Its been one of those weeks where you wonder what is it about the “only way left to go is upwards.”    Yet between the computer hard drive frying after twelve years and learning how to do things there have been many changes.  principally within my belief in what I have done.  Seeing what steps have been taken.  The totally utterly terrific support and frame work this community has given.  Both the online community and the real world place I reside within.

From this week the only way to go now is upwards overview

The computer towers melt down of the hard drive : that meant I had time to reorganise the laptop memory.  Filing sorting out is an “Oh not job!”  However there came about 30kb + of extra memory on the laptop.  So many copies within the mess.  Which when you are using Notepad is quite a large chunk of memory now available.

The banner below is now fresh looking with its band of electric purple. . Now things are tied together.  The Autoresponder templates are looking connected with the band.  The logo  first made in 2014 when i was just playing around with the GraphixCreator is a finishing touch.

Having completed a course and sorting out my “me”  seeing this logo on things… well I did not actually realise just how far the progress had been.

Where other people have come through and moved on faster than I have,  I have found  me.  the memories and experiences are now untapped  from memory lock down.  Much mental sorting has occurred.  New mindsets have been added.  Like giving pictures and files a revamped place to call home.

The big plus is that the truck imploding into the vehicle I was just starting to drive [ I was doing 2 km]  that triggered  the loss of these pictures, files and all the other memories have been finally cried over.  Simply there was the time to sit, see an advertisement re drink, driving and deaths,  that was released about the time of the implosion [ 1991].  I believe before the incident as i remembered standing in my mothers lounge room and watching the video.

Susan Lewis Marketing logo is created with GraphixCreator. One of the first pictures that was made by Susan lewis. From that start this little logo has come to represent so many things but most importantly the ability to bring a rainbow of joyfulness, laughter, life and just love into people's lives. The love heart I must admit was just a thing to fill hte4 space at the time of creation as there were little add ons and I wanted to see how they worked. What is terrific to realise that even though the Platinum Level Digital Experts academy course had not started there was already a connect through the Post Traumatic Shock Syndromes memory loss. That connectiojn allowed a little bit more of who I was seeking to escape and come out to play each day. And has done even though it is now two and a half years after the actual course work has finished. That Platinium course Brand Incubator has gone all through the things I do. The colours of the rainbow mean so much , so to does the rainbow as that rainbow means hope.This time I had been hunting out the logo.  Recovering virtual pictures that I  had created.  Maybe they were intertwined in my mind. The loss of one making me determined not to loose another.

The end effect is that  a before and after connection has been laid.  I was able to finally ‘live through’ a replication incident, release and cry.

Sure there were moments of meltdowns.  The change is that they are more about ‘ARRAR’ what have I missed re the new program, rather than about me personally.

Like the banner above.  Sure there will be ‘twiggs’ along the way.  The road toward healing is like that.  One incremental step at the time.  Happily the only way to go now is upwards.  Beginning with the small module steps [ past the video seen through this pictures link]


Reach Down Inside yourself will open into another page.

With the only way to go now is upwards singing in the air around you you are aware of "Belief in yourself. Reach down inside" . To find the love that will set you free pull up your courage and take a stand against whoever is bulling you. You could be surprised that all you will find is long forgotten dusty shelves. When you find the love that sets you free the fact that you need to love yourself will ulimatly be the thing that sets you free. you will come alive. Starting with watching the videos, deciding to move forward and start the Modules…….

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