Did you know that to many people Twitter social engagement means placing their own “stuff” on there and logging out?  Did you know that each platform operates differently? Did you now that on each platform they still want you to know how to socially engage with people who are only your friends?

Imagine if there was some way of removing the unfriendly Black Hat tricksters from your social stream!

Black Hat practices with twitter Social Engagement is not on

One of the things that intensely irritate people on the social side of social media is finding

WowIhavetwitterfollowersfromallovertheworld What is a solution to one sided Twitter Social Engagement
Reach out with gratitude for so many things in your life.  Even your Twitter followers

that communication is one way. That is unless they, themselves, elect to make it so.  By this I mean you see their stream and they elect not to have your tweet stream running through their stream.  But still send messages through your stream aimed at ‘capturing’ followers into their own twitter account.

This situation is often where one person as the information and the other chooses to like or follow them and thus have access to the information or beautiful pictures. Maybe the first to know about a product release. For instance when the objective is to become known as an information ‘releaser’. People with the information are sort. When you find people, that resonate with the way you interpret the information they release you tend to hang around and release this information onto your followers. The ways and means of gathering the information, sending this through the Social Media outlets is an art within itself. Gradually followers will start through your system as well.

It’s different between Edgar rank and Twitter social engagement

The Edgar Rank algorithm of Facebook is programmed to reward  people who are social with their friends. Should you not be social and interact with your friends and followers then the algorithm will just not show their posts to you. On a balance not a terrific idea as all that connection work soon gets lost. The cycle needs to start again. Twitter is different though: You follow someone, and they may follow you.

If they choose not too then you remove then the hard ways or simply use an application.  The free or Pro modes.  Most of these also offer affiliate Marketing programs to sweeten the pot, while helping to make their pro services manageable.

Before you jump the gun and unfollow everyone ‘Think Empathy’

Now there is a reason to expect people will unfollow you should they believe you are not ‘

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Before you jump the gun think about the other person. have they used ManageFilter and found you were not online for a period of time? Would you then do the same?

home’ regularly enough to read their tweet notifications to you.  That being the case, then in an ideal world the automated tweets with your handle on should also be removed.

Go pay them a visit.  Send a follow application – simply unfollow then follow again soon after.

What is really annoying, even to people like myself who is in the Autism Spectrum, are the Narcissistic brands that once you have followed them, remove you from their list. WHILE they still are capitalizing on including your handle within their tweets and thanking you for sharing these tweets. Even if you have not been there to do so. That is like gatecrashing a party and name dropping your way through the crowds. Getting befriended. At about this time, the find the followers tool utilized suddenly shows that they were not following you anymore.

Now here is what you do next.

You’re a host [ or hostess] of your stream. Every so often check to see if the other handle has encroached on your stream.  That is placed your handle [ in this case @joinclearvision]  within their tweets for no reason. Should you see your name once again in your tweet stream. Just block them. Now your stream will now be duped into thinking that the name dropper party crasher is a trusted friend.  That simple delete button is one method of protecting your friends, as well as your reputation.



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Susan Lewis


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