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Weekly Website Creation Webinars

New skills Sets are a focus the Six Figure Community concentrate upon. Besides the personal growth involved through the Essential membership level there are wonderful discoveries all through the available options.  Check into the marketing webinars under the training tab in your own SFM  dashboard.
Although there are some that are not open to Essential Membership and down as they come with the upgrade to Elite or above.

One training to note  is that of Jay Williams Website creation weekly webinars. Gaining access to these  weekly website creation starts when you have access at the Essential membership level tosfmessentialmembership Weekly Website Creation the website and themes and the basic set up introductory WordPress 101 video tutorials Jay Williams takes you through the preparation and introduction to leads into the using your Website to its best advantage.
Should you miss something just go back to the training video and check things out again.  Essential   membership gains you all the tools within the one monthly subscription.  Why not gain the skill sets in order to further your website knowledge.  Now with a firm foundation basis of the WordPress101 training’s available in you Digital Business lounge access [ the vertical column on the DBL dashboard and scroll downwards] And jay Williams set up and functionality of your chosen theme along with basic knowledge within the Forums, the SFM Facebook and Google social sites, blogging challengers and way more you have an additional  option of the Gold Membership level.
Basically now you can literally hit the floor running  as you propel yourself through the Gold workshop training.
Jay Williams is a Black member who is giving back into the SFM community who  If you have  the need to create terrific websites, is there for you.  Why why not give this a shot when you are experiencing your 30 day free trail ? It’s extremely easy and by itself is available for you …..Better yet ! Although I have no idea how long this option will be part of the ‘choose and try test drive ‘ that’s  included in the free 30 day trial !  Load the cart and have a go for 30 days.  A small price to pay for creating your future potential with significantly  better WordPress Website quality.

Grab the full Test drive by hitting the banner below

trial-650x310 Weekly Website Creation

Don’t forget to share this with your family and friends as this may be the start of your future.
susanlewiswiththestars-e1478914101417 Weekly Website Creation
Welcome . Having fun in what you are doing is a priceless assett
 Finding your “essential self ” sometimes starts in the strangest of places. Knowing you are able to truthfully say I have  with understanding  and that others are where you were…. still painting canvasses  by filling in someone else’s dots.
What a feeling is being able to remove frustrating website design things off from your memory and literally replace them with new memories is a fantastic feeling.  Add to this the support along with the networking and this essential membership level is a fantastic place to be when you are starting out online.

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