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Learning Utilizing Online Apps

Engaging people with project-based learning [PBL] through utilizing online apps within project based learning

Quietly skill sets expand beyond initial project design. Firstly as there seems to be an acceptance of having little boundaries of exploration. One person sees a possibility and openly assumes everyone else is on par. For instance, Instagram is fun. Lots of things to do and pictures or videos to see.

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Work together and achieve your results utilizing online Apps.

Within the project, some people may have phones and have an active Instagram account. Many things there with which to change, add to, alter the tone and add visual effects. Others without a phone may be familiar with tools to create graphic for cards, stories, video effects and so much more. Yet without a phone thought that having an active Instagram account impossible. One thing I have learned from being within the SFM community is that where there is a program there is an app! Dynamically creating solutions to their own challenges becomes easier with collective group energy. The “Here use this” becoming an accepted way of the project taking on its own life as the group moves forward. Marketing spreads faster, wider and further in depth.

Love using online apps and tools to improve communications

There are marketing strategies and design solutions occurring as people involved think of using online apps and other tools in new ways. Skill sets expand all around. New tasks and possibilities for old ones begin to emerge. Using a simple app enables all the old photos ‘gathering dust’ in the PC’s to be revitalized. Give your old downloaded pictures a strategic touch, before uploading them back into Instagram.

Empowerment using online apps has occurred
The younger generations have empowered themselves by utilizing online apps. Take a photo and push it through into Instagram. Use the Instagram story and twenty-four hours later the pictures have evaporated. Photos and videos are lost. The older generations have the paper photos stored in shoe boxes. Between the two there is an application that synchronizes the recycling

Todays-Toolbox-e-resource-400x114 Utilizing Online Apps
What was Today’s toolbox e-resource gold nugget takeaway for you?
visuals while the utilizing of the online apps as a great option for integrating technology into the group project.

Using online apps is one thing. Getting them to work well is another. That’s one reason why I love having a community-based library built by users, thinkers and shakers behind me.

Tapping into that real-life library for up to date know-how, tips and inclusion in projects and challenges is powerful stuff.

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Welcome . Having fun in what you are doing is a priceless asset

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Susan Lewis Marketing: To the top to read Utilize Online Apps

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