator needs to be impartial.  That’s when the “Do they really know what I am about”  questions  come through the public sphere.  These initial finding out investments of time is when its takes one to know where the projected ground work should take the project forward to.

Often  when it takes one to a level that frustration is not acceptable  people can move from lost to found  far easier.  However with the help of social conscience social media has hindered many projects.  People have banded together and fought for some small, uniquely valuable life. A purple flower, a frog, cricket, weed in a water way.

Okaygoahead1c when it takes one to know oneParamount is the aversion to making hard choices.  Ones that lead to change. 

Anticipation of a hard choice easy life situation is when it takes one to recognise a new level of life has begun.  At this point is where there is an incredible energy release.  Realisation of what the dream steppings stones have been just crossed off as completed will have been occurring.


Children are shown how to use the internet to check out social projects.  Paper origami curtains of whales and dolphins where on whale represents a hundred intended to be ‘kulled’ [ apparently for science].  Clean-Up-Day Australia Day or a Cork Recycling projects.  These last two were initiated by members of the Australian Girl Guide Association before the common use of computers and other digital equipment we have access too today.

SusanLewisandLogo when it takes one to know oneWith the community development processes, constantly searching for somewhere to have community support, back office support and uptodate information and know how,

> > being part of this community sees became a must. < <

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As the social conscience starts to bite in deeper there are many changes occurring one committee at a time engaging in sharing social wealth knowledge throughout the lives of its members.


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